“Are you ready for me?” I asked, standing in the corner of the room. Looking over at Roy, my neighbor and fuck buddy, I saw his cock was still semi-soft and in his boxers.  His hand stroked himself as he watched me walk toward him, nude.

“You can do the rest.” He moved his hand behind his head and grinned at me.  He’d been the one to call me, yet his cock wasn’t even hard.

Climbing onto the bed, I straddled him. I peeled off his boxers and tossed them into the corner of the room, where I had just stripped out of my clothes. “Why’d you call me?” I asked, wrapping my hand around his half stiff cock.

“I wanted to see your tits, your pussy. I wanted to see you suck me off.” He winked.

“I’m not your fucking whore.” I spat at him, still stroking his cock.

“Sure you are. My own personal whore.” He moved like lightening, rolling over and pinning me beneath him. “If I tell you to fuck yourself, you’ll do it. If I tell you to suck my cock, you will. If I tell you to fucking bend over the bed so I can fuck your ass, you will. Because you love being my whore.” His eyes were dark. Large, round pupils took away all of the brown of his eyes as he hovered over my face.

I wanted to argue with him, but he was right. I did love all of those things. I loved being his play thing. Even when I didn’t love it at that moment.

“Stick your finger in your cunt.” He ordered, releasing my shoulders and sitting back so he could see better.  I nodded, and slid two fingers into my hot, slick passage. Damn it felt good having his eyes settle on me as I began to fuck myself. He slapped my thigh. I didn’t say to fuck yourself. I just said to put them in.”

“Sorry.” I breathed out and stilled my hand.

“Good girl. Go on, fuck yourself. Bring yourself right to the edge, but don’t you fucking come. If you come, I’ll fuck your ass without any fucking lube, got it?” His threat wasn’t empty. I knew he would do it if I pushed him to it, and I knew I’d love every painful second of it, too. Roy brought out things in me I didn’t know existed. If he ever wanted to take things beyond bedroom fun, I knew I’d fall hard for him.

My fingers moved quickly in and out of me, I pushed them harder, deeper while my eyes watched him stroke his cock.  His bottom lip was sucked between his teeth as he stroked his long, thick cock. A little dribble of pre-come seeped out and I wanted to taste it. But he wouldn’t let me. He was in his power mood. He needed me to show him how much I would obey him.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt the pressure building in my stomach. I rubbed the heel of my palm over my clit as I continued to fuck myself.

“That’s a good girl. Get off for me. Fuck yourself. Damn, your so hot when you listen to me, when you give in to your submissive side.” His hand moved up and down his shaft faster. “I’m going to come all over you, mark you with my come.”

He had never done that before, but I was too close to my own orgasm to think too much about. “Oh..Oh…Roy…I have to!” I yelled and arched my body upward as my orgasm swept over my. The large waves of pleasure hitting me and taking away my breath.  “Oh god!” I removed my fingers from my pussy and rubbed my clit slowly, easing myself down from my orgasm.

He growled and I watched as he pumped his cock once more hard and a hot stream of his come shot out at me, leading over my hand, my thighs and my pussy. “Fuck, yes.” He stroked once more to release another small stream then fell back on his heels.  His brown eyes met mine, and we stared into each others eyes. Neither of us saying anything, just breathing together and staring.

“Don’t clean yourself off.”  He said and stepped off the bed.  I moved my  hand to my leg and watched him grab his boxers and slip them back on.

“Can you hand me my clothes?” I asked, looking away from him.  We were done, I needed to go back to my apartmetn. That was our rules. No lingering, and no overnights.

He brought my panties to me. “Here, but don’t wipe off my come. I want you to wear it home. Wear it all night. You can wash in the morning.”

I wrinkled my brow at him. He’d never given me directions after we were done. “Roy. Hadn me my clothes.” I said with a laugh.

He shook his head. “Panties only.”


“Sandra, you’ll wear your panties and my come tonight. Nothing else. You are free to stay here if you are afraid of walking across the hall without your clothes.”

“Stay here?”

“Yes. Here.” He nodded to his bed. “Stay here with me.”

“Our rules.”

“Fuck them. You already broke the most important one. ”

“Which one?”  I pushed up on my elbows.

He leaned over me, his nose touching mine. “You weren’t supposed to wiggle your sweet ass into my heart, but you fucking did it anyway. I love you. Stay here with me tonight.” He kissed me then, a sweet, deep kiss.  When he pulled away, I couldn’t think straight.

“Will you punish me?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh, yes. Definitely. First you wear my mark tonight, tomorrow I’ll wash you and then I’ll punish you and you’ll be mine. Only mine.”

My breath quickened, my heart soared. “Yes, Roy.” I nodded.

He helped me pull my panties up, the fabric sticking to my body where his come was starting to dry. He did let me wash my hands, but only after I licked his come from them.

Everything was just beginning.

And it all started with a text that read “Come to me.”


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