I am having a lot of fun with this month’s challenge.  I haven’t written this many shorts in a while, so it’s been a lot of fun. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

Today’s letter is H for Hidden History.  I wish coming out of the spanko closet had been this easy for me!

H is for Hidden History

Elliott sat down at his computer after a horrible day at work to check his email.  His younger sister was away at college, and he’d been waiting to hear from her.   He found the computer already booted up but asleep.  A quick jangle of the mouse woke it and the monitor sprang to life.

The browser was already opened.  “Karen?” He called out to his wife.  He hadn’t seen her car in the drive when he’d arrived home, and the house had been all locked up.  No answer. He shrugged it off. She was always forgetting things like turning off the computer and locking the screen door at night.

Finding no emails worth reading, he clicked on the address bar. He noticed for the first time that the user on the account wasn’t his, or his wife’s.  Or was it?  He doubted someone broke into the house to use the computer.

Doing a quick query on the browser history, he sat back in his chair with wide eyes. Site after site was listed with words such as  spanking, domination, submission, in the titles.  Elliott took a deep breath and began at the beginning, clicking on the first site in the list.

For over an hour, he swam through informational blogs on Domination and submissive relationships.  He’d found more than a few that contained comments by the user presented on his screen.  There was no doubt in his mind, the secret user was Karen.  Comments like “Wow. Wish E would talk to me like that.” and “If only I could ask E for that kind marriage. I’m too embarrassed, what if he thinks I’m crazy?”  The last comment he found pulled at him. “Glad you were able to ask for what you needed. I’m more convinced than ever that E would just laugh me off.”  He blinked and stared at the comment. Laugh her off?  He wasn’t sure what was more upsetting, that his wife had a secret desire that involved being spanked, or that she thought he would laugh at her.

The spanking aspect didn’t upset him. No, after reading through the history of her profile he could see the validity in it.  It’s not that it never occurred to him, hell his wife had a beautiful ass and more than once he’d wanted to spank her.  It was the secrecy. The idea that his wife felt she needed to hide this part of her from him because he wouldn’t be receptive. That he would laugh at her?

His decision made, he brought up google and began his own search.



Karen walked into the house carrying several bags of groceries.  “Elliot? You home?” She called out as she placed the bags on the kitchen counter. He often went for a run after work, especially if it had been a bad day. He’d been having a lot of those lately. The new VP was tearing up the entire research department, and Elliott was having a hell of a time piecing it all back together.

She returned to the front door to close and lock it and was startled by Elliott standing in the doorway of his office.  “Hi.” she smiled brightly at him. “I thought you went for a run.” she walked over to him, concerned over his silence. “You okay?” She asked sliding her hand up his torso and resting on his chest. He placed a warm palm over her hand and nodded.

“You left the computer on.” He said in a flat voice. Her stomach dropped and her face became heated at the realization. She hadn’t logged off!  What had he seen?  Had she left the website up?  He didn’t look mad. She couldn’t place his features.

“Oh. Sorry. I was trying to get to the bank before it closed, I must have just rushed off.” She forced levity into her voice but knew she was failing. Her hand was shaking even as he began to stroke it with his fingers.

“Come in my office.” He grabbed her hand and walked her into the office. He pointed to the seat opposite the desk, and she slowly sank into it.  He had a different demeanor about him. Confident, assertive.  She crossed her ankles and folded her hands in her lap. Would he send her packing?

“Elliott, I’m sure the computer is fine-”

“It is fine. Nothing wrong with it.” He nodded in agreement as he took his seat behind the desk. “It’s not the computer that’s broken. It’s us.” His words slapped her. He was throwing her out. She must have left the website up.

“W-what?” She asked, attempting a bravado that she did not possess.  Her greatest fear was playing out right in front of her, and she didn’t know what to do.

He leaned on the desk with his forearms. His suit jacket had been discarded but he still wore his shirt and tie. He looked extremely masculine in that moment, his eyes hard on her, his lips firm. She swallowed and tried to keep track of the conversation.  Her marriage was ending after all and she needed to focus.

“I went to do some surfing and realized the profile wasn’t mine- or yours.  So, I went through the history-”

“Oh god!” She gripped her hands together tighter and willed herself to keep still. Mortification seeped into her body as he continued.

“Well, that answers my first question about if the profile was yours.” He gave her a light smile. “How long have you had this desire?” He questioned her from behind the desk. She would rather there had been an entire house between them, she felt so silly.


“No more lying, Karen. No more pretend. How long have you had the urge to be submissive in our relationship? How long have you wanted me to drape you over this very desk, bare your bottom for a long hard spanking, and then fuck you senseless?”  His words went straight to the core of the situation. He was never one for beating around a bush.

She sighed. No point in lying now. “For about a year.” She whispered.

“A year?” He sounded surprised, but worse, he sounded hurt. “You’ve shouldered this desire for a year and didn’t even try to approach me with it? You thought I would laugh at you? Throw you out?”

“Well,” She took a deep breath and did her best to meet his eyes. “Yes. I didn’t realize this part of me until after we were married. It was really by accident that I stumbled on it at all, I clicked one too many banner ads on a home-maker blog and before I knew it an entire world was opening in front of me.  I mean the idea was so silly. A husband spanking a wife. I mean-..well.. I thought you’d think it was silly.”

“You didn’t even give me a chance. You created a whole new profile, so I wouldn’t chance coming across one of the sites you’ve been visiting- with regularity.  This wasn’t just some passing fancy, Karen, you really do identify with these blogs.” he wasn’t being judgemental, she took that as a good sign. Maybe he would be willing to forget the whole thing.

The idea of losing him, brought tears to her eyes. She couldn’t lose him, she loved him so much. She’d hide her submissive desires forever if it meant she got to be with him. “I’m sorry.” She wiped her eyes. “I’ll wipe out the profile.” She promised.

He shook his head. “No, you won’t.”

“Please.” She whispered, wringing her hands together. “I’m sorry. I will get rid of the profile. I’ll never look that stuff again.”  She vowed fervently.  He was up and out of his chair before she could blink and at her side in the next.

“Don’t cry.” His tender voice matched the soft caress of his fingers over her cheeks, wiping away the tears. “Karen, I’m not mad. I’m not even all that shocked.” She looked at him with surprise and he smiled. “At first I was a little surprised, but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized we already have some of what you were looking at.  You’ve done quite a few of the things your friends have suggested with giving up control. I was too dumb to really notice it, but now I see it. Now I know what you want, and I’ll be honest- after reading all of those blogs for the last hour, it sounds like something we’d both be happy with.”

She had to be mishearing him. It couldn’t be that easy. “What?” she breathed. “Really?”

“I mean, we’ll need to take it slow, until we both get a grasp on what we want and how to fit this all into our marriage, but yeah- I can see us doing it.” He brushed her hair away from her face. “Besides, I have wanted to tan your ass for a while.  Just the thought of your bare ass wiggling at me as I spank you gets me harder than a rock.” he stood up then and took her hand, placing it on his erection.

She looked up at him with a wicked thought. “Well, you know…I did leave the computer on..”

He laughed, but she didn’t believe it was at her. “That’s true.” He grinned.  “Perhaps you should place your hands on my desk, and lift that skirt up.  Leave your panties, I want to pull those down.”

She felt the fluttering in her stomach and forced herself to do as he said.  It was what she’d waited so long for, and she wasn’t going to blow it by chickening out.  She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, he wasn’t really upset.

Once in position, her skirt bunched at her waist she waited.  His fingers ran over her cotton panties and hooked into the elastic. “I think from now on, we’ll have to get you some nicer panties.” He commented as he pulled the bikini cotton briefs down over her bottom and situated them at her knees.  “Such a beautiful ass, Karen.” his voice was hoarse.  Fingers probed her flesh, kneading her ass cheeks.   Just as she relaxed into his hands a sharp slap ignited a fire within her.

With a steady hand he placed slaps to her cheeks, evenly across both, not missing a spot.  She balled her hands into fists but didn’t cry out.  The burn was much more than she had anticipated, and she knew he was being gentle with her.  She could only imagine how rosy her rounded backside must look to him.

It was a short spanking, only a few dozen swats, but enough to get her yearning for more- and him.  Her wait was short as she heard the zipper of his pants, and the feel of his hard cock pressed against her. “Your ass is so sexy with this shade of pink.” He gave another slap to her right cheek.  “Your pussy is so wet for me.” The head of his dick slid into her and she moaned as he thrust fully into her, filling her with his thick cock.

He pumped into her, holding her at the waist. She met him thrust for thrust as he continued to reign down light slaps to her backside.

“God, you feel so fucking good. So hot.” He gripped her waist tighter, and she pushed back at him with more force. She was close, so fucking close.

“Elliott! Please- touch me!” She groaned, and he reached around her lightly flicking her clit. It was all she needed and her release burst through her body, rocking her to her core.  He followed her, with harsh thrusts and a loud grunt of his own.  They slowed their movements until each was sated and spent.  Elliott withdrew from her and pulled her panties back up.  He helped her to stand and held her in his arms, crushing her to his chest.

“I love you so much, Karen.” His kissed her forehead. “The first rule I’m putting in place is no more hiding. If you have a desire or a need you have to tell me.”

She sighed happily and nodded. “I can do that.”

“We’ll come up with others as we go, but first we need to have a long talk about everything we want and how to put in place.  Can I trust you to be honest with me?”

“Yes, Elliott. I promise.”

“Good girl.” He kissed her again, with more heat.  The words, the kiss, the warm bottom, all of it relit the fire in her and made her hungry for him once more.

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