The following is chapter one of an unfinished project- that will be finished soon.  Samantha is a struggling writer and Daniel is a fulfiller of fantasies.   TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter contains kidnapping and nonconsensual physical activity.

M is for Mistaken Identity

The crowd of people crushed Samantha against the concrete pillars which were helping contain the mob. She shuffled her purse to her right arm as she pushed herself back away from the animalistic crowd. Had she known most of the city was going to be in the subway that morning she would have braved the traffic in her little sedan.

“Excuse me….Pardon me….OW!” She glared at the offending shover behind her as she attempted to inch her way toward the stairs, to freedom.

There was no need to check her watch, she already knew she was late for her appointment. Her editor, and friend, would be sitting in his office enjoying his coffee along with her doughnut while he waited on her.

A few more well placed shoves and side steps, and she found herself on the stairs. With a death grip on her bag, she pushed her way up the stairway, the crowd behind her keeping up the momentum. Victory was almost hers. She could see the sunlight ahead of her peeking into the tunnel giving her a new goal. The air became clear, the stench of the underground began to dissipate, and her hopes started to rise.

She felt the level ground beneath her feet, and she was about to be free of the mob. Just as she was turning away from the staircase, she felt a hard hand wrap around her forearm, and she was jerked to the side. The tight grip intensified as she tried to pull free of it.

“Hey!” She tried to yell out but a rag was quickly stuffed into her open mouth. Still dazed from the subway, she tried to pull free of the vice grip and spit out the dry rag that was near to choking her.

“Keep still!” A harsh order was given from behind her. She tried to see the person behind the ugly voice, but a cloth bag was thrown over her head leaving her in darkness.  She was spun, hoisted and tossed over a broad shoulder.

She tried to kick out, scratch at her assailant and wiggle free from his grip and was rewarded with three sharp slaps to her buttocks.  The surprising sting stilled her for a moment while her brain grasped what was happening, then she began to buck all the harder against the man. She heard the creaking sound of a door opening and was lowered into what felt like the back of a vehicle.

“He didn’t say she’d be so damn feisty! She tried to claw my damn eyes out!” she heard the ugly voice saying as the vehicle swayed under  his weight as he climbed in. The doors slammed, and she could hear laughter just as the engine revved up.  Her hands now free from him, she pulled the bag from her head and lunged for the doors.  “DAMMIT!” She barely got to her feet before she was pulled back onto her bottom, hard.

She turned to face the beast who was bruising her ankles with his knee pinning her down as he began to reach for her hands. She spit the dusty rag at him and again began to fight him, clawing at him as he tried to catch her flailing hands.

“Dave, get her under control!” The man driving the van called over his shoulder.

“Listen, just calm down!” The man kneeling on her legs finally got a hold of her hands and had them stretched over her head. He was looking directly into her face.  She tried to shove him off once more before giving over to his strength and stopped struggling. “There, that’s a good girl,” the man cooed with a sneer.

When he was sure she wouldn’t try again to jolt for the door, he slowly slid off of her and helped her to sit. She tried to clear her mind, to think clearly, but she wanted to do nothing more then cry as she felt her hands being pulled behind her and her wrists tied together.

She kept her eyes closed as Dave finished his work behind her and moved to her feet. She opened her eyes and glared at him as he wound the rope around her ankles. Had they not been in their current situation she would have complimented him on his knot tying skills and would have asked him if he had been a boy scout. However, their situation being what it was, she rewarded him with a quick shove with her feet once he was done with his knot.

The man laughed with a shake of his head and sat back on his heels. He helped position her so that she was leaning against the wall of the van. “Do I have to gag you or will you keep silent?” he asked as he dragged a black bag towards him.

“Don’t gag me,” her stoney voice answered.

“She’s to be gagged when we get her there,” The driver called over his shoulder.

“I’ll put it on when we get there,” Dave answered and made himself comfortable sitting across from her.

“Where are you taking me?” she questioned, he only stared at her. “There isn’t anyone to ask for a ransom,” she blurted out and wondered if the sad truth was a wise thing to admit or not. Dave just shrugged and continued looking bored.

“Dammit, what the hell is going on?” she demanded as she struggled against the ropes again.

“Open your mouth once more and the gag goes in,” Dave stated blandly
Samantha tugged on the ropes and found that they were tighter than she had originally thought. The door was close enough to her, that if she were to elbow the handle she could fall out the back. However, she thought to herself, she was tied hands and feet, how would she get anywhere? Taking note of how fast the van was being driven, she decided it best not to kill herself during an escape attempt just yet.

Disturbing thoughts began to wander her into her mind, horrible events that she had seen on the news, in movies, or even in her own writings. Pictures of mangled bodies, sounds of screaming victims all flooding her brain making it very difficult to think clearly or to plan her escape.

“Hey, you okay?” Dave’s voice broke her out of her horror show and the slight nudge he gave her with his foot brought her completely back to the present. “She’s looking pale,” he called to the driver.

“Hey, you aren’t gonna faint are you?” The driver called back to them. “We are almost there, just breath, girl. You’ll do fine,” he sounded almost encouraging which confused her even more.  “Okay, go ahead and put the gag on,”

She watched Dave dig around the black canvas bag until he pulled out a small red ball gag. She shook her head at him when he started to scoot towards her. She tried to inch her way away from him, but he reached her before she could manage the small feat.

“Okay, listen up. You’ll do just fine. Remember your safe words, and use them if you need to, no shame in doing just that.  Keep your mouth shut unless you are asked a question, do not do anything without permission until Sir Daniel has given you your rules.” Dave seemed to be going over a list in his mind of the things he needed to say and when he was sure he had hit all of the hot points he placed the shiny plastic ball to her tightly closed lips. “Open,” he pushed the ball against her lips again. “Open now,” he demanded, and she turned her face from him.

“She’s going to have a time of it if she keeps up this pretense,” the driver chuckled as he stopped the van and shifted into park. She looked in his direction to ask him what he was talking about when the ball was thrust between her teeth, and the black straps were pulled behind her head and fastened.

“There. That wasn’t so bad,” Dave commented as he patted her on her head. “Your hair.. It’s going to be in the way. You were supposed to have it pulled back,” he turned on his knee to dig through his little bag and pulled out a small black hair band. She tried to shake his hands off of her as he pulled her hair back and tied it into a ponytail at the nape of her neck.

“Okay, let’s see what he we have.” The driver hopped into the back of the van and sat on his haunches beside his cohort. “You really are a beauty,” his smile would have been warming had it not been coming from her kidnapper. “I’m gonna pop this back door open. Dave is going to help you down, your hands stay bound but if you promise to be a good girl I’ll unbind your feet,” he pulled out a pair of medical scissors from the back pocket of his jeans and showed the blunt tips to her. “Once we have you on the ground we are going to get you ready. Don’t worry, we are parked in the back lot. No one will see you,” his reassuring tone did little to squelch the fear building inside of her. “Can you be a good girl for me so that I can untie your feet?” his eyes held something that she could not place, an emotion she had not seen before.  She nodded numbly, unsure of what was to come her fear seeming to take over her.

Once her feet were free of the binds, she scooted to the end of the van as she had been directed, and Dave helped her out onto the pavement. She tried to look around her, to see where the main street was, but a dark fabric was pulled across her eyes and tied securely behind her. She tried to yell out but the gag kept her scream to herself. She felt a puddle of her own spit starting to seep out around the gag, and she tried to wipe her mouth with her shoulder.

She heard her bag being tossed onto the ground and a comment being made about the lightness of it. She would have commented that a portfolio of a few short stories and a wallet didn’t weigh much, but she could do little aside from lick the slippery gag.

She was turned around, and she felt the cool touch of the scissors as they were slid under her shirt. She tried to squirm away when she heard the fabric tearing and felt the chill on her bare skin, a firm grip was placed on her shoulders to keep her still. She groaned as her shirt was ripped from her and tried once more to avoid them as the scissors made their way to her pants.

“You should have worn a skirt, this would have been easier,” a voice commented as her jeans were also ripped from her. She felt the tears in her eyes starting to spill, and she was hopeful that the blindfold would soak them up, not wanting her captures to see her cry. To witness her humiliation.

She heard the snip of the scissors and felt her breasts freed of the restraints of her bra. She gasped and did her best to cover herself by folding herself inward. “No. Chest out,” she heard a new voice call out, and she turned to see where it was coming from. “Bring her down once you’re finished,” The voice directed, and she heard faint footsteps disappear.

She kicked her right foot out when she felt the scissors grasp onto her panties and three quick harsh slaps were applied to her soon to be naked bottom. She grunted and tried to kick out again and was once again spanked on her backside.

“Do you see a pattern forming?” a voice whispered into her ear, the heat from his breath, sending goosebumps down her back. It was the voice from behind her, she had thought he was gone, but he was there. She began to feel dizzy. She barely felt her panties being removed as she continued to focus her mind on where she might be.

“Forget the leather collar.” the dark voice spoke again. “This one instead,” she heard the jangling of a chain and felt his presence disappear once more. A heavy cold chain was draped around her neck and the lock clicking into place made her start to squirm away once again.

“She’s a feisty one,” the driver of the van laughed and once again well placed slaps where applied to her backside, and she yelped at the harsh sting of them.

“Follow,” A command was given, and she felt herself being propelled forward by a gentle shove from behind her. She would have probably fallen if there hadn’t been a hand gripping her arm, helping to hold her upright and to lead her.

She allowed herself a moment to imagine what she must look like. Her dark hair pulled behind her with black ties from the gag also fastened at the back of her head. Her mouth forced open with the red ball, small amounts of spit were starting to  slip out of her mouth against all of her efforts to stop it. She was nude, her busty breasts out in the cool air for all to see, her pubic area freshly shaved from that morning being viewed by anyone walking near them. What felt like a metal linked chain around her neck and locked in front of her, she assumed it to be a padlock given the weight of it on her chest. A dark rag tied over her eyes keeping her from seeing anyone or anything around her. She wondered if they would plug her ears next, and she felt a giggle start to form in her chest. What caused her to shake her shoulders with mirth was the image of her walking nude, in such a fashion with her white cotton socks, and her sketcher gym shoes on.

Her muffled laughter was heard by her captor, and she was yanked to a stop. The grip on her arm left her, and she again felt the heat of his breath against her skin. “You think this funny?” his voice was hard, and she found herself laughing all the harder as she nodded.

She had lost her mind, she decided. He said nothing else, but she felt her arm being pulled again. It was a different grip, a different hand. She felt alone and she tried to look around her as if to see who was near.  A door creaked as it opened and in one fluid motion she was hauled upward and dumped over another broad shoulder.

“Struggle all you want. It is just you and me now. No one will hear you once we get downstairs,” he warned her, and she began to buck up against his grip.

Pure panic washed over her at his words, and she tried wildly to squirm her way out of his grasp.  He reacted to her struggles with more slaps to her buttocks, each harder and sharper than the previous. Giving up for the moment, she laid limply over his shoulder, her bottom beginning to sting from the slapping.  She thought for a moment how odd for the kidnappers to be using spanking as a tool to gain her obedience. Didn’t kidnappers usually have guns and beat women with their fists?

His footsteps were soft, but she could tell he was walking down concrete steps, the coolness of the stairwell told her that they were entering a basement or cellar. She continued to keep still as he descended down the steps and once the landing was reached, he gently placed her back on her feet.

“Walk,” his voice was unbending. She thought to deny him, to disregard his orders but changed her mind when she felt the chain being yanked, and she nearly fell to her knees.  Being blindfolded, gagged, and bound she only had her sense of smell and hearing to give her any details of her whereabouts.

The scent of wood chips overwhelmed her, dust from recently cut wood, perhaps sanded wood. She could only hear their footsteps, and the slight clink of the chain as it bounced against the lock around her neck.

They walked for a few minutes before he commanded, “Stop. Kneel”

Her mind raced around trying to find the logical thing to do. What was he going to do to her while she was kneeling, would he hurt her? Was she about to meet her executioner? She decided to do nothing.

“Kneel,” his tone hardened and again the chain was pulled. She fell to the ground, the rough and dirty concrete beneath her was cold. “On your knees” she was ordered, and she did her best to scramble to the position he was requiring with much difficulty as her hands were still bound behind her. Once in position she felt his presence lessen, a key was turned and the loud creak of a metal door opening filled her ears. “Forward,” he pulled on the chain once more. She slowly moved ahead walking on her knees, the coarse floor scraping her knees as she did so.  “Stop,” She tried not to show her relief at his dictate.

The chain around her neck eased up a bit, and she felt hands behind her head. The ties on the blindfold were roughly being untied causing her head to shake from the jostling of the fabric. Once it was pulled from her eyes she blinked several times, trying to adjust to the low lighting.

She was in a cell. She tried to look around, but he stepped in front of her, blocking her view of everything other then his legs. She tipped her head back to look up at him, but he was bent over her unfastening the gag. She was beyond relieved when it was pulled from her mouth, and she gingerly moved her jaw, trying to work the stiffness out.

“If you do as your told that can stay out,” his voice, although still harsh, had a soothing quality to it. He squatted in front of her and pulled her chin down by gripping her with his fingers. She looked right into his eyes as he spoke. “Unless, that is, I wish for you to be gagged simply for my own pleasure,” his lips curled up into a devilish smile, one a schoolboy would have while contemplating a prank.

She found herself lost for a moment. The man who was holding her captive should have been repugnant, vile, grossly unattractive. This man was anything but. His deep blue eyes were peering into her as if he were searching her very soul. His breath smelled of mint, his teeth were all accounted for and white to boot.  She found him almost appealing, she shook her head frantically at her own thoughts.

A gentle draft brushed past her, reminding her of her current state of dress. Her nipples hardened instantly at the coolness and again she made the attempt to fold inward and hide herself. He would have none of it.

“Chest out,” he ordered and pinched her nipple hard when she didn’t immediately obey him. She squealed from the sting and closed her eyes momentarily. “Open your eyes. Do  not hide from me,” his voice was back to being unbending. She looked at him as he continued to squeeze the life out of her left nipple. She saw enjoyment in his expression. Not devious joy but erotic pleasure.  “Good girl,” he cooed and gently placed a kiss on her forehead before releasing her nipple, and she groaned from the burning sensation that swept over her.

He turned her slightly by her shoulders and pulled out another pair of blunted scissors. She felt the restraints on her hands loosen, and the blood rush back into her hands. She nearly thanked him as she quickly began to rub her hands together trying to ease the discomfort.

“Why did you bring me here? Who are you?” she quickly threw out questions at him, trying to keep her mind focused. If she continued to look into his eyes in such a way she would find herself mesmerized by him. For a moment, he looked puzzled at her questions then his expression went blank.

“You are here for my pleasure,” he stated blandly.

“Why?” she questioned when he stood up and stepped towards the door.  “What for? Who the hell are you?!” she called out to him as he shut the cell door and locked it. He looked at her from behind the metal bars and smiled at her, a handsome smile.

“I’ve already told you what for: my pleasure. The why is up to you to figure out, this is after all your calling in life. My name is Sir Daniel, but you will only refer to me as Sir. I suggest you rest a while. Your first training session will begin this evening,” and with that said he turned on his heel and walked from the room. She scrambled to her feet and rushed to the door trying to see him, but he had already shut the door, and she heard another lock click into place.

She rested her head against the cool metal and tried to gather her thoughts. She was in a cell in a cold, dusty, secluded room in the basement of some warehouse.   She was naked, aside from her socks and shoes. A fact she found odd. She had no idea what he had meant by what he said. What training session?

She decided to keep herself calm and take stock of her surroundings. She was apparently in a very large cage that was pressed up against the back wall of the room. A small cot the only furnishings, along with a flimsy looking blanket and a flat pillow. Outside of the cage, she saw a wooden table with one folding chair, no other furniture.

The concrete walls were all painted gray, as well as the floor. A fluorescent bulb flickered over head and brought her attention to the hooks on the wall across from the cage door.  There were dozens of metal hooks protruding out of the stone and on each one. a different weapon of sorts hung lifelessly. She could make out several whips, a few different size riding crops, paddles of every shape and size and other miscellaneous gear that she did not recognize.

She had read several erotic novels throughout the course of her life, several of which had plenty of spanking and bondage within them. However, she never once believed that places such as this existed.  The longer she looked at the implements and replayed his words, and those of her initial snatchers she realized exactly where she was. She was in a dungeon.

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