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R is for Rebecca’s Revenge

It was going to be sweet. Revenge always came with a sugary aftertaste.   Rebecca Stewart pulled her red corvette into the parking lot of the local steakhouse, Steer-n-Grill.  Elliott had to be at the table already, she’d timed her drive to arrive exactly twenty minutes late.

Disposing of the car with the valet, she did a quick peek of her reflection in the front doors before she entered the restaurant.  Her long, velvety red locks curled around her shoulders. Emerald eyes were perfectly outlined with her newly purchased eye shadows.  The thirty pounds she’d lost since last seeing Elliott, almost six months ago, left her body with voluptuous curves in exactly the correct proportions and places.

The maitre D gave her a once over, as most men did when she put the extra effort into her appearance, before inquiring about her reservation.

“I am meeting Elliott Stewart.” She announced, clutching her purse in her hands.

“Ah, yes. He has already arrived. Right this way.” She took a deep, calming breath as she followed the starchy dressed man through the crowd of tables. Her soon to be ex-husband, would finally get his just desserts. He would finally feel the humiliation and regret of losing her.

The divorce proceedings crawled along over the past several months. Elliott seemed to block each advancement. Stretching out the legal battle only added to the lawyers bills, that he would have to pay anyway, so she hadn’t been very forceful in her actions. However, she was beginning to feel as though he didn’t take her intent seriously. When she’d walked out of his life six months ago, she had been very plain about what she wanted. Out.  She could no longer stand the blandness of their relationship.  She wanted heat, excitement, passion!  Too many conversations that led nowhere had driven her mad with desires for more.

The phone call she received from him a few days before had come out of the blue. Although he seemed uninterested in finalizing the divorce, she hadn’t heard from him in quite some time.  He’d been blunt on the phone about meeting for dinner.  She hadn’t even been given a choice in the matter, he simply told her when and where before he hung up.  Her curiosity peaked, she decided to go along with his ploy.  It was the perfect stage for her to show up with her new body and new attitude. He’d regret being so bored with her. He’d finally realize how much he was missing. He’d beg to be taken back. Beg to be given another chance, and she’d squash him.

When the maitre D brought her to the table in the back corner of the restaurant she caught a glimpse of him.  His hair had been brushed back. Stark blue eyes perfectly contrasted his dark hair. He’d put on a suit. Cursing herself for allowing her physical needs to overrule her mind, she focused on her plan of attack. Make him jealous, get him to sign the damn papers, and get out of there.

“May I get you anything to drink, Ma’am?” The gentleman asked as she stood at the table. Elliott had stood when she arrived, his eyes were glued to hers. “Ma’am?”

“She’ll have a Riesling.” Elliott answered for her before gesturing for her to sit.  She found her gumption and took her seat.

“Hello, Elliott.” She managed to keep her voice tight.  When had he gotten so attractive, so polished?  Most weekends she could barely get him into a pair of jeans that didn’t sport holes in his knees, let alone a suit.

“Rebecca.” he nodded and retook his chair. “You look wonderful.” He glanced over her body.  She’d hoped for a bigger reaction, but at least he noticed.

“Thank you.” She picked up the menu and began to peruse the items, purposely ignoring his stare. “What looks good?” she prompted.

“Rebecca. We need to talk before we eat.” He pulled the menu from her fingers. “I’ve already ordered, the food should be here soon. The waiter left this behind.” He motioned to the menu and placed it on the edge of the table.

“You ordered?” She asked, confused. He’d decided not only on his meal, but hers?  She felt a flush of heat begin to rise toward her cheeks, and tried like hell to squash it.

“Yes.” He nodded with a smile. “I’ve known you for fifteen years, I’m aware of what you enjoy.”

“Oh.” She folded and unfolded her hands on her lap.  Things weren’t falling into place as she’d planned.  When had he become so sure of himself, so decisive?

“About the papers your attorney keeps sending me.” He pulled them out of his suit pocket and unfolded them on the table.

“That will make it all official.” She nodded toward it. Had he invited her to witness him sign?  He hadn’t bothered to fight for her when she’d walked out on him. Hell, he didn’t even really fight the divorce, he’d just cared too little to even bother!

“Yes.” He took a sip of his drink.  A whiskey sour?  “Is this really what you want? You want to walk away from fifteen years? For what? I dont’ even know why you left. You just packed up and walked out.”

“Yes, and I ran so fast and so hard you couldn’t catch me, regardless of how hard you tried.” She bit out at him.  She didn’t want to replay the weeks of mourning him in her mind. The time she spent crying because he hadn’t cared enough to chase her down.

“Oh, I tried. I found you, too.” His eyes narrowed at her. “Some little studio apartment on Ogden Avenue. You just went about setting up a new life. I figured I’d let you stew. Let you realize you’d made a mistake. But you didn’t. You sent papers instead.  No phone calls, No texts. You just walked out and didn’t even have the courtesy of explaining why.”   Hurt laced his words.  She’d been so caught up in all of her unmet needs and unhappiness she’d never considered that he might have not known.

“You didn’t call me either.” She pointed out as her wine was placed in front of her.

“I did, about a dozen times a day for at least a week. Then I gave up.” He admitted. Not wanting to hear from him, she’d turned her phone off for several weeks after she’d left.  “I knew you were safe, so I left you be. But, I’m not signing these until I know why.”

“Why?” She repeated. His new forceful attitude triggered a warmth inside her, a heat for him that she’d not felt in so long she’d forgotten what it felt like. “I was unhappy.” she whispered, her eyes downcast. His dark eyes glared at her over the table.

“Why?” He demanded again. “What had I done that was so horrible. What was it that I wasn’t doing?”

“This.” She finally blurted out.


“Taking charge.” She looked away, embarrassed that she’d said it outloud. Everything was going awry. Her revenge was not going well.

He studied her quietly.  The server arrived with their meals. He placed her steak- well done- and twice baked potato in front of her, and the salmon with capers in front of him. Once they were again alone he took the paper from the table and tore them in half. She watched him with a startled expression.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“If that’s all it was, all you needed to do was say something.” He leaned closer to her. “I’ve wanted to wear the pants in our relationship for some time now, but wasn’t sure how you’d react.”

His words confused her. “What?” She asked again, surely she wasn’t hearing right. “But the passion, the excitement. It was all gone.”

“No, it was there, but not in the way either of us wanted it. Ever since you’ve been gone, I managed to find my balls again.” She gaped at his crude words. “And now I find out that your removal of them is what had caused the problem?!” He was near to yelling. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.  “Forget dinner.” He said and threw bills onto the table, before reaching for her arm and pulling her from her seat.

“Eliott! where are you taking me.” She ordered once they were in the parking lot. She’d not fought him in the restaurant, having been astounded at his turn of attitude, but now that they were headed toward the back of the parking lot where his truck was parked, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

“Home.” was all he said.  He opened the passenger door to the truck and hosted her into the seat.

“My car-”

“Leave it.” He yanked the seatbelt over her torso and secured it. “Do not move.” He warned her as he shut the door. She sat in the passenger seat in shock.  The man she’d walked out on six months ago couldn’t decide between scrambled or hard boiled eggs. He followed every whim she’d had.  This man, the man ordering her around and dragging her to his truck, he knew exactly what he wanted. Although, she could sense his anger and frustration, she had no fear of him. She could still see the love and tenderness beneath his irritation.

His door flung open, and he hopped in without a word. The truck rumbled to life, and he pulled out of the parking lot, headed for home.   She watched him out of the corner of her eye as he maneuvered the winding streets of their suburban neighborhood. How could she have known he’d turn out to be so forceful? Had she not given him enough credit? Had she completely misjudged her own husband?  Had her own domineering and selfish ways crushed the dominant part of him that she craved?  Instead of pushing him and attempting to force the desired reaction, should she have tried something else?

“Elliott?” She spoke softly, unsure of herself even as she called his name.  He didn’t turn to her but flipped off the radio to hear her better. “I don’t know what to say.” she started again, keeping her own gaze forward. “Do you still want the divorce?” She hadn’t meant to ask that.

“I never wanted the divorce, Rebecca. I wanted to know what was wrong. I wanted to know how to fix it. I wanted to make us better, make us happy, and make us whole again.”  The tension in his voice tore at her, and the past tense worried her.


“Want. I want to do those things. Dammit, Rebecca you are my wife!”

“I ran away!” She felt the tears building in her eyes. What a child she’d been!

“Yes.” He nodded, turning down their street. “You did.”

“I wasn’t happy. I thought you would always be more comfortable in the passenger seat of our marriage, and I hated that. I hated being the leader, the driving force.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I should have talked with you.”

“Yes. You should have.” He pulled into the driveway.

“I acted like a selfish child.” She looked out the window, unable to bear his expression.

His hand rested on her knee. “Yes, you did.” he agreed again. “You have a decision to make, hon. Things aren’t ever going to be the same between us. But they can be better.”  She turned back to him, wiping her cheeks again. “I did a lot of thinking and changing over the past few months.  I was just as bored and unhappy, but I didn’t have the guts to do anything about it.  Although, what you did was the wrong thing, it at least was something.”  He ran his fingers over her cheekbone, catching another tear that fell.

“You’d let me come home?”

“Of course.” His eyes narrowed. “But things are different. You aren’t leading this parade anymore, hon.”

She stared at him with hope building in her chest. Her revenge long forgotten she savored the feel of his hands on her face, the smell of his aftershave hanging in the air, and the intense love in his gaze.  “What does that mean, exactly?”

“It means there are going to be some ground rules. Number one, absolutely no more running away. If you are upset you will come to me and talk- talk, rebecca not stomp your feet and yell, but talk and tell me so we can work on it.”

“Okay.” She could do that.

“Number two, you are selling that damn corvette of yours and getting a safer car. I’ve hated that thing from the day you bought it.”

“I love that car!” she protested.

“And I love you.” His thumb played with her earlobe. “The car goes.”

“Okay.” She found herself agreeing.

“There will be others, but we can talk them over tomorrow morning. For now, you’ve acted like a spoiled little girl. What do you think we should do about that?”  His eyes fixated on hers, she wanted to look away, to hide her embarrassment, but he wouldn’t allow it.

She took a deep breath. could he mean, what she thought, what she craved? Had he really been on the same page as her the entire time!?  What a fool she’d been.

“You should punish me.” She blurted out and waited for the bellow of laughter that was sure to follow her declaration.

“Agreed.” he nodded, surprising her. “But how?” He pushed, and she felt her cheeks ignite in an embarrassed flame.

“You should spank me.” She said with less force as her first statement. The idea of being spanked was one thing, actually feeling the raw burn of his hand on her ass could be entirely different.

“Agreed, again.” He said with a smile. The tension in his jawline relaxed. She swallowed hard. “We are going to go inside and straight to our bedroom.  You are going to take off that insanely hot dress and strip bare. I’m going to sit on the bed, and you are going to lay your sexy ass over my lap and ask me for your punishment. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” She nodded. He pulled her to him, his lips claiming hers. The warmth of him spread throughout her body.  Her mind reeled at the harshness of the kiss, the possessive way he held her.

“Good girl.” He muttered against her lips before he pulled away.

She watched him hop down from the truck and waited for him to open her door.  Once he had her on the pavement, he spun her around to face the truck and delivered four hard swats to her backside. She jumped at the harsh impact. “Elliott! The neighbors!” She hissed.

“Just giving you a taste of what’s coming. Not get inside, hon.” He sent her on her way with two more harsh slaps to her ass.

She made the long walk up the walkway to the house with both excitement and terror mingling in her chest. Her revenge had gone incredibly bad, and it would seem she would be the one begging and pleading before the night was through.

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