Teaching Tess

Ropes, chains, clamps oh my!  Tess Sanders sat in the middle of the most ignorant discussion she’d heard to date in regards to the BDSM lifestyle. The entire situation occurred unintentionally, but the fact that she could hear every uneducated theory being spewed remained the same.

She’d considered repacking her laptop, papers, and books, and moving across the coffee shop, away from the three moran’s sitting behind her, but she loved the corner seat where’d she plopped down.  Three more pages, and her final term paper would be completed! She would turn it in and be finished with grad school for good.

“I mean really, how badly do you have to hate yourself to do something like that? Can you imagine kneeling at his feet so he could use you as a footstool?!” The high pitched blonde continued her tirade on her idea of inexcusable humiliating behavior of the submissive to her dominant.

The temptation to turn to them and explain that there was just as much satisfaction in the act for the submissive as there was for the dominant, and that it took one hell of a strong person to be able to humble themselves in such a way, began strengthen as the conversation continued.

“Seriously, those people need to have their heads examined!” The snide redhead responded to the blonde.

Tess slammed her pencil down and began to make her turn when Ian walked into the shop.  She caught his gaze immediately, as she was sitting in her favorite spot.  Her dominant stalked to her table, a raised eyebrow and half smile in tow.

“Everything okay, babe?” He asked as he leaned over to give her a curt kiss before sliding into the booth with her.

“Yeah,” she nodded, but jerked her head in the direction of the three busy bodies, who had stopped their conversation long enough to notice the hunk of man heading toward Tess. She’d grown used to women, and some men, gawking at Ian.  Being over six foot, sporting the perfect tan, and having rippling muscles everywhere tended to cause a few stares.  She’d been jealous at the beginning of their relationship, especially at play parties where every sub wanted a few minutes with him at the spanking bench, but he’d put her at ease quickly. He was a one woman man, and she was his woman.

“Did you see him?” One of the girls whispered, and Tess shook her head. Ian shrugged in response. “I mean if someone was going to tie me up, I’d want it to be him.” The whispers continued.

Tess rolled her eyes.  “I wasn’t expecting you here so soon.” She took a sip of her coffee. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” She offered.

“No, thanks.  I’m early. The meeting I had with the brokers went much better than I expected. I just wanted to pop in to check on my girl.” He kissed her forehead. An act of comfort when he thought she was overwhelmed. “How’s the paper going?”

“Almost done.” She took a deep breath. “Just a few more pages, then I’ll edit tomorrow.”

“Look at this!” The redhead laughed. “It’s a blog talking about the subs rules and regulations. No orgasms unless permission is granted? She can’t even go out with friends unless he knows about it in advance? Can you imagine letting some man tell you what to do at every turn?  How selfish, no orgasms! Like hell!”

“I know,” The blonde jumped in. “I read one that said she wasn’t allowed to eat any junk food unless she asked first. And she had to tell him if she needed new clothing so he could take her, becuase wanted to pick the clothes out!”

Tess tensed again as their conversation went back to full throttle.  Ian’s hand on her shaking leg did little to ease her irritation. “I’ve been listening to this bullshit for half an hour.” she whispered to Ian. He looked a bit irked as well.  He tolerated many things, believing everyone was entitled to their own opinion.  However, these opinions weren’t based on reality, they were based on a few glances at someone’s blog and their own petty thoughts.

“Try to ignore them and finish up. I’m have a few errands still to run, so I’ll get those done while you’re working, then we’ll go for dinner. So, no more pastries.” He winked at her.

“I only had two.” She felt the heat creep up her face. He laughed before giving her another kiss, this one more tender, more loving, on her lips.

“Finish up.” he slid out of the booth and made his way out of the coffee house.

Tess buckled down and pulled out her outline. The last few pages were easy, just a matter of making coherent sentences from her bullet points. She blocked out the idiots in the next booth and pounded the pages in quick time. “Done!” She closed her laptop and took a deep breath.

“I wonder what it would be like to go to one of those dungeons. I heard they might be opening one up around here.” The dark haired woman finally spoke up. Tess focused her attention back on the women.  Ian said the meeting with the real estate broker had gone well, so there would indeed be a dungeon opening up soon. Around the corner in fact!

“Oh, Sandra! Can you imagine! It’s probably all black leather, naked bodies tied everywhere, and women crawling around the floor begging for spankings and other horrible things.  Those women are such sluts, fucking whoever calls them over.”

The snap of the camels back echoed throughout the coffee house. “Excuse me.” Tess whirled around in her seat to glare at the three snobs. They each turned to her with surprised curiously.  “You don’t have the slightest clue as what you are talking about!” She kept her voice low but the heat was there.

“Excuse me?” The blonde huffed.

“You have been sitting here for an hour trashing a lifestyle you no nothing about.  If it repels you so much why are you spending so much time talking about it and looking at these blogs!” She shook her finger at the tablet propped up on their table.

“We were having a private conversation.” The redhead piped up.

“You were having a stupid conversation-”

“Tess!” Ian’s growl shocked her into silence. She looked up and found his beautiful brown eyes glowering down at her. “What are you doing?” his voice tight with disappointment.

“They wouldn’t-”

“I’m not concerned with their behaviour, only yours.” He kept his gaze on her, not even glancing at the three woman starting open mouthed at them.

“I’m sorry.” The anger dissolved quickly as Tess looked back to the women then to Ian. “I tried to ignore them, but they were just being so disrespectful.”

“If your done, which it looks like you are, gather your things.”  He wasn’t angry, she could tell that by his tone, but he wasn’t happy either.

“Oh, my, god. You’re like one of those couples.” The redhead breathed out having regained her composure. “Are you going to like beat her now for being bitchy?”

Tess took a deep breath and concentrated on putting her things in her bag. They were such horrible women, and she was the one being glared at. She was the one who would have to listen to a lecture the entire way to dinner.

“No, I don’t beat my girlfriend.” The heat in his voice wasn’t aimed at her, and she almost pitied the redhead for evoking his anger.

“But she’s in trouble right? Like your gonna whip her?” The blonde sounded almost giddy at the prospect. Tess wanted to leap over the chairs and throw her fist into the woman’s face. The strapping would be worth it!

“You ladies are operating under some very misguided and uneducated theories. Yes, we are one of those couples. She is my submissive and I am her Dominant. I would never hurt a hair on her beautiful head. I do not hit her, I do not abuse her, I do not beat her. I love her, I discipline her, and I play with her. Everything we do is within the boundaries of love and respect. Something I don’t think any of you would recognize.” Ian turned away from the gaping woman to Tess.  “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Tess slung her bag over her shoulder and stepped out from the booth. Ian took the bag from her and tossed it over his own shoulder, and nodded toward the women.

After an irritating breath she spoke to the women. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you.” She would give them nothing more, and Ian didn’t disagree.

“I’m sure you’ll be more sorry once this mammoth of a man gets you alone and makes you do all sort of horrible, sluty things before he whips you.” The redhead bit out. Tess tensed as Ian wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“Let’s go. The reservations are in twenty minutes.”  Tess let him lead her from coffee house wishing he’d been more forceful with them. They had insulted her and their lifestyle and he’d done nothing about it! The coffee house hadn’t been busy but at least a handful of people heard the horrible things they said.

Once they reached outside she pulled away from him and walked to the car a few steps ahead of him.  She didn’t wait for him to open her door, instead she flung it open and threw herself into her seat.  Tess turned the radio on and loud as soon as he turned on the car.

“Tess.” He signed and turned the music off. “Don’t be-”

“You let them say those horrible things!”
“I did not let them do anything. They aren’t mine to let or not let-”

“That’s bullshit. You let them humiliate me.”

“Humiliate you?” His voice darkened. “I wasn’t going to have a debate about our lifestyle with those ignorant women. There would be no winning, and that redhead was just jealous. I told you to ignore them, but you didn’t. I walked in to find you leaning over your chair verbally attacking them!”

“They were-”

“I don’t care what they were doing. It is your behavior I care about. Do we need to make a stop at home first before we go to dinner? Because I’m getting to that point, Tess.”

“Oh, whatever!” She threw her hands in the air. The entire night was ruined. She’d let those caddy women under her skin and now she was too angry to care about her own damn rules and her own damn relationship.  Why hadn’t he defended her? Did he think she was some mindless slut that would just do his bidding?  “You think I’m some spineless whore that will just go along with you, don’t you? That’s why you didn’t defend me.” She spat her fears at him.

Ian didn’t speak. He didn’t even glance her way. Instead, he turned down the next intersection and headed for home. She glared out of the window at the street lights as they passed by, she could ignore him, too.

Once they were parked in their garage, Ian turned off the car and sat quietly. She couldn’t judge his mood because he wouldn’t look at her. “Do you think I would have you do anything that would hurt you. Really hurt you?” He asked softly.

She readjusted her position in the leather seat. “No, of course not-”

“Do you think I abuse the power you’ve given me? Do I keep you in shackles, either literally or not?” He still wouldn’t look at her.

“No. Ian, you are wonderful to me. I was-”

“Do you think that I don’t respect your opinions and views? Do I keep you from your education and pushing you toward your goals? “

“No.” She rested her hand on his thigh. She’d hurt him.  She’d given him reason to doubt her, because she’d accused him of doubting her.  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. I was angry.”

“Do you wish to remain my submissive? You wish to follow our rules, to be mine?”

“Of course!” She felt a hitch in her breath. “Ian, please. I’m sorry! They made me so mad, and then you didn’t stop them-”

“Tess, women- people- like that can’t be reasoned with. They have their ideas and there’s no changing them.”  She knew he was right.

“I’m sorry.” She said again. Everything had gone down hill.

“Let’s go inside.  Come into the livingroom.”  Without another look he was gone. She took a deep breath and followed him.

Once in the living room she found him standing at the ottoman, arms crossed over his chest, and his legs spread. he looked as though she were about to battle him.  “Please remove your clothing.” He nodded to the armchair beside her.  Without hesitation she stripped off the blouse and jean shorts and laid them on the chair. Her bra and panties were next and they were piled on top on the jeans. “Are you mindless?” He asked, surprising her.

She hated when he asked questions while she stood naked and exposed.  Her instinct was to cover herself, but she knew better. “No.” she shook her head, keeping her gaze locked with his.

“If I told you to quit school, don’t turn in your term paper. Would you?”

“I’d ask for a discussion on the matter.” She answered truthfully.

“You believe that I would listen? I wouldn’t just make you?”

“Of course not.”


“Because.” She shrugged. “I’m not a mindless idiot and my opinions matter.”

“Good, please kneel.” She obeyed without question.

“Are you a slut?”  His question confused her.

“I don’t know- I mean- sometimes-”

“Yes. Sometimes you are my slut. My whore. Do you dislike it?”

She swallowed. “No, but that’s not-”

“Do you enjoy laying on your back, spreading your legs and fucking yourself for me? Letting me watch as you play with your pussy and bring yourself to orgasm?  Do you like it when I stand beside you and jerk off while you give me your show? Do you like it when I come all over your fucking tits and make you sit with it on you until I say otherwise?” He took a step toward her. “Do you like it when I lift up your skirt in the kitchen while you’re doing dishes and have my way with you? Do you like it when, while I’m answering emails, you’re under my desk sucking my cock?” Another step closer. “Do you like it when I make you lay on the dinner table so I can eat your juicy pussy for dessert? Do you enjoy it when I plug your ass while I fuck you?”  He stopped just as his toes touched her knees.

“Yes.” She breathed out. She loved all of those things, and just the mere mention of them was making her wet with need.

“Do you think being my slut is a bad thing?” His fingers touched her cheek.


He crouched down to meet her eyes with his own. “You have to learn, Tess. What we do here in our home is no one’s business but ours.  You are a slut, and I love every fucking second of it, and so do you. You aren’t a slut in the way they meant. You don’t fuck around behind my back, or just fuck anyone you meet.  You know your value, your know your worth.  Don’t let asses like them take that away from you. And don’t ever question how much I value you.” He snaked his hand behind her neck and gathered her hair in his fist, pulling her head back.  His lips brushed hers, sending tingles down her spine.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered when he pulled back.

“Dinner is cancelled.” He declared. “I think you need some time to think about what you mean to me and what our relationship means to you.” Her heart sank. “No clothing the rest of the night. And you can expect a few spankings along the way, I want your ass red all night. Not for punishment, not really, but so that you remember who owns you, who adores you, and who will correct you every time you stray.  Let’s get the first one out of the way.” With that, he hauled her up over his shoulder and carried her to the couch.

She didn’t struggle, or protest, but rather submitted  to him wholeheartedly.  He settled them on the couch, laying her over his lap.  She loved when he spanked her with his hand, and knew he was not looking to punish her, he was guiding her back to the safety of his dominance.

The volley of swats came fast and fierce. His strong hand missed nothing, hitting every inch of her bare bottom.  The warmth at the beginning quickly turned into a fiery heat that was uncomfortable.  Soon she began to wiggle, to alleviate some of the sting from his hand, but he wouldn’t have it.

“Hold still, Tess. Take your spanking, it’s almost over.” His hand made its way down her thighs and back up to her sit spot. Tears were falling down her cheeks by the time he finished. “There now, that’s the color I love.” He patted her ass and helped her to the floor where she kneeled.  He wiped her tears and cupped her chin. “I can not express how much I love you. How much your submission means to me. And to hear you say I thought something so horrible about you, tore me in half.”

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. “I ruined the evening.”

“Well, it’s on a different course now, but not ruined. After we have a small dinner, I think it’s time we did some of those horribly slutty things I described.”

“Oh, yes. Definately some of those.” she nodded in an agreement.

He laughed and picked her up again, carrying her to the kitchen in search of dinner. His pants were unzipped by the time he reached the fridge……

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