I’m working on some re-writes for Hidden Heart. The goal is to take it from novella to a full-length novel.  Below is a short tease of their first time “together”… let me know your thoughts.

The bed dipped as he knelt between her thighs, positioning the head of his cock at her entrance. Gripping the comforter in her fists, she arched up toward him, wanting him to fill her. To cure the ache within her. With measured movements, he inched the head of his cock into her. Inch by tortuous inch and when the need to have him buried deep within her built to the point of pain, he drove into her. She cried out as he withdrew and drove inward again. Her hips arched to meet each of his thrusts. He kissed her hard as they continued to move in unison.

Pulling at his shoulders, she dug her nails into his muscles. An urgency took over her like nothing she’d felt before. She wanted all of him. His hands were everywhere, stroking every sensitive inch of her.  The pads of his thumbs circled her nipple just before capturing it between his fingers. She let out a hiss from the burning sensation, but arched higher toward him.  Her need for him growing.

            “So responsive.” He looked down at her, letting their eyes meet. “You are so fucking hot, spread your legs more, higher.” She bent her knees and drew them toward her chest, taking him in further with her motion.


            “Please what? What do you need, Jessica.” He captured her mouth again for a deep kiss, nipping her lower lip. “Tell me what you need.” 

            The fire growing inside of her seemed to engulf all of her senses.  Pressure built and she was positive she would die if it didn’t release.  Digging her fingers further into his shoulders she tried to push up at him, but he stilled her with a firm hand on her hip, pinning her to the bed. “You want to come.” He grinned.