A2Z-logo2015Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a short story that it’s included in Dark Desires, a collection of erotic fantasies.  How does this relate to the letter O?  The name of my self-publishing company is Orzel Publishing!

I hope you like this little snippet from the story “Getting to the Bottom”.  If you’d like to read the story in full, and the other erotic shorts, you can grab the book for FREE at smashwords!


He bent me over the bed and took out the lube from his nightstand. “Just like all of the other times.” He ran his finger, with the cool gel on the tip, between my cheeks.

I buried my head between my hands.

He reached around me and pulled the plug from my mouth with a loud popping sound. I clenched my fists but tried to keep my ass from tightening. He spoke soothing words and used his hands to rub my cunt, which betrayed me every time we played this game by becoming wet without my consent. Knowing my body enjoyed his touches and his strokes, I focused on getting my mind to connect to the physical sensations.

“Relax.” He spread my cheeks wide and tapped my asshole with his middle finger. I felt him slowly push past the rigid muscle, and he wiggled his finger. “That’s better. You’re getting much better at this. God, you’re tight.” His voice sounded strained.

His finger slid back out, and the plug replaced it. I took a deep breath as he pushed the plug into place. The burning eased away quickly, leaving only the full feeling behind.

He tapped the base of the plug. “Good girl.” He kissed the top of my ass, where the two cheeks met above the foreign object.

He helped me stand and walked me to the mirror hanging on his closet door. He spun me around so I was leaning into him, and my ass faced the mirror.

“Turn your head so you can see,” he directed, and I obeyed.

The black base of the plug held my cheeks open where it sat in place. It appeared darker against my pale skin and larger than it had in his palm. He pulled me closer to him, sticking my ass out. He tapped the plug again, sending a jolt through my ass to my clit.

“Tell me what you see.” His words sank into me.

I hated this part, this unveiling of my emotions and desires.

“I see a plug in my ass.” I went with the obvious.

He slapped my ass hard. The movement of my cheek pushed against the plug. I grunted.

“I see the base of the plug. It’s spreading my ass cheeks.”

“And what is the plug doing on the inside.” He ran his hand over my hair. He didn’t look at me while he spoke, but I felt him watching us in the mirror.

“It’s stretching me.” I let out a deep breath with my answer.

“Give me more.” He rubbed my arms.

“It’s making me feel full.” I leaned into his chest.

“That’s good.” He kissed my head. His fingers found my wet, swollen clit and stroked it in a lazy fashion.

“Go on.” He prodded me with his words.

“I feel—” His fingers entered me, giving me another jolt of excitement. “I feel used.”

“Good or bad?” He stilled in his movements.

“Good.” I turned my face from him.

He pulled me back to him, hiding was never allowed.

“Your cunt is soaking wet,” he whispered into my ear, as he tucked my hair back to take my earlobe between his teeth. “You are hot and ready for me.”

My juices rolled down my thighs. I could smell me on his fingers when he brought them to my face to turn my chin.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass tonight.” He looked me in my eyes. No joking, no twinkle. All business. “Go to the bed and kneel on all fours for me.” He moved away from me to let me by.

I crept onto the bed and found a comfortable position. I held the pillows in my hands, ready to use them in case I needed to scream when he pushed into me. I did not want to disappoint him.

I heard his clothing being removed and a drawer open. More lube.

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