“Stand there. Think about all of the naughty things im going to do to you.” Jax released Shelby’s hair and left her to stand alone, naked, in the corner of his playroom. He had already planned on trying something new with his little curious cat, so her nosing around downstairs when she wasn’t supposed to only gave him the opportunity to speed up his plans.

When he returned to her, crop in hand, he noted a shiver run through her. He laid the slapper against her shoulder. “You wanted to see my toys. Didnt want to wait until I said it was okay. This is a crop. It can be nice.” He gently stroked the ivory skin of her back.  “But it can bite too” he flicked his wrist and the crop left a red mark on her shoulder blade from the slap. She hissed. Threw her head back but didnt speak. He gave her another stroke, to her other shoulder.

“Argh!” She stomped her bare foot. The carpeting muffled the sound.

“Turn around for me.” He lightly tapped the crop against his thigh as he watched her wiggle her way around. Her feet were bound together with purple hemp rope, the color looked beautiful against her pale skin tone.  He’d left her hands free but would rectify that soon enough. 

When she was facing him he brought his left hand up and ran the back of his fingers along her jaw. “Such a pretty kitty.” He pressed his mouth to hers, feeling her instantly reapond and part her lips.  He swipes his tongue along her bottom lip, noting the cherry flavor of her lip gloss.