The Stewart’s Startover

Rebecca stood in their bedroom with her eyes fixated on the bed.  Nothing in the house had changed since she’d run away six months ago. Everything, even the knick knacks he hated, sat exactly where she’d left them.

Everything, except the bed.  The floral patterned bedding with four extra throw pillows had been replaced with a dark purple bedspread.  Two oversized pillows took the place of the throw pillows.

His directive had been to strip and wait for him, but she stared at the bedding with apprehension.  Could she do it? Could she submit herself to his discipline and authority? She’d been in the driver’s seat for so long, would she be able to hand him the keys?  What if he didn’t find her attractive anymore?   The two month prior to her running away had been littered with rejections and sexual avoidance, what if that returned?

Elliot’s footsteps echoed outside the bedroom just before the door opened. “Rebecca?” His soft voice was her undoing and raking sobs took over.  He was at her side in an instant, pulling her to his chest and rubbing her back. “It’s okay, hon. It’s okay.” He soothed, kissing the top of her head as she gripped his suit jacket, ruining it with her tears.

“Is it?” She sobbed. “You replaced the bedding.”

“What? Oh. Well, yeah. Is that why you’re crying? The bedding?”

“No. It’s just…well…if you hated the bedding and you didn’t say anything to me, you probably hated me too.”  She knew she wasn’t making a lick of sense, but it didn’t matter.

His low chuckle didn’t do much to soothe her worry. “Rebecca,  you’re right. I hated that bedding. The flowers and the lace were nauseating. But I love you, always have and always will. I didn’t say anything about the bedding for the same reason I didn’t say a lot of things I should have. I didn’t want to make you unhappy. But the more I tried to placate you, the more miserable we both were.”

She pulled away from him, free from his warmth and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I ran away.”

“I know, hon.” He nodded. “But we are going to come out of this stronger. We’re starting over, you and me.”

“With the spanking.” She looked up at him.

“If you agree, yes.” He took a step toward her, but didn’t reach for her.

“I think we have a lot of talking to do.” She sniffled.

“We do. Would you rather do it before or after your spanking?” He offered in a warm tone.

“I think after. I’d rather just get this over with.”  She wiped her eyes again.

“Okay.” He smiled gently. “Why don’t you get undressed. I’ll be back in just a minute. Okay?”

She swallowed and nodded. “Yes. okay.”

“Good, girl. I’ll be right back.”


Elliott Stewart stood in the bathroom staring at his reflection in the mirror. His heart raced as he removed his suit jacket and hung it on the door knob. The evening had not turned out the way he expected, and he needed to regroup his emotions.  He had every intention of forcing his wayward wife to confront their issues, to explain why she ran out on him.  He’d had every inclination that she would push him to sign the divorce papers and that he’d lost her for good. When she hadn’t arrived on time, he began to give up any hope of reconciling their marriage, but when she walked in sporting that sex kitten dress and looking for his approval at the drastic change in her appearance, everything changed for him.  He wasn’t signing those damn papers. She was coming home. They were going to work things out.

When she hadn’t shied away from the idea of his authority, he pushed forward. Feeling comfortable in his own skin for the first time in months, he’d taken charge and ended their meal.  Now, she was standing in their bedroom getting ready for her punishment!   Several more deep breaths calmed him down to the point that he could focus on what needed doing.  He would never hurt her, he loved her too much to ever put her into true pain, but a blistering backside would be more helpful than his hugs and kisses at the moment.  When he finished warming her ass, there’d be plenty of time for cuddles.

Resigned to his task, he pushed off from the sink and headed back to the bedroom, an  old hairbrush in his right hand.  His wayward wife stood next to the bed. Her arms were wrapped around her middle, pushing up the deliciousness of her breasts that he’d missed for so many nights. She’d lost weight. He never minded the extra weight she’d put on during their marriage. She was never unhealthy, and he was still aroused by her every movement. He’d be lying if he said  the softer curves didn’t work for her, but he hoped she wouldn’t lose any more weight.

“Rebecca.” He drew her attention when she continued to stare at the bed.  Her back stiffened in response.  She remained silent as he walked around the opposite side of the bed and climbed on top.  He positioned himself so that his back was firmly pressed against  the headboard, his legs straight out in front of him. He saw her notice his shoes were still on and she blinked hard before looking away.  Changes were already taking place. The old Rebecca would have barked at him to move his feet or take off his shoes.  “When you’re ready, climb up and lay over my lap.” He instructed.

The indecision in her expression weighed on him. What if she changed her mind, threw her dress back on and ran out of his life again? Could he handle losing her again?  A wave of relief washed over him as she began to slowly climb onto the bed.  He moved his hands up as she took her position over his lap silently.  She’d stopped sobbing, that was a good sign.

“Now.” He began by resting his right hand on her bare bottom. The soft smooth flesh beneath his hand felt incredible. “In the future you’ll come to me with your unhappiness? You’ll tell me what’s wrong so we can fix it together.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

He delivered a harsh swat to the right cheek. “Louder, hon.” A swat to her left cheek.

“YES.” She nearly bellowed, and he grinned to himself. Two swats to each cheek. A light shade of pink slowly formed on the white globes.

“You will never again behave disrespectfully. To me or to anyone else, is that understood?” Two hard swats to the curve of her right cheek.

“YES.” She tensed her muscles and her ass clenched tight.

“Relax.” He patted her thighs. “Spread your legs, hon. Further- good.” He ran his hand over the red blotch of his last strike, warm, soft. His fingers trailed a little lower until he brushed her folds. Wet.  He couldn’t blame her for becoming aroused, his own dick was pushing hard against this trousers.

“Elliott,” She moaned as his fingers left her, arching her hips upward to search out his touch.

He picked up the hairbrush and rubbed her reddened ass with the back.  “No more trying to fight me for control.  You hate when you have it, you’re miserable when you do- so give in and follow your natural instinct.”  Three more swats to her sit spot on each side. She was beginning to squirm. “We will sit down and write out your rules. And you will follow them, because if you don’t you’ll find yourself right back here.” A quick volley of swats to cover her entire ass. Her legs began to kick upward, and she tried to buck up from his lap.  Prepared for her rebellion, he wrapped his left arm around her waist to still her struggles, and lifted her ass higher with his right thigh.  “YOu will be my good girl, or your ass will be lit on fire like this every single time.”

Her grunts and squeals turned into pants and pleas. Promises to be better, to be good, if only he’d stop.  He didn’t though. He pushed on.  Lightening up on the intensity, he continued to reign down the spanks to her now red ass.  No area went untouched, and special care was given to the beautiful area where her backside met her thighs. It wasn’t until she relinquished her attempts to free herself from his lap that he slowed his pace. When she finally went limp over his lap in submissive acceptance, he rested the brush on her back and gently ran the tips of his fingers over her hot bum.  She cried quietly while he tenderly rubbed her back and ass.

Worried that he’d gone too far, hurt her beyond a spanking, he helped pull her up and rolled her to sit on his lap.  She instantly tucked her head into the crook of his neck and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m so sorry, Elliot. How can you ever forgive me?”

“Hon, I already have.” He held her tightly, careful of her sore bottom. “Are you okay?” He asked. “I mean, are you overly hurt?” He couldn’t choke back the concern in his words.

“My ass is on fire!” She blurted out into his neck.

“I would suspect that it is.” He tried to hide his grin, but she’d sounded to forlorn about it he couldn’t help himself. She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes.  Her makeup had run off long ago, probably while she cried in the car.  Her emerald eyes shined through the tears, her puffy nose fit right in with her red and puffy cheeks.

“I really am sorry. I promise never to run away again. I know we have a long way to until we’re back to normal- how can you trust-”  His finger on her lips stilled her.

“We do have a long way to go. This is all new to us, we are going to have to settle into our new roles and it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to test me. You’re going to fight punishments, and I’m going to have see through all your bullshit and deliver the spankings anyway. We are going to have to learn to trust each other again.  I did you no favors letting things get so out of hand before. Always placating you instead of paddling you got us nowhere.  I’m just as much to blame as you.  We forgive each other now, we move forward from here, and we find the marriage that we’ve both wanted for a long time but were too afraid to ask for.” he tucked her thick curls behind her ear and wiped the tear falling from her cheek.

“My car is still at the restaurant.” She whispered after a few moments of silence.

He gave a hearty laugh. “See, already testing me!  I’ll deal with the car in the morning. Straight to the dealership for a trade in.” Her ass a gentle squeeze when she began to protest.

“Okay.” She conceded.

“My apartment.”

“Consider it gone. We’ll take care of that in the morning, too. For right now, I’m going to

get you tucked in tight and take an extremely cold shower.”

“Why?” she asked with a grimace as she slid off his lap and onto the comforter.

“Because if I don’t, I’ll go against my own reason and bend you over the bed for the good

fucking I’ve wanted to give you since you walked into that damned restaurant.” He pulled back the covers and helped her settle in; she opted to lay on her side.

“Well, we’ve always really loved make up sex.” She winked.

He kissed her softly, passionately, leaving himself hungry for more of her. “And we will love it again, in the morning. I’ll be back in a few minutes, you try to rest.”

He could see the protest in her eyes, but she managed to keep her lips quiet and he gave her another kiss as a reward.  As he closed the bedroom door, he gave her a grin and said, “And absolutely no touching yourself.  That pussy belongs to me now, and I won’t have you playing with my toys when I’m not around. In the morning.” He gave her a slow wink and a hearty laugh when she let lose a curse. .

He’d deal with the swearing later.  His wife was home to stay!

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