I am having a lot of fun with this month’s challenge.  I haven’t written this many shorts in a while, so it’s been a lot of fun. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

Today’s letter is I for Indepence. Thank you to my  husband for giving me the word for today’s piece. I didn’t think it would work, but look at that- it did!  Ordering Pizza should be so exciting!

I is for Independence

Independence day for most Americans is celebrated with outdoor grilling, family and friends, and fireworks.  For most. But not for Ilene.

Ilene spent the day sitting in a toll both on I-90 collecting fares from those lucky enough to be able to travel over the holiday weekend. To those partying with pools and popsicles, the intense heat made for a wonderful day.  Sitting in a six by six booth with only a fan for air conditioning, Ilene would disagree.

Her ten hour shift finally ended, and she made her way from her booth to the office to punch out and take off.  She’d already missed the barbeque at her sister’s house and even if she high-tailed it into the city she’d never make it there in time to get to the fireworks at the pier.  Not that she had anyone to meet.  She’d broken up with Brandon two months ago, after three years together he decided it wouldn’t work. She was too independent. Whatever that meant.

Giving up on any hope of enjoying the holiday, she got in her honda and headed home.  Thankful for actual air conditioning, she cranked up the cool air as she cruised toward the city.  Traffic was light which made her drive home faster than usual.

She managed to get a parking spot within a block of her apartment which brightened her outlook for the evening one decibel.  The aroma of grilled chicken, burgers, and corn wafted through the yards as she walked past toward her tiny one bedroom apartment. Her stomach growled. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich she’d eaten for dinner long gone, she ecided to order a pizza.

A movie sounded pretty good, too, so she decided to make a mad dash to the redbox at the corner store.  She looked at her watch to be sure she had enough time before pizza was due and took off.  With Hangover 2 in hand, she jogged down the street to her apartment, surprised to see the pizza car parked in front to the building. That was extremely fast.

She found the pizza guy- man- handsome, jaw droppingly handsome man- standing in front of her door with an annoyed look in eyes gorgeous deep brown eyes.  She shook her head, he was the pizza delivery guy! No matter that his black polo shirt snugged his broad shoulders, and showcased his tight abs. Or that his jeans, not too snug but snug enough to display his beautiful ass and hips, was held in place by a thick worn leather belt.  She loved a leather belt on a man.

If she wasn’t careful she would start daydreaming about him unbuckling that belt, ripping it free of his jeans and folding it over in his hands.  She’d start imagining him pulling her over to her couch and dragging her across his lap.  If she didn’t watch herself, she’d fantasize about his spanking her bare bottom until it was rosy red and then taking her to bed.

“Is this your apartment?” He asked in an irritated tone that matched his stern eyes.

The spell broken, she nodded. “Yes. I’m sorry. I thought you’d take longer. I ran down- well, nevermind.” She tucked the movie beneath her arm and dug out some cash from her back pocket. “How much do I owe you?”

“Twenty two fifty.” He looked her over, and she wished that she’d taken the time to change before she’d gone out.  The old cover band t-shirt was a little too snug and her jeans were a bit more baggy than was probably acceptable with the current fashion. Not to mention her long auburn hair had been haphazardly thrown into a ponytail.  “You can open the door first, if that will make it easier.” His voice softened as she counted out the money.

“No, I got it. I’m fine.” She said. Her mantra I’m fine.  She wasn’t fine, she was hungry. And not just for the cheese pizza he was holding.

“It’s okay, just unlock the door so you don’t drop the pizza.” He said with some firmness that made her look up from the bills in her hand.

“I said, I got it.” She forced her tone and shoved the bills at him, giving him probably a larger tip than she would have liked, but his eyes were making her stomach do flips and making her panties dampen.

He took the money with a heavy sigh and pocketed it, stepping aside for her to open the door. “And I said, open the door so you don’t drop the pizza.”

“Are you trying to rob me?” She asked with narrowed eyes.  If so, he was the hottest robber ever to have walked the streets of Chicago.

He laughed, a warm rich sound. “Rob you? Uh. No.”

“You can’t make all that much delivering pizzas…and how do I know you aren’t just using that as a cover?” She accused, unsure what had gotten her shackles up.

“I don’t deliver pizza’s. I own the restaurant. My delivery guy took off early to see the fireworks with his kid.”  She swallowed hard. She’d clearly insulted him.

“Oh.” Was all she could manage.

“And even if I was the delivery guy, you think that because that was my job- I’d rob you? Cuz people who deliver pizza’s for a living must be crooks?” his voice hardened as he spoke and the heat in her face began at her chin and steadily crept up to her hairline.  She didn’t exactly have a high profile career herself.

“I’m. I’m sorry.” She said again holding her hands out for the pizza.

He shook his head. “Open the door.”

She gave a heavy sigh, and rolled her eyes, but she gave in and pulled her keys from her pants.  Once the door was unlocked she pushed it open and turned back to him. “Okay, now can I have my pizza?”

“Where do you want it?” he asked as he walked past her into her living room.  She sighed again and stepped in after him.

“The coffee table is fine.” She waved at the empty table that sat between her couch and television.

“Not the kitchen?” he asked with a raised brow.  Sliding the pizza onto the table, he looked around the room. She’d always been a neat freak, and she was confident that he wouldn’t find a single thing out of place.  “This is a pretty large pizza, where’s your boyfriend?” he asked and again she flushed.

“No boyfriend. That’s my dinner, breakfast, and lunch.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Ah.” he nodded and wiped his hands on his jeans..

“Ah, what?” She questioned. She suddenly felt as though he’d looked her over and came to a conclusion that was unfavorable.

“Nothing. The movie. The pizza. It’s fourth of july and you’re here. It’s nothing.” He didn’t move to leave, and she didn’t ask him to. Why didn’t she ask him to?

“And?” She demanded.

“I don’t know.. I mean, you’re really attractive, so it’s gotta be something else that-”
“Are you saying I’m a bitch?” she threw at him.

“I didn’t say that.” He pointed at her.

“You were implying that since I’m not grotesque there must be something else wrong with me.” She let her voice rise as she spoke.  The back of her mind was trying to point out to her that he had said she was attractive, even in the current state of her dress, but she wasn’t listening.

“You’re not a bitch.” He shook his head, stuffing his hands into his pants. The muscles on his arms flexed as he did so, and she forced herself to ignore it. “You are overly independant.” He continued. “Not letting me help you with the pizza, running out to get a movie even though you knew the pizza was on it’s way.  You just- well- you don’t think you need anyone. So you don’t have anyone.”

She stood in her living room staring at him, not knowing what to say. “I do need someone.” She found herself speaking before her brain could catch the train the words hijacked. “I need a specific someone, but he’s not around. I don’t think he exists.” The words flew from her lips unguarded and uncensored.  Maybe it was the way he looked at her, or the way he seemed so casual standing in her livingroom. Whatever the reason, she couldn’t stop herself from being open with him.

His smile was warm and his eyes softened. “What sort of someone is that?”

“Someone who isn’t afraid of being a man. Like a manly man. Like a take no bullshit man.” Apparently, there would be no stopping herself. She swallowed hard.

“So,” He started slowly, cautiously. “In a situation where you were pulling away, you were being overly independent and not behaving in a proper manner- you’d want your man to take you in hand?” Although a question, he didn’t pose it as curiosity but more as confirmation.

“Uhm.” She was sure her cheeks were going to catch fire soon. “Yeah.” She whispered. “Wait. how do you mean taken in hand?” Finally her brain caught up to the rest of the conversation!

“What I mean.” He pointed to his chest. “I mean that if you were mine, I’d have you bent over the couch here with those jeans pulled down to your ankles.  I’d have my belt off and being applied to your bare ass before you could blink.”  Lord help her, he didn’t even sound ashamed of what he’d just boasted.

What concerned her more was her own reaction.  She could feel her nipples tightening beneath her shirt, and her panties were completely soaked.  “Well, then, I guess it’s good that I’m not yours.” she managed to say, but there was no heat or confidence in the words.

“My name is Jack.” He said and she wrinkled her brow.

“Oh. I’m Ilene.”

“Okay. Now we’ve met.” He grinned.

“Yeah.” she smiled back.

“Have you ever had your ass tanned?” His question came out soft, but his eyes hardened. He took  a step toward her, and she didn’t move. She willed herself to move, but her feet knew her heart better than her brain. .


“Have you wanted it to be? Have you earned a spanking, and craved it?” He reached her, his toes matching up to hers.  His aftershave was subtle, musky.

She nodded. “Yes.” He ran the back of his knuckles down the length of her nose, a tender gesture.  “But- I mean- I shouldn’t.”

“You shouldn’t get the spanking you’ve earned?” He tilted his head to the other side. “Oh, I disagree. If you’ve earned it, you should definitely get it. From the tension in your body, I’d say you’ve earned plenty over the years but no one has ever taken you in hand.  They’ve seen your stubbornness as a fault and not a cry for help.”


“Release might be a better word.  You think wanting to be taken in hand by your man isn’t right, that you shouldn’t want it, so you rebel against it. But if you would just give into it, you’d find that the release you are looking for.”

“Oh.” Had the man crawled into her head? “How do you know so much about it?” She breathed out.

“I’ve had some experience.” He smiled. “Like I said if you were mine we’d be having this conversation after your butt’s been blistered good.”

“What did I do?”  She asked a little startled.

“I was waiting in the hall for a solid ten minutes. That was rude of you.  Besides that, you need it. You’re all packed in tight like a firecracker ready to blow.” He took the keys from her hand and tossed them on the end table beside the couch. “If I’m wrong, I’ll leave. But if I’m right, walk over to the couch and pull down your jeans and your panties.  I’ll get the door closed and then I’ll sit down with you.  Since you’ve never been spanked before, I’ll give you a hand spanking and let you lay over my lap.”

She stared at him. Pizza. She’d just ordered pizza, not a spanking. Could she really go through with it? He was a stranger. A hot stranger, but still a stranger. He could be a murderer for all she knew. No, she didn’t think that was true.  There was something in his eyes, his tone, his demeanor- he was a good guy. Or at least she hoped so as she took a deep breath and walked over to her couch.

As he was taking care of the front door, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles. She didn’t have to deal with panties as she hadn’t bothered with any. Her hands were folded in front of her, covering her female bits, when he returned to the couch.

He took a seat and held out his hand. Her hand slid into his and the warmth of the touch spread throughout her body.  Gently, he helped her lay over lap, adjusting her so her backside was in position.  Large, strong hands ran over the virgin skin of her ass. “It’s going to hurt like hell. But you are not to put your hands back here. If you do, I’ll just add more and tie your hands together. If you try to kick me, I’ll add more, too.” He sounded as casual as  he would explaining where the dishes were put in his cabinets.  “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She said into the throw pillow she’d buried her face.

Before she could worry over what he said, his hand came down on her, and she stiffened in response. The spanks weren’t overly hard, and they were spread out throughout her entire ass.  Shortly after she became comfortable with the speed and intensity of the spanking he upped the ante, delivering harsher slaps to the curve of her bottom.  She clenched as hard as she could, but he only made the spanks harsher.

“Relax. I’ll get my point across one way or the other. If you clench like that, I’ll just have get harsher.” He didn’t stop the spanking to give her that information, but rather annunciated each word with a slap to her now burning globes.  She’d heard of spankings creating a fire in one’s bum, but never did she imagine it would be so intense, so hot, so arousing.  She unclenched her cheeks and squeezed the pillow instead.

The arousing spanking soon turned to blistering heat and she began to wiggle to avoid his punishing hand.  He wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her steady as he continued. “Understand, Ilene, in the future punishment spankings are done with you bent over and my belt.  This sort of spanking, I prefer for fun spankings. But you don’t need one of those tonight. You need a harsh punishment.”

Unsure she could take anymore she felt the tears in her eyes explode onto her cheeks and she found herself sobbing into the pillow.  The pain was great, she wouldn’t deny that, but the more she realized how much she needed what he was giving her, the more she cried.  She’d never felt so cared for before.  He could have brushed her off as another bitch and walked away, but he didnt’. he’d dealt with her.

A soothing hand ran over her hot ass while she finished crying. “It’s okay, baby. Go ahead and let it out.”

“I’m sorry.” She muttered between hiccups. He helped her to sit up and wiped her cheeks free of the tears.  The caress was so gentle, so loving, she started crying again.

“I am, too.” He said and grinned when she hiccuped. “I’m sorry you’ve had to wait this long.” The kiss was immediate and deep.  She found her arms wrapping around his neck and his were on her hips, holding her in place.   When he broke the kiss she frowned.  “What movie did you rent?” he asked, throwing her off guard again.

“Hangover 2.” She wiped her cheeks with the heels of her hands and took a deep breath.

“Well, your ass is going to be sore for a few days. Go put on a nightgown or some soft sweats. I’ll watch the movie with you, and eat some of my fabulous pizza.”

“You’re gonna stay?”  She’d figured he’d leave the moment it was finished.

He gave a short laugh. “If you’ll let me.  You were my last customer of the night.  I was going to head out to a late party, but I think I’d rather not.” he dragged his finger over her cheekbone, catching a stray hair and tucking it behind her ear.

“Yes. Okay. I mean, sure.” she hopped off his lap and nearly tripped over her pants.  She pulled them up quickly and grimaced as the denim scraped her  raw backside.

“Told you.” He laughed. “Soft sweats.” he called after her as she headed to her bedroom.

Turns out she didn’t miss the fireworks after all!

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