Feet surrounded me. Every which way I looked were different feet. Some housed in patent leather shoes, others in sneakers, and a few completely bare. No matter what covered them they were closer to me than the bodies they were attached to.

Murmurs and soft giggles floated above me. Every now and then I’d hear my name being whispered. I wished so badly to be allowed to look up, to see the people swarming around the expansive room in which I knelt, but he wouldn’t allow it. Not yet. Not until he was ready for me to be presented.

While I waited I could only see the legs and feet of those in attendance for my unveiling, my presentation.  The chain linked through the D-ring on my training collar kept me in my kneeling position as it was teathered to the cuffs he placed around my knees.  “To help you from having to decide. It will be difficult at times and I won’t be here to remind you to keep position. This will help.” He had promised and patted me on my head, being careful of all the curls he’d insisted I piled on top of my head.

The muttering died down and lone foot steps echoed in the room.  I would know his gait anywhere as his freshly polished (I had done it myself that morning) shoes clicked along the marble flooring as he made his way to me.

In the center of the room, I knelt. At his discretion, at his will. When he reached me, I wanted more to look up at him than I did to breathe, but again I was denied.  He fingered a few of my curls and addressed the room.

“Thank you all for coming this evening. It’s an extremely special night for myself and my girl here.  Tonight she decides if she wants to be teathered to me forever, or if she wishes to be released.” His voice boomed throughout the room.  There was no decision to make. Why did he sound as though I had a choice? My heart would never let me leave him.

For six long months I followed him, learned from him, and fell madly in love with him.  It all started so innocently, a woman looking for a way to express her submissive side. After our initial friendship blossomed into something deeper, there was no mistaking what had to happen next. I was to become his. Permanently. Forever.

He squatted in front of me, finally revealing his face to me.  His soft brown eyes searched my face while his fingers worked the lock on the cuffs around my knees.  I smiled gently, trying to reassure him that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I would not deny him, I would never deny him.

Once I was completely unlocked and the chain pulled out of my collar, he pushed my head down to unbuckle the thick leather ring around my neck.  the cool air of the room brushed against my newly exposed skin and he placed a kiss to my forehead.

He helped me to stand and held my hand by his side as he turned me to face the crowd. So many elegant dresses and suits surrounded me.  He had dressed me in a simple gown, of black silk. Thin straps held the loose fitting dress over my otherwise naked body.

Squeezing my hand he walked us to the small stage he had placed in the front of the room.  A man stepped up before us, carrying a pillow with a silver collar placed in the center. The light reflecting off of the piece told me he had placed jewels among the ring that would be nestled around my neck.

Once we were standing before the man, whom I had never seen before at any of his functions, Jared, my beloved, turned to me and placed a kiss to my forehead once more.  Taking a pair of scissors from his pocket, he made quick work to clip the straps of my gown and letting it pool at my feet. The cool air puckered my nipples and I had to fight not to cover myself among so many of our friends, and those that I had not met yet.

“Jewel, will you be mine? Not just in name, but in body and in soul. Will you place yourself under my authority, my protection, and my love? Will you serve me in every way I deem? Will you open your body to me as well as your heart?”

“Yes, Sir.” A million times yes!

“On your knees then, girl.” He stepped back to give me room and as gracefully as I could, I sunk to my knees, spreading them wide, and placing my hands palm up on my knees.  My head bowed, I could not see his reaction, but by the feathery touch of his fingers to my head, I knew I’d done well.

“Jared, do you take this woman under your protection, under your authority, and under your love? Will you speak for her when needed, provide for her always, and let her actions be a reflection on you? Do you take complete ownership of her body, her heart and her soul?”  The man holding the collar asked.

“I do.” Jared announced with a bold voice.

“Will you take care to punish the action, but never harm the soul?  Will you provide boundaries and goals for which you both shall obey?”

“I do.” I heard him say and I smiled down at the ground before me.

“Jewel, will you accept my discipline? Submit to my rule, and follow my lead?”  He asked of me, and tapped my head twice to indicate I could look up.

When I did he held the collar in his hands, his eyes glistened from the lights above him. “I will, Sir. Always I will be your obedient one, but when I fail, I will accept your punishment with a loving heart and mind.”

“And you’ll accept my praise as well?” He smiled down at me.

“Always, Sir.” I grinned back up at him.

“Wear my collar, be my wife, by mine forever.” He placed the collar around my neck and I bent my head forward to give him better access to the lock in the back.

I felt the jiggling of the lock as he bolted it, and screwed it closed. When it was firmly in place, he tilted my head back, and fingered the ring in the front.  He clicked a thinly chained leash to the ring, and indicated I rise.  Once standing beside him, he turned me to the rest of the room.

“Jewel, my wife, my lover, and my heart. She belongs to me and is forever under my protection.” The crowd erupted into applause and cheers.

I had been naked throughout the entirety of the ceremony but never did I feel molested by their eyes. He tugged on my leash softly and we began walking through the crowd.

He took me to a room used for playing cards during a large party, and shut the door.  He turned to me with a predatory smile.  Gone were the pleasantries, and niceties, gone was the civilty and poetic prose. His hands ripped off his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his thick cock.

“On your knees, girl.” He growled, and with an open heart, a loving mind, and aching clit, I slid to my knees in front of my husband and Master.


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