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Letter N is for Negative, Naughty, Nancy!

“Naughty, naughty, naughty!” The mocking tone of Nicholas Northumberland filled the room.  Nancy, a mid-twenties bank teller, stood before him.  The hem of her pleated skirt landed three inches above her knees.  The white t- shirt she’d worn for their session hugged her voluptuous breasts and showcased her dark areolas through the thin fabric.

Nicholas, a well thought of disciplinarian, stared at her from his desk. “I received your email


” he tapped his pencil on a piece of paper. “Tell me why you didn’t finish your journal entries, and why you disregarded my instruction to clean up your resume.”

Nancy had gone to Nicholas several months ago when she found her life spiraling out of control.  She’d had no luck in the boyfriend department, and even worse luck when she’d started looking for a Dom.  A friend at Deliciously Deviant, the local BDSM club,  had suggested she speak to Nicholas. The other submissives of the club often sought him out when they were in need of a discipline session and were unattached. His reputation for being an honorable and strict dominant gave her the confidence to approach him.

The first meeting had her feeling nerve wrecked and terrified.  They had set up the time over the phone, and she’d given him a general idea of the issues she was having. After a long conversation over lunch, he decided that several discipline sessions were in order.  He explained that he wasn’t punishing her, but rather resetting her so that she could start on the track she wanted to. If she pushed against him, stepped out of their boundaries, then he would punish her.  She’d agreed with no hesitation.

It didn’t hurt that Nicholas looked like a man who’d stepped out of a highlander romance novel with his thick brown hair, and firm set jaw.  His entire body radiated alpha male as much as his personality.  His broad chest, firm ass, and muscles everywhere drew the eyes of every female he passed.  She did her best at ignoring his good looks while she found herself over his lap bare bottomed and being spanked, but rarely did she accomplish her goal.  He was simply too attractive, and her body reacted wantonly at his touch. Thankfully, he’d never mentioned her body’s betrayal.

Over the course of the months  she’d become more attached to him with every session.  It was true that under his guidance she’d managed to clean out the negative influences in her life, starting with her deadbeat roommate.  She’d become more responsible with her money, and she’d even started a retirement fund.   His latest dictate was to clean up her resume and start looking for more serious work.  She was good with finances, and had a degree in accounting. He wanted her to do something more challenging than counting pennies at the bank, and she knew he was right.

For the third time that afternoon, she reminded herself that he was only her disciplinarian. Her guide. He was not her Dom.  She was one of several women he engaged in discipline sessions.  Not wanting to fall victim to her own imagination, she never asked about the others, but she knew they existed. And each time she let her mind wander in that direction, a jealousy like she’d never felt before crushed her.

“Nancy, I’m waiting.” His patience sometimes annoyed her. Everything annoyed her at the moment. She was tired of being one of several. She wanted to be the only. It was unrealistic, and she knew that, but dammit she wanted a Dominant that was only hers! She wanted to have one man and be his one woman!

“I didn’t feel like cleaning up the resume,” She shrugged, allowing her frustrations and jealousy fuel her actions. “I’m tired of the journal entries, they get me no where .”

No where she wanted to be, anyway!  The short essays she wrote at his urging only brought her closer to her submissive side, and when she thought about it, really thought about it… how could she be submissive without a Dominant?  He was practically a prostitute, she had hired a prostitute to spank her!  True, money never changed hands, but there was no real relationship either. He was a hired paddle, and nothing more.

“You didn’t feel like it?” Danger lurked in his soft voice, but she ignored it. She was going to have cut herself loose from him before she truly lost her heart.

 “Yes. I didn’t feel like it.” She gave a curt nod to emphasise her point. “I think I’ve gone far enough on my journey with you.” The words cut her as they left her mouth. “I think I can do this on my own now.”  Her stomach twisted at the lies she spewed.

“Oh.” He studied her from behind his desk quietly, the pencil still tapping on the desk. “When did you begin thinking this way?” His eyes remained fixed on hers, but she avoided him and focused on his chin.  He hadn’t shaved, a days old stubble covered his face.

“For a while now.” She nodded again as she lied.

“Oh.” He said again, and she took a deep breath. “Have I crossed a boundary of yours that I didn’t know about?” Genuine concern laced his words.

“No, nothing like that.” She assured him quickly. No sense in them both feeling like failures.

“Are the rules too difficult for you? Too lenient?” More tapping.

“No.” she shook her head.

“Look at my face when you lie to me, it’s more convincing.”  A harshness she’d not heard from before filled his tone.

“I-I’m not-”

“That’s two. Try again.” The pencil stilled on the desk. “Have you met someone? Are you entering into a relationship?” Did she hear worry in his voice?

“No! Of course not!” Her eyes shot up to meet his.  Warm green eyes peered at her from his desk. She swallowed and looked away.  How could she say goodbye to him and never see him again? She’d never felt so cared for, so protected, as she had with him.  On the days when no discipline or punishment needed to be meted out, he’d spend time with her just talking. They’d talk about her day, his day, their childhoods, it had all grown together and given her the false reality that she had someone special in her life.  It was when she caught herself doodling his name on a scrap of paper at her window, that she realized she had gone too far. She was looking for things that weren’t there, and she needed to run before she really got hurt.

He dropped the pencil and pushed his chair back, standing at full height. His silent foot steps fell on the carpeted floor as he made his way to her.  Once in front of her, he crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her. “What’s wrong. Tell me now, and don’t lie.”

She couldn’t think with him so close. His musky scent gave her a false comfort and that was the last thing she wanted at the moment.  “I- I just cant’ do this anymore.” She whispered, not looking at him.

“What can’t you do?” He pushed.

“This. Us. or lack of.” Her face flushed and she shook her head. “Just this.”

“Nancy, answer me again. But this time use full sentences.”  If her heart hadn’t been breaking, she would have smiled at the exasperated tone of his voice.

“I don’t want a disciplinarian anymore.” She blurted out. “I mean, I do, I did. I do, but not like this.” She took a deep breath. “I want more, and I can’t have more so I need to find it somewhere else. I’ve become- dependant- on you and that’s not okay. You have others to deal with, your own life and surely you’ll want to have a real relationship with someone. It’s better I just get on with leaving now.” She rang her hands together while talking and could feel the skin becoming warm from the harshness of her grip.

“Are you done?” he asked.

“Yes.” She nodded, still not looking at him and willing her feet to move.

He did instead. One step and he was toe to toe with her. His hand cupped her chin and pulled her gaze to his. “I don’t have others.” He saw roughly. “I released them two months ago.”

“What? Why?” she breathed, his grip on her chin wouldn’t let her look away.

“Because, I didn’t want any others. I wanted to focus on you, on me, on us. I wanted an us. I should have brought up the subject sooner. I knew you were developing feelings. I saw how responsive your body was to my touch, and it only fueled my desire for you more. Do you have any idea how hard it was to see your naked, tanned ass standing in my corner, and I couldn’t do anything but look? How hard my cock was when you were bent over my desk taking your strappings so fucking well?  Dammit, Nancy just watching you sip your fucking coffee makes me want you. To approach the subject would have been inappropriate for me; it had to come from you.”

Her stomach shifted, and her heart raced. He wanted her, too? There were no other girls? “Oh. I didn’t know. I mean, I hoped, but I thought I was just a charge to you.”

“At first, yes. But things changed, you were so open about your sexuality, so honest with your desires, so fucking good at being good and even better at being naughty.” He winked.  A few of her assignments had to do with opening her mind to masterbation and new ways in which to find her own release. “But you didn’t come to me. You didn’t open up about your feelings. Instead, you came here today to throw this all away. You were just going to run away.” His voice dropped.

“I didn’t think you were interested in me that way. I wasn’t about to-”

“Open yourself up to me? You’ve done so good up until today.  I’m displeased.” His hand dropped from her chin and her heart sunk. She’d blown it.

“I understand.” She whispered and tried to turn away to leave, but a firm grip on her arm stilled. her. She heard him curse as he spun her around and quickly delivered several hard, well placed slaps to her backside.

“Did you hear anything I just said!” he ground out.

“Ow! Yes. I did.” She didn’t struggle against his embrace, but merely relaxed her muscles as she was draped over his left arm.

“So you heard the part where I said I wanted you, and not just as a charge. I want you as my submissive, my girlfriend, my whatever you want to tag it so long as it means you are mine.” two more sharp slaps to her now bare behind. Her skirt was no deterrent for him, as he just flipped it up and out of his way.  “Do you want that? Do you want me?” His hand stilled on her ass.

“Yes, Nicholas. I do.” She nodded. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you sooner. I was scared.”

“That I would reject you?”


Three more swats to her backside. “Never would I have, and if you had just been honest about your feelings you might have avoided all of this.  Because now you have several punishments coming.” She stiffened in his arms. “One for not following through with your assignments. One for lying to me, and one for hiding your true feelings from me.” before she could render her agreement his hand began to pepper her ass with harsh slaps.  He left no inch uncovered as he made his way around her rounded backside from top to bottom, not sparing the curve of her ass.

Struggling would have been wasted with his arm holding her so tightly. There was no where to wiggle to, and kicking her out legs only would have made her fall.  The pain in her backside began to build as he continued to bring down his hard hand onto her tender behind.

“Nicholas!” She cried out between sobs. “Nicholas!” Her hands gripped his firm forearm while he continued the spanking undeterred by her tears and cries. “I’m sorry!” She choked out.

Only when she submitted to the spanking and to his determination, did he slow his pace and soften the slaps. “You will always be open with me. You will always be honest, and you will never run away from me.” His hand no longer delivered punishing spanks, but ran gently over her throbbing globes.

“I’m sorry.” She sniffled as he helped her to stand on her feet and pulled her to his chest. His hands ran over her back as she finished her cry, as he did after every spanking. She’d always thought his gentleness was part of his routine, but she realized at that moment it hadn’t been.  “Does this mean, I still have to work on my resume?” She asked, looking up at him.

His eyes gentled at her joke, and he kissed her forehead. Then he pulled her chin up and claimed her mouth. The heat in her backside could not compare to the heat radiating through her body from his lips on hers. When he broke the kiss she sighed.

“Yes, you have to work on your resume. You also need to finish that journal entry, and you’ll need to get out of these clothes.” He winked. “I have wanted to touch every inch of you for weeks, and now that you are mine, I’m going to do just that.”

“My punishments?” She raised her brows in what she hoped was an adorable expression.

“Tomorrow.  First thing in the morning, you’ll come in here and get the brown leather belt hanging on the wall. You’ll bring it to the bedroom and you’ll present it and your ass to me. But for right now, I want you naked and in my bed.”

She opened her mouth to give a smartass remark, but he bent over and picked her up at her waist. Draped over his shoulder, he carried her out of the office and straight up the stairs….

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