I wasn’t going to be able to handle anymore.  Chris’s hands were on me again, pullling and twisting my nipples, kissing the valley between my breasts just before his hands slid into my panties and began to tease my already too wet, too sensative sex.

“Please.” I begged in a deep moan. “Please, no more.” I needed release. Not so much for the pleasures that came with the orgasm, but for my body to finally relax from the tension he created. Playing my body much like he played his violin, my musician tormented me still.

“Not yet, naughty girl.” He shook his head and continued to rub my clit, sink his fingers into my wetness, knowing that I was running to the edge. The very brink of where he wanted me, only to pull away and leave me nearly toppling over but never quite close enough to do so.

I growled my frustration when he pulled away for what felt like the dozenth time that evening.  I pulled on my restriants, both arms and legs, ready to fight  him to the death for what was rightfully mine.

His answer to my tantrum was a low chuckle and a tender kiss to my forehead. “Almost, sweet thing. Almost.”

Tears stacked up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. I could get through this, I would prevail. And in the end, I would take what was mine. If only I had my hands free I could work my own music, pluck my own strings. But he had wisely bound them over my head.

I didn’t look toward him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing my pain. He knew, no matter where I looked, he knew well enough the agony he put my body through.

Just as my heart began to slow, my breathing came easier, and my body relaxed just enough to let me know it had been tense, his hands were back on me.  This time faster, more furious thrusts into my channel. “Open your legs more, c’mon be a good girl.” He gave my thigh a little shove to get me going.  My bound ankles prevented me from kicking out at him, but still gave me room to slid my legs open for him. It was my obedience he craved most of all.

“Why are you being punished?” He whispered into my ear as I dragged me back to the dreaded edge. “Tell me, quickly.”

My heart hammered in my ears, my thighs began to tense as once again my body prepared for my release.  A release I was no longer sure would ever come.

“I don’t even remember!” I yelled out into the room. “Wait!” His hand began to withdraw from me, but stilled when I begged. “I…was…oh..fuck! I brought our toys with us.” I finally managed to get out and his fingers once again were thrusting in me.

“And…” He used his second hand to rub my clit. His tongue lashed over my breast, once, twice, three times. I wanted to cry and scream and beg all at the same time. My mind tore into several places at one time. “What happened as a result?”

It had been such a good idea. I knew he would say no if I asked him to pack some toys for our vacation, so I didn’t ask. I threw them in the bottom of the suitcase. I didn’t think it would happen. How should I have known?

“Please…Please!” I begged him, my stomach tensed, my thighs shook. A thin layer of sweat covered my forehead, my chest. I needed to come more than I needed to breathe. “You were questioned!” I yelled out. “I’m sorry! Please…please let me come!” I didn’t care if the people in the hotel room next to us heard me. It would be his punishment for prolonging my torture. But he was ready for that.

“If security comes to the door, this will seem a walk in the park.” He threatened, and I knew to take him seriously.

“Please! I have to come.” Tears fell, there was no stopping them anymore.

“Then come.” He smiled and removed his fingers and mouth from my body. I cried out in agony as I felt my orgasm slipping away once again. “Oh? Did you need me to help you?” He asked with a boyish grin.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry you were strip searched and questioned, and we nearly missed our plane. I’m sorry!”

He kissed my forehead again. “Very good. Now you may come.” One finger pushed down on my clit and began to rub it in circles, sending every nerve fiber in my body on alert.  I pulled the ropes taught on my arms and legs as my body contorted to brace itself for the intensity of the orgasm ripping through my core. Breath escaped me, my lungs failed to work. My heart may have been beating, but I had long since lost the capability to feel or hear anything other than the strong pulsations of my sex.

As it all soothed out, my body went lax, the muscles all went limp and my lungs began working again, sucking in air in large gulps. The tears continued to fall, but no longer from frustration of denial but of sweet release.

I was vaguely aware of the ropes being loosened, of covers being dragged over my naked body, and the weight of him next to me on the bed. “Only two more nights and you’re punishment will be over, tomorrow we will go longer, and the  night after even more so.” I heard him and knew he meant what he said, but I couldn’t respond.

Turning to my side I let him cuddle me, wrapping his strong arms around me and lulling me to sleep.

I knew I should have felt even more contrite. After all he had spent almost thirty minutes with the TSA agent explaining what the toys they found in his bag were. But the image of the agent holding up my ball gag and questioning him at length about it still made me want to giggle.

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Confession:  This piece was inspired by somewhat true events.  My husband and I went to Vegas for a little fun and I packed a few things for us without his knowledge/permission.  The TSA didn’t pull him aside for questioning, but they did search our bag- there and back.  I did have to deal with three days of edging, but unlike the lucky girl in my story, I didn’t find any relief until day three.