Q is for Quiet

“Are you comfortable?” Trevor Quintan brushed his fingertips along the length of his blonde submissive lying in front of him.  Karen Quincy, his fiance, blinked her eyes twice to give him the affirmation that she was indeed- comfortable.

The lacing table she found herself tied to had arrived earlier in the day.  Trevor often was given equipment to test out and give his seal of approval before a vendor pursued buyers. Although the table was not unheard of, any respectful BDSM  club owned at least one, the particular table Karen had been strapped to, boasted of one unique feature.  The bottom portion of the table had been built in pieces.  The section between the legs was removable, giving just enough room for the Dominant to squeeze in and have more fun while their sub was immobilized.  Trevor found the idea appealing, but he held his doubts of the comfort level of both the Dom and sub.

“Is it too cold?” He asked his willing prisoner as he flicked his finger over her taut nipple.  She let loose a squeal from behind the black ball gag and blinked her eyes once. “No? Too hot?” His hands ran lower down her body until he reached her glistening sex.  She’d been wet from the moment he’d walked her out to the garage to see the apparatus.  The soundproofing of the exterior garage had been money well spent! “Ah, yes…very hot- and wet!” He grinned at her as he sunk two of his fingers between her folds and into her entrance.  A long moan of pleasure escaped her, and his dick twitched with the sound.

“You’ve been extremely chatty lately.” He commented, removing his fingers from her.  He delivered two sharp slaps to her thighs and quickly rubbed away the sting with his hand. Another squeal followed by a moan. “I think some quiet while I play is in order.” He leaned over and placed a chaste kiss to the smooth skin directly above her clit.  “If you’re a good girl, and remain quiet, I’ll let you come. And when you come, you can be as loud as you’d like.” Another soft kiss, just a bit lower. “I know you like that. You love to scream when you come all over my cock.”  Lower still. “When I let you come, and your body explodes, your screams always make my dick hard again.” His tongue traced the hood of her clit. He enjoyed the soft whimpers that escaped from her mouth as he tormented her with feather like kisses. The lacing table completely immobilized her legs and hips, she couldn’t push up at him, or wiggle away.  She was totally at his mercy.

Deciding he wanted to play with her sensations, he left her and opened his cabinet.  He hated having to lug a bag of toys out every time they played, so he had built a cabinet in the garage that remained locked when they weren’t using it.  He unlocked the door and swung it open, looking over his arsenal.  No impact play, he’d have to unlace her and flip her to get to ass. He discounted the cane to be used on her tits. Too harsh for what he had in mind.  Settling on two items, he plucked up the vampire glove and a narrow paddle that gave a wicked sting with one side, and soothing rub down with the furry side.

Her dazzling blue eyes sparkled up at him when he returned to her.  A warm kiss to her forehead was enough to make her sigh. The connection, a touch, a look played an important part in their play and their lovemaking.  Never had they gone through a session without his loving reassurances and her greedy, wanting gazes.

He secured the vampire glove onto his left hand and a stance near her side.  “Your tits have always been my favorite part of your body. So large, so playful and sexy.” He placed his open hand over one breast. “Deep breath, babe.” He waited until she readied herself, then wrapped his fingers around her entire breast, holding it much like a baseball.  The tips of the glove dug into her skin, and she let out her breath as well as strangled groan. He intensified his grip. “That’s it, babe. Good girl.” Her breast freed from his hand as he released her and he quickly ran his fingers over the indents in her skin. “Such a good girl.” He licked her nipple and repositioned his hand over the other breast. “Ready?”   After her nod, he again gripped her breast. Once she settled into the discomfort mixed with the pleasure she craved from his hand, he increased his grip.

A loud groan erupted from her as he released her and watched as her breast bounced back to form.  His cock screamed from within his pants. If he didn’t get inside of her soon, he might embarrass himself.

Dragging the vampire glove down her body he situated himself near her thighs. Milky white and smooth. He loved her thighs. More so when they were wrapped around his flanks as he buried himself in her again and again.

The fur side of the paddle rubbed her thigh soothingly as he played with her clit. The vampire glove had been abandoned as he wanted to tweak her little nub without pain.  The paddle would inflict enough of that.  As she settled into the rhythm of his pets he turned the paddle over and delivered a sharp slap to her thigh. Her muscles tensed and she huffed through the gag. Another quick strike to her second thigh before he returned to the furry stroke of the paddle.

“My god, Karen. Your cunt is so wet, it’s drooling onto the table!” He playfully chided her, enjoying the blush creep into her cheeks. “So wet.” He murmured again, leaning over again licking at her folds.  Suckling her clit, he flipped the paddle over again and delivered two smack to her thighs again. A frustrated grunt greeted him. The pain and the pleasure was mixing nicely, he thought to himself.  Forgoing the furry paddle, he licked at her pussy driving her mad with lust before again assaulting her thighs with the leather end of the paddle.  No frustrated grunt, but an erotic groan.

There would be no more waiting. He tossed the paddle to the side and make quick work to remove the section between her legs.  It took some maneuvering, but he managed to get to where he needed to be.  Pants unzipped, he pulled out his painfully erect cock and thrust into her. Another groan of pleasure. “Fuck, baby. You are fucking hot!” He added his own joyful cry as he pumped into her.  He almost wished he hadn’t laced her hands down, he wanted her touch, her fiery touch as he fucked her, but he settled for the hot gaze she gifted him with.

“Come at will, babe.” He ordered, slipping his hand down to her clit and rubbing it in circles, knowing what she liked. He reached her mouth and pulled th gag free, letting it rest under her chin. “I want to hear you, come for me.” He declared as he rocked into her again and again.

“Oh, god, Trev! Oh fuck!” She locked eyes with him and he felt her muscles tense. One more flick of he rclit and she was screaming out a shrill of excitement and lewdity. His lil fiance loved to curse during her orgasms, and he loved every syllable. His own release carried him into the depths of her curses, and he joined her with a few of his own wonderful explicits.

Completely sated, he slumped over her, resting his forehead on her belly. “Damn, Karen.” he whispered.

“I know, right.” She laughed.  “Can we keep it?”

He looked up at her and let loose a hearty laugh of his own. “Hell, yes.  But we have to do something about this part.  The damn thing is digging into my hip, if I was ten pounds heavier I wouldn’t fit!”

“Well, I suppose that’s one way to get you to eat your veggies.” She smirked.

He pulled away from her and righted his pants. “You talk awfully big for a woman laced down to a table with a cabinet full of canes and paddles only steps away.”

“True.” She sighed. “How about you unlace me, then we go inside for dessert and talk about it instead?” She gave him a lazy wink that made him shake his head and laugh.

“You’re too damn cute for my own good.” He began the process of unbinding her from the table. “How about, you go inside, take a shower and get us some icecream.  I’ll clean up out here and join you for a movie. Unless you’re tired and want to hit the sack.”

“Sleep?  No way. That orgasm may have shattered my insides, but it has woken me up as well as a shot of espresso.  Movie it is, what would you like- comedy or romance?”

“No Star Wars?” He paused in his task to find her shaking her head.


He laughed. “No, that’s okay.  Woman’s pick tonight. I remember, I promised.” He finished removing the ropes and helped her to stand. Once she was solid on her feet, he kissed her passionately and helped her into her robe. “I love you, babe.”

“Of course you do! Who else will let you tie them down, gag them, beat them, and the fuck the shit outta them in the garage!?”  She kissed his cheek. “I love you, too, Sir.”

“Brat!” he pinched her ass. “Get going, before I decide to play with my canes.”

She gave him one more wink and left him the garage.  Her words had some truth to them. How many women would take what he dished out so willingly.  There hadn’t been a word of complaint or question when he’d ordered her to the garage after dinner.  She simply obeyed. He was the luckiest son of a bitch on earth.

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