Today’s letter is J is for Jury Duty. I would probably volunteer for civil service if it was anything like this.

J is for Jury Duty

Jason Jackson filed into the courtroom behind four other jurors. He took his seat in the cushioned recliner, pushing back against the leather the make himself comfortable.  It was his first time serving on the Disciplinary Jury, but from what he’d heard, it could be a long day.

McKinney Falls was a small town, just north of the Missouri border, but far enough south in Illinois for the rest of the state to have forgotten all about them. Which suited the tight knit community just fine.  The Falls Community Condo Association was the largest condominium complex in town, boasting of five buildings each containing 200 condos.  The pentagon shaped complex offered amenities centrally located such as an indoor/outdoor pool, fully equipped park for the kids, and a community center. It was like any other community with one caveat.  Each resident of the condo association fully believed in a more traditional, and less mainstream, relationship. In each household one member took full control, the leader. It didn’t matter if it was the wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, but one of them held the reigns.  Not all of the residents used physical discipline in their homes, but most did and the community supported them whole heartedly.

Being married wasn’t a prerequisite, but identifying as either the Dominant or the submissive was, and they declared their intentions on the application for residence.  Jason Jackson hung his hat on the Dominant side.  When he’d heard about  McKinney Falls five years back, he packed up his apartment and moved.  He didn’t know if he’d find the woman he was looking for, but he knew he had a hell of a better shot there than anywhere else.

Although being single wasn’t a strike against a person within the complex, it did make it a bit more difficult for those that needed discipline in their lives.  Submissives who were single didn’t have the firm hand, or structure they craved. The disciplinary court had been set up a year ago for just such situations. Having a complete trial was rare, but when the person in question didn’t agree with the assessment by the discipline board, one was called.

Jason had been given the summary of the charges already when he’d arrived that morning.  The woman in question had failed to pay her dues on time for two months in a row. When the association representative arrived at her door, she’d pretended to not be home.  Her hushed command at her yapping dog gave her away. This happened several times.

It seemed like a pretty lame reason for holding the hearing, but since she’d refused to discuss the matter with the board, the hearing would have to take place. Don Jacobs, the head of the disciplinary board, entered the room and sat at the main desk, gesturing for the doors to be  open to those in the hall.   The woman was walked beside Jerry Singils, the mediator for the board and Jason felt his stomach clench at the sight.  MaryEllen Jeremy.

MaryEllen had caught his eye several months ago at the grocery store.  She’d bumped into him with her cart. Her apology was given with a gentle smile and a bashful blush.  They’d had several exchanges at the same store almost weekly.  As much as he wanted to meet with her outside the store, he hadn’t managed to work the conversation in that direction. Something always interrupted them, a phone call she had to take, or a neighbor walking by and stealing her away.  He’d never seen her be anything but polite and gentle. How had she managed to get herself into such a mess?

“Thank you all for coming today. I know we’d rather be spending our saturday morning elsewhere, but we have an issue that can’t be put off much longer.” Don addressed the room at large before focusing on MaryEllen. “MaryEllen,  your dues have been more than thirty days late for the last two months.  Each time you paid them, you neglected to pay the late fee. When Ron Drakert, arrived at your home to discuss the matter, to help you straighten out the issue, you pretended you weren’t home. You have ignored emails, phone calls, and registered mailings. “ Don put down the paper he’d been glancing over and looked at her grimly. “Is there anything you’d like to say?”

MaryEllen swallowed hard. Jason noticed the puff around her eyes, had she been crying?.  She had paid special attention to her hair that morning, combing it, and curling it- he liked the way it laid softly over her shoulders.  He didn’t enjoy the welling up of tears in her hazel eyes, however.

“No, sir. I don’t.” She stated with her chin raised.

“Can you tell us why your payments were so late?” Don asked when she remained silent.

“I forgot.” She folded her hands on the table in front of her.

“You forgot?” Don asked with some exasperation evident.

“And ignoring the phone calls, emails, and Ron?” He motioned to the gentleman in the first row of the observers. He’d be called to give his accounting if the interview with MaryEllen didn’t suffice.

MaryEllen nibbled on the corner of her mouth in thought. She wasn’t taking the situation very seriously, Jason noticed.  Had no one explained that at the end of the hearing she’d be sentenced to a punishment that could be as mild as an over the knee spanking to a full fledged flogging? She could refuse the punishment, but then the association would revoke her residency,and she’d have to move out. The idea of her leaving irritated him, but he reasoned that if moving had been her intention, she wouldn’t have bothered with the meeting.

“MaryEllen, I won’t repeat myself.” Don warned her.

She swallowed hard again. “I had already paid the bills. I didn’t think further discussion was needed.” She answered.

“The rules of our community state that if you show evidence of financial struggle a member of the association board will be assigned to you in order to help.  It’s for the benefit of the resident and the community to help each other in times of financial stress.” Don explained.  “Did you not understand that rule when you read over and signed the bylaws document you were given when you moved in?”

“I did understand it.  I just forgot, I wasn’t in any financial stress.” She maintained her stance.

“Very well. From what I am hearing, you are agreeing to be at fault, that you blatantly broke the financial policies of our community. Is that right?”

“Well, no.” She shook her head. “I wasn’t in financial stress, so there was no bylaw to fall back on.  I can not answer my door if I choose. I can not answer my telephone or return calls if I want. I can do all of those things.” Her chin rose stubbornly another inch.  Jason had been on her side the moment she walked into the room, but after hearing her stubbornness come through, he made his decision on what he was going to do next.

“Very well.  I don’t think we need to bother with witnesses, since you aren’t disagreeing to the actions. You are debating having to pay a punishment for them. Is that right?”

“Yes.” She nodded. Her eyes never left Don, and Jason wondered if she had even noticed the other fifteen people in the room.

“Fine.” Don’s voice clipped.  “Jurors, the punishment to be meted out is the following.  A spanking on the bare bottom with a wooden paddle.  A five stroke spanking with a leather belt. And twenty minutes of corner time to be completed here in this room- bare bottom exposed.  If you are in agreement with this punishment please raise your hand. If you believe MaryEllen would not benefit from such a punishment, please keep your hand down. Please vote now.”

All five hands raised into the air.  Jason kept his stare directly on MaryEllen, who noticed him finally. Her mouth opened, and the blush he’d come to love over the past several months rushed across her cheeks.

“Thank you.” Don said and turned to MaryEllen.  “Since you are single and do not have a significant other you, will have choice of picking your disciplinarian or having one appointed.”

MaryEllen glanced back at Jason before she spoke. “Jason Jackson.” She pointed at him and he felt a rush of relief.  There was no way he was going to let another man dish out what she had coming to her, but he was glad that it had been her decision.

Don looked over at Jason, who nodded his consent, before standing from his chair.  He walked over to the cabinet near the window and opened it.  “Jason you may chose from these paddles, and there is a belt or two here. Unless you prefer your own, that will be up to you.”

Jason walked past her without glancing at her, keeping focused on the decision at hand. He looked over the inventory and plucked up a small wooden, hairbrush paddle. His own belt would do fine.  “Where can I take her?” Jason asked Don.

“There’s a room across the hall. If she would like a chaperone that’s permitted.”

Jason turned to look at her, but she was already shaking her head. “I guess not.” He walked over to her and held out his hand.  Her skin was soft and warm as her fingers wrapped around his hand.  She looked pleased with her decision, and not a bit trepidatious. That would soon change.

The room they walked into was equipped with a spanking bench, a wooden horse, and several different chairs.  Large pillows were piled up in the corner along with cleaning supplies.  “Guess this is it.” Jason smiled at her. His attempt to soothe her was for nothing. She grinned back at him and kissed his hand.

“I am so glad you were on that board!” She blew out a long breath. “I was actually getting worried.”

“What?” He asked with a raised brow.

“We can just sit here for a few minutes.  You’ll have to give me a few swats just so my backside is a little red, then we can go back in.” She looked completely carefree.

“MaryEllen. I voted for you to have this punishment because you’ve earned it.  You’ve actually earned more in my opinion,  but I won’t go against the decision.”

“Earned more?” She narrowed her eyes and stepped away from him. “What do you mean?”

“Why didn’t you pay those bills.” he demanded taking a step toward her.

“I already said.”

“You lied.” Another step closer to her, and she retreated one more.  “I’ve seen you repeat recipes from memory. I’ve seen you mentally check off your grocery list from memory. You didn’t forget.”  Another step and the backs of her legs bumped into the spanking bench giving her no more room for retreat.

“Okay.” She sighed. “I didn’t forget.  I over spent on a few items and didn’t have the money. I did pay the bills, but late.”

“Why didn’t you just say that?”

“I didn’t want to have to sit with Ron and go over my budget.” her arms folded across her chest. “You’re not going to let me out of this, are you?” She asked with only a hint of disappointment.

“Nope.” He smiled. She took a deep breath and began to nibble on her lip again.  His hand reached out to her, pulling the lip free from her teeth.  “You don’t want me too, either.”

“I’ve never had a paddle used before.” She confessed. “I don’t really want a spanking.”

“Seems odd to live here then.” He raised his brows.

“I mean, I love the idea, but when it’s  being executed…I chicken out.” She shrugged. “That’s why I’m alone.  Men don’t like a submissive that runs away at the first sign of a spanking.”

Sparkling hazel eyes looked up at him.  The blush still covered her cheeks, and he wondered if he would find the blush on her bare ass after a few strikes of the paddle to be as endearing.  “Well, I’m not going to let you run.” he said firmly. “Turn around, pull up your dress and bend over the bench.”   He ran his fingers over her cheek to soften his command.  The shocked look on her face told him she might need some encouragement to get moving.  With a quick twist of his hand he turned her around and delivered two hard swats to her bottom.

“Okay!” She jumped.  He stepped back and gestured for her to get into position.  She stepped up onto the bench, placing her knees on the pads, and leaning over.  Once settled, she reached behind her and pulled the cotton dress up over her bottom. No panties.

“That’s convenient.” he grinned. She groaned and turned her face away from him.

The sight before him was beautiful.  Her ass was as round and pinchable as he’d ever thought it was.  White, flawless skin presented before him.  He adjusted the erection that formed the moment she’d lifted her dress, and moved to her side.  Holding the paddle in his right hand, he placed his left on her back to keep her steady. “What did you overspend on?” he asked as he rubbed the cool paddle against her backside.

“Clothes.” She mumbled. “And a television.”  He could understand the tv expense.

He pulled the paddle away from her waiting ass cheeks. “Don’t move your hands.” he warned as he brought the paddle down. She stiffened but didn’t move. The paddle met with her backside again. The third strike gained a verbal reaction as he’d brought it down on the curve of her ass, meeting with her thigh.  Deciding not to be lenient, because he wouldn’t be once she was fully his, he delivered several swats in a row, not giving her  breath between them.  Her hands didn’t fly back to protect her blushing backside, but they did ball up into fists hitting the bench after each stroke.

“Ten more.” he declared as he continued.

“No! OW! no, please!” She sniffled, and he could see the redness begin to deepen as he continued the spanking. Swat after swat, not letting up in intensity. Reminding himself that he was meting out a well deserved punishment, he finished up the paddling with the last ten strokes.  When he was done, he rested it on her back.

“Leave that there.” He directed and moved around to get a better look at her face.  She was a mess. Tears streaked her cheeks and pieces of hair were matted to her face. He wiped her face as best he could in her position and rubbed her back. “I’ll give you a few minutes before we finish with the belt.”   She nodded. There was no rebellion in her eyes.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me out?” she whispered after a few minutes of silence. “I thought you liked me, but you never asked.”

He squatted a bit to bring his eyes level with hers. “I couldn’t. Every time I started to, you got a phone call or ran off to talk to someone, or just ran off. It was like you were avoiding it.”

“I probably was.” She sniffled. “I want to be with someone like you. Someone who is strong and loving and gentle but firm. But whenever I get close to it, I get terrified.”

“I won’t let you run anymore.” He promised and pressed his lips to her forehead. “C’mon, stand up.” He yanked the paddle from her before it slid to the floor and helped her stand.  Once she was fully erect, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. She wrapped her arms around his waist and breathed deeply.  She fit him like the missing piece of a puzzle.  “You have five with my belt. You’ve earned another spanking for the lying, but we will deal with that privately. Tomorrow night after dinner.”

She jerked her head up to look at him, bumping his chin hard with her head. “Sorry.” She muttered and stepped away from him. “You still want to take me out?”

“Hell, yes. There was no doubt. The minute you stepped into that room I knew two things. One that I would be the one blistering your behind and two we’d be having dinner tomorrow night.” He took a deep breath. “Now, I want you remove my belt and hand it to me.  Then you’ll turn around and touch your toes.  I’m going to give you five licks of the belt. When it’s over you’ll walk with me to the other room and put that adorable nose of yours into the corner. Do not touch your ass, do  not cover your ass, do not do anything except fold your hands in front of you and wait.”

“Okay.” She nodded with acceptance.  Another deep breath and her hands were unbuckling his belt.  The lavender scent of her made it hard not to wrap his arms around her again for another hug.  Loop by loop she pulled the leather free from his pants. She folded it over, presenting it to him.

“Good.” he winked. “Now over.”  He took a few steps back to give her room. When he turned back to her he found her already red ass facing him.  Her hands gripped her ankles, and he decided he’d have to ask about her flexibility later.

His left arm snaked around her waist to help hold her up as he delivered the first stroke of the belt. The impact pushed her forward, but she remained in position. The second caught her sit spot and she shrieked. The third and fourth criss crossed each other.  Her knees bent from the pain, but she repositioned herself quickly.  Last strokes are always the worst strokes.  He pulled his arm back and unleashed the final, sharpest stroke of the session.  She cried out and stumbled forward. He caught her and helped her to stand.  Once she was righted, he stepped aside and put his belt back on with a nod to the door.

She wiped her eyes and trudged, to the door and across the hall.  Once he made sure his erection was tucked away, he joined her in the main room.  The fifteen observers had all remained in the room waiting.  Jason found MaryEllen standing in the corner exactly as she’d been directed and smiled.

“Everything go okay?” Don asked as he took the paddle from him.

“Yes, fine.  Turns out she was lying about the finances and her forgetting.  She made a few bad choices with her money and had to put off paying the bills.” Jason kept his gaze on the wonderful woman standing in the corner as he spoke.

“I figured as much. Stubborn girl. Rob can go over and help her sort it out, he’s a damn good financial advisor. As for the lies-”

“If it’s okay with the board, I’d like to take care of that matter personally. In private.  I’ll get a hold of Ron and set up a meeting where we can go over her bills with her. She might be just fine, and just had a bad month, but I want to see for myself.”

Jason glanced back at Don who was grinning like an old man. “Sure. I think that’s a fine idea.” He looked at his wristwatch and shook his head. “I have to get to a meeting.  I’ll trust you to finish out her corner time, and I’ll get these busy bodies out of here.” He gave Jason a quick wink before he shooed everyone from the room to get on with their day.

“Five more minutes, babe.” He called as he leaned against the desk admiring the beauty before him.

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