20d60-saturday2bspankingsThis week’s little blurb is from a short fantasy in my Dark Desires collection of erotic fantasies and stories.  Here a husband and wife explore the fun of having their very own play room in their home.  She is bound to a pulley system  that allows him to better maneuver her positions while keeping her firmly in place.  You can find Dark Desires at smashwords for free!  Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out all of the other great contributions. Check back tomorrow for the letter R in #SpankA2Z challenge!


“Good girl,” he cooed in her ear as he removed his finger. He ran the crop over her skin as he shifted his position around her.

“I love the sight of your ass.” He admired her as he slapped her cheeks. He adored the way her ass bounced after each slap of the crop.

He hung the crop back on its proper nail and went to the latch that held her ropes. He felt her eyes on him as he loosened the rope only to drag her forward until she was bent over, and again, he tightened the hold they had on her.

The position gave him full access and a view of all of her fun parts. He was glad for deciding against giving her the spanking bench to lean over. Having her displayed like this was better for them both.