L is for Lessons Learned

This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening. Lillianna strummed her fingers on the arm of the bankers desk as she watched his fingers move over the keyboard.  She held her breath as he tapped the enter key and waited.  The hopeful expression of a man about to increase his loan numbers fell. A stoney, set look replaced it as he turned to her.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Wiliams, but we’ll need further information in order to approve your request this morning.  If you have the time, I can write up the list of documents and such, or I can email them to you this afternoon.”  His brown eyes stared at her, mocking her with the truth. There would be no loan. There would be no way out of her current mess.

“Yes, if you’ll please email the list.” She continued her facade of optimism as she plucked a pen from the cup in front of her, scribbling her email down for him on one of his own business cards. “Thank you for your time this morning. I’ll be sure to get whatever you need right away.”  He took the card and she gathered her purse and phone. As she walked away from this desk, she wondered if he would even bother waiting for her to leave the bank before throwing away her information.

The sun beat down on her toyota corolla as she drove down the long, winding road toward home. She’d tried to listen to music on her drive back with the hope it would distract her from the problems of the day but ended up driving in silence.  Without the bank’s help she would have to tell her husband, Logan.  It wasn’t so much that he’d probably punish her that bothered her. It was that he would have to clean up the mess she’d made.

Thinking back, she couldn’t even remember how she’d spent $40,000. Her closet certainly didn’t boast of that sort of shopping spree.  She’d tried herself to get the balances down on the cards. When one maxed, she opened a new one with a higher balance and zero interest and transferred the balance of the old. Unfortunately, that only left an empty card, and she found that filled again as well.  She’d tried to get a part time job to help pay it all down, but Loganwas adamant that she not work. He wanted his wife at home. Besides, the workers on their ranch counted on her. Cooking three meals a day for a staff of fifteen was no walk in the park, and Logan had taught her how to work the books, so she could help with his administrative work.

As the gates to the ranch came into sight, Lillianna gripped the steering wheel with more force and blew out a long breath. How was she going to tell him about her failure?  If she was lucky she’d get a spanking with his strap. What if she didn’t get off that easy? What if he was so disgusted with her actions that he threw her out? What if she lost him?

By the time she pulled into the garage, her stomach twisted and lunged. Everything was going to change once she told him. Nothing would be okay again. It would all fall apart. Turning off the car, she resigned herself to the fate. Or at least she tried to.

“Hey, baby!” Logan’s voice called out from the living room as she stepped into the kitchen. The garage door needed to be oiled again, she told herself. He bounded into the room wearing only a pair of jeans. His wet sandy blond hair dripped onto his broad muscular shoulders. The shapely muscles of his chest and abdomen drew her eyes down to his waist where his belt was missing. He must have just gotten out of the shower.  She loved him in his jeans. They were snug enough to show every muscle in his ass and thighs, but not so tight to warrant help removing them.

“Hi.” She managed a weak smile as she put her purse on the counter and tossed her keys inside. His arms wrapped around her from behind and his mouth was on her neck, kissing her.

“Bad morning, babe?” He asked as he moved his kisses upward, pushing her hair out of the way in order to get to her ear.

She turned around in his arms fully intending on blurting it all out, but his lips found hers before she could mutter a word. Her hands pressed against his chest, and she melted further into his kiss as he deepened it.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home.” He murmured against her lips as he began to unbutton her dress, exposing her bare breasts.  Along with having traditional values in the sense of who had authority in their home, Logan was particular in her dressing habits. No bra and no panties.  Had her breats been larger, it would have been an issue. However, her A-cup pert breasts did well enough on their own.

His hands moved into her dress, massaging her breasts, playing with her taught nipples. The kiss broke, and he dipped his head lower to take a nipple into his mouth.  All Lillyann could do was gasp at the intense pleasure the act caused and grip the counter behind her.  As he flickered his tongue over one nipple, his fingers rolled the other.

“Get up on on the counter.” he directed as he hoisted her up. With a flick of his wrists, her dress was tossed up. He pushed her legs apart  squatted down in front of her. “This is what I’ve been craving.” He looked up at her with an wanting grin before he slid his face between her legs. “Such a beautiful pussy.” His mouth was on her, suckling her clit and licking her folds. Her grip on the edge of the counter tightened as he slid two fingers into her, filling her.

“Logan,” She groaned as he plunged a third finger inward and gentled his touch on her clit. His silken touch drove her more to her end and she pushed her pelvis toward him, wanting more of him.

“Play with your tits, babe.” He ordered from below as he rose to stand.  His zipper flew down and she glanced his thick cock being pulled out of his jeans just as she moved her hands to her breast. “That’s it, that’s my good girl. Pull your nipples for me, like it was me doing it.” He pushed his dick to her entrance. “Harder, baby, harder.” She pulled her nipples until the familiar burn began to fill her. He thrust into her, and she squeaked from the sudden fullness.  “Oh. Fuck.” He leaned forward and captured her lips as he continued to plow into her.

“Clit.” She managed to murmur against him.

“Yes, baby, go ahead, Touch your clit.” He granted permission as he wrapped his hands around her thighs, pulling her closer to him, and spreading her further.

Her fingers found her swollen nub and began to fondle it as he thrust deeper into her.  He was no longer kissing her, but staring intently at her. He loved to watch her while he fucked her hard. he loved it more when she came for him, unbridled and uncontrollable.

“Are you there baby, are you going to be a good girl and come for me?”

She nodded. “Yes!”

“Do it now, baby, do it now.” And with one more stroke of his cock she became unhinged. A spectrum of emotions ran through her as each wave of her orgasm rocked her. He followed along with her, fucking her harder as his release took him over.

Both out of breath and energy, they leaned into each other. Logan, as usual, was the first to recover.  “You were gone forever.” He grinned as he gave her another kiss before pulling away from her.

“I was gone two hours.” She grinned.

“I’ve wanted you since I came in for breakfast. The guys said you had laid out a spread, but weren’t here. Carla came by to clean up, but she had to get into town.” He helped her down from the counter and buttoned her dress for her.

“Oh, she didn’t need to do that.”

“So where were you anyway? You don’t usually take off so early on a Monday.” He leaned against the counter.

“Oh. I had to do something.” She swallowed hard, the butterflies beginning their swarm again. “You aren’t usually in the house this early, either.” She pointed out as she stepped away from him. He normally stayed out in the corrals until lunch.

“Mr. Morris is stopping by this afternoon. Said we needed to talk about some financials.” Her stomach lurched, and she was sure she would throw up. “Baby, are you okay?” He was at he side in an instant.

“Yes. Yes. I’m fine.” She wrung her hands and moved to the other side of the kitchen from him. His concerned eyes followed her.

“What is it? You are scaring me.”

She took a deep breath, smoothed out her dress and looked him in the eyes. As best she could. She stared at his nose. “I know why Mr. Morris is coming.”

“You do?” His brows lifted.

“Yes. I’ve overspent a bit.” She wrung her hands harder. “A lot.” She changed. “A lot a lot.” She took another deep breath.  “I’ve maxed out several credit cards and have completely ruined my credit.  I’m late on two of the cards. I went into town this morning to get a personal loan to consolidate the debt, but they won’t approve me.”  She swallowed again. “I don’t have a real job, you see.” She threw at him, but quickly back peddled. “I mean, they don’t see what I do here as a paid job. I have no income of my own.”

“You don’t need an income of your own.” His words bit at her. “How much are we talking about here, Lillyanna.” She hated when his town turned sour in that way.

“A lot.” She kept her gaze steady on his nose, not daring to look at his full expression just yet.

“Lillyanna.” The firmness in his voice did little to calm her nerves.

This was it, the moment she lost her husband. She was sure of it. “Forty thousand dollars.”  She braced herself for the explosion. Nothing came.

“I see.” was all he said. She looked up then, at his expression.  Pure rage. His eyes were wild with it. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, but she’d never seen him so angry. “How?”

“I don’t know.” She heard herself whine. “I have been thinking about it, and I can’t figure it out. I mean it wasn’t like within a month. It’s taken me a year-”

“A year!?” he cut her off. “You’ve been dealing with this for a year and didn’t come to me?” Hurt mingled with his anger.

“Well, no. I mean. Yes. I had it handled. At least I thought I did. I didn’t want to bother you with it, I was dealing with it.”

“Not very well.” He barked. “Fourty thousand!?  Shit, Lillyann!” She remained silent as he took several calming breaths. There was nothing for her to say in her defense. It was all her fault, and now she’d be without her husband as well as no credit.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I’ll pack a few things for now.” She didn’t wait for his response before she walked out of the room and headed to their bedroom. Tears spilled down her face, but she didn’t bother wiping them away. She’d make a royal mess of her marriage, he’d never forgive her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He barged into the bedroom just as she’d opened a drawer. “You’re running away?”  He looked completely incredulous, and his still moist hair stood on end like he’d been combing his hands through it, and his eyes were wide and focused. .

“You can’t possibly forgive me, Logan.” She spoke through tears. “I don’t blame you, and I don’t want to fight. I’ll get a job and pay you back the money.”

“Dammit, Lillyanna, you have a job! Here! This is your job! And damn right you’ll pay back the money, and not just with work. Close that damn drawer. You aren’t running away. You aren’t leaving.” He remained in the doorway, and she made no move toward him. The rage she’d seen before was gone, replaced with worry.

“You don’t want me to leave?” She wiped a tear from her cheek.

“No! Have I not made it clear to you that no matter how you fuck up, I’m not going to throw you out?  This is a pretty big mess, I won’t lie. But you are my wife. I love the fuck out of you!” his voice rose.

“What are we going to do?” she asked barely over a whisper.  He took a deep breath, the tension in his shoulders relaxed.

“You are going to strip down and get your ass over the bed while I go get the strap.  Then I am going to talk to Mr. Morris and move some money around to pay off the debt while you stand in the corner thinking about what’s coming next.  Because later tonight, you are getting another strapping. Then WE are going to sit down and go over all of your bills and come up with a realistic budget.  You are going to go on payroll for the bookkeeping and your paycheck will go straight into the bank to pay down the forty thousand dollars.”

She stared at him a moment. Could it really be that easy. Could he forgive her that quickly? She couldn’t argue the strap. He reserved that dreaded thing for the worst offenses, and she had to admit she had created a hell of an offense. “Okay.” She looked him in the eye and took a settling breath. “I’m so sorry, Logan.”

“I know you are.” He nodded to the bed. “Strip and over.” With that he walked out of the room to retrieve the horrid thing.

When he reentered the room she had gotten herself in place.  She stuffed a pillow beneath her to prop her ass up further, and also one to shove her face into.  The strap made her cry and scream like nothing else.  He wouldn’t hurt her, not in a bad way, but it was going to bite like hell and leave her swollen and sore.

“I am more upset that you hid this for so long than I am about the money. I could have helped you. We could have avoided this entire situation.” He said as he took his place behind her.

“I know. I didn’t want you to see how I failed.” She spoke to the wall in front of her.

“Failed? Lillyanna, everyone gets a little messy with money now and then.  You need to learn to come to me before things snowball like this. Now, hold still, do not move your hands or I’ll bind them. No second chances here.” Before she could answer the strap made contact and she stiffened in response.  Another strike and she gripped the pillow harder.  The third strike was delivered to her sit spot, and she had to keep herself from bolting up.

He showed her no mercy, even when she began to openly sob from the pain and burn of the strap.  She managed to keep her hands in front of her, but she did buck her leg out once or twice, which only earned her a stronger slap to her thighs.  He left no area untouched as he methodically spanked her ass and thighs.

Once the spanking was done, he left her to put the strap away. She didn’t move, as he hadn’t said she could. She only hoped there wouldn’t be more.

“Stand up.” He ordered when he came back to the room. She stood in front of him, wanting to rub her ass but knowing better.  He wiped her tears from her face and pulled her to his chest, hugging her tightly as she finished crying.  She no longer cried from the pain, but for the love she felt with his arms wrapped around her.  How could she think he would throw her away? This man did everything for her, loved her, guided her, and still he let her grown in her own way.  He wanted nothing but the best for her.  He wouldn’t toss her out, he loved her.

“Okay?” He pulled back to look at her again. She had to look a mess, swollen eyes from crying, hair tousled from the pillow she buried herself in, not to mention the hot ass she sported. “Now, into the office with you.  Mr. Morris is already here. I want you to listen to what he has to say, but unless he or I ask you a question, you remain silent and your nose in the corner. Even if you are asked a question, you keep that nose of yours in the corner.”

“He’s here?” she whispered. “You want me in there- like this?”  He’d never let anyone see her spanked bottom before.  A few of the men had seen her standing in a corner, or carrying a belt back to Logan’s office, but no one had ever witnessed the spanking or after effects.

“Yes. I didn’t expect him so soon,” He rubbed her arms. “But he is. So let’s get this over with.  After he’s gone, you’ll spend the day in the bedroom. Carla can handle lunch when she gets back, and the men will just have to find their own supper tonight. When I’m done with the day, you’ll have your second strapping.”

“Logan-” He placed his finger over her mouth to still her.

“And depending on what we find when we go over the books, you may have a few more spankings coming over the next few weeks.” She swallowed hard but nodded.  “Now scoot.” He moved out of her way and gestured for her to lead the way.  Each step toward the office was unbearable.  It was to be the worst punishment she’d ever received, but she was receiving it from the most loving man she’d ever know.

hope you enjoyed!  I love feed back of all varieties, even if just to say you came, you read, you conquered!   There is no requirement of a give-away with this challenge, but I love give aways!…I’ll be giving away a prize each week.  This week is a free e-copy of Hidden Heart!   All you have to do is leave a comment and/or share the story.  No limit on entries, comment every day, share each post and up your chances.

And don’t forget to check out the other fantastic contributions! 

hope you enjoyed!  I love feed back of all varieties, even if just to say you came, you read, you conquered!   There is no requirement of a give-away with this challenge, but I love give aways!…I’ll be giving away a prize each week.  This week is a free c-copy of Secured Heart!   All you have to do is leave a comment and/or share the story.  No limit on entries, comment every day, share each post and up your chances.

And don’t forget to check out the other fantastic contributions! 

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