Today’s tidbit comes from a fantasy in Dark Desires. You can grab the whole book for FREE from smashwords!

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“Well, being humbled isn’t a bad thing. Especially for a rebellious girl like you,” he answered with another swat of the paddle.

Kara felt the plug push harder as he spanked her, and she tried to move away from him, away from the punishing pleasure that overwhelmed her.

“Instead of fighting your feelings, instead of betraying yourself, why do you not accept who you are? Feel what you feel and enjoy it?” he asked as he slapped her again with the paddle.

She lost time during the spanking. Her bottom glowed deep red from the game he played. The more she danced to avoid the paddle, the more direct his aim at the plug. Suddenly, the paddle was gone, the heat of her bottom still proof it had been there.

He moved to stand beside her.

The room filled with the hum of a vibrator. Lucien dragged it down her back. Her shoulders relaxed when he touched her clit with it, and she moaned loudly when he slapped her lightly with it.

“Don’t fight. Just feel.” His voice was hot against her ear as he whispered and ran the vibrator over her clit hard, unyielding.

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