Dinner was ruined. The roast Allison planned for dinner sat idle in its pot on the stove, mocking her attempt at domestication. Why was it so damn hard to make a simple dinner for her boyfriend?!

She’d been dating Jeremy for six months and not once had she been able to cook him a meal. He’d cooked her several mouth watering, orgasmic even dinners, but she couldn’t manage one fucking roast!  To her defense cooking had never been her strong suit.  She had just started her new job as the pediatrician for a family practice that kept her working long hours. Dinner usually consisted of ramen noodles, or a quick salad, but she wanted to make a home cooked meal for Jeremy.

Upon first meeting, she had thought him arrogant and stiff, but once she’d given him a chance she saw him as attentive and thoughtful.  It was true that he believed himself to be in charge, and she had to admit she found his authoritative side extremely attractive.  After two months of dating, he’d approached her with his thoughts on serious relationships.  She had been taken back by his suggestions and ideas. Spanking?  At first she was ready to throw him out of her apartment, but he had looked so concerned, so sincere that she sat back and listened to him.

It wasn’t the first time she’d heard of such an arrangement. She did surf the web from time to time.  And if she wasn’t hiding anything, she’d admit that she’d browsed a few Dominant/submissive sites out of curiosity. And if she was going to be up front on that end, she might as well reveal that she thoroughly enjoyed the idea of a dominant man taking control, leading their relationship, and her.  Jeremy had been all too happy to hear her confessions on the subject and before she really knew what was happening, they were talking about limits and punishments.

She’d managed to earn a few punishments over the past few months, but the rewards of being his girlfriend far outweighed the sore ass she’d earned.  He was attentive and loving. Even when she strayed from their agreement, it was with a loving hand that he put her back in line. She’d never gotten along with a boyfriend so easily before. He never demanded more from her than she could give, and was always extremely understanding of her new schedule at the office. They were honest with each other. There were no games. If she didn’t want to do something she never feared of upsetting him by saying no, and he was the same with her.  Although, her no’s never really meant no. She’d seen a few more action films than she wanted to over the course of their relationship, but even when she sat over-ruled for the evening’s events, she felt loved by him.  And usually, if she’d taken his decision with open acceptance, she knew he’d reward her plenty when they got home to bed.

He’d been so wonderful with her. So patient and so caring. All she wanted to do was make him a fucking roast! She growled at the smoking lump of meat and felt tears welling up in her eyes.  The front door to her apartment opened just as she reached for a bottle of wine.  Not wanting him to see her failure she abandoned the wine and tried to get the roast into the garbage before he found her.

She was too late.

“Hey, babe.” He strolled into the kitchen with a concerned expression.  The entire apartment reeked of her horrible attempt at cooking. “Everything okay?” His eyes landed on the blackened roast in her hands and moved to her face. “Dinner?”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered and plopped the pan back onto the stove. “I tried. I tried so hard, but I misread the recipe about the temperature and the timing.”

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to his chest, kissing her forehead. “Don’t worry about it. It’s just dinner.”

His gentleness only fueled her disappointment, and she started crying like an idiot, wetting his shirt with her tears. “You’ve been so patient with me, so good to me and I wanted to show you my appreciation. I wanted to show you that all of your efforts aren’t wasted on me.”  She managed to say between sniffles.

He pulled back from her and cupped her face in his hands. “Wasted? Honey, nothing we’ve done in the last six months has been time wasted. Why would you think that you’ve been anything but good to me?” The worry in his eyes only made her feel worse. Now he felt bad, too!

“Well, it’s just that- I mean- I’ve done my best to follow our rules, but I still manage to get in trouble. I disappoint you sometimes-”

“Yeah, you’re human. That’s going to happen. And each time, you’ve accepted your punishment and we’ve moved on- at least I thought we did.  Have you been bottling it all up?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just- I wanted to make a nice dinner for you because you’ve been so patient with me.”

He wiped a strand of hair that became stuck to her cheek from the tears. “I have obviously messed up.” His words surprised her.  “It’s you who has done so much for me, Allison. You didn’t shy away from me when I introduced you to my Dominant side. You opened your mind and your heart to me. Yes. There have been times when you’ve disobeyed or broke a rule, but I wouldn’t expect you to be perfect. Even after twenty years, you’ll still disobey and break a rule now and then. And each time, I”ll blister your behind and we’ll get back on track. But you’ve made me extremely proud over the past few months. It’s  me who should be showing you that, not the other way around.”

His words made little sense to her, but she remained silent as he continued. “It occurs to me now, that I’ve never once given you a good girl spanking.”

“What?” She sucked in her breath. She’d earned a punishment again?

“No, it’s a good thing.” He soothed her fears. “A good girl spanking, well at least for me, is a pleasurable spanking that has everything to do with you and nothing to do with me.”

“Oh.” She was still confused, but she liked the sound of it. “But I burnt dinner.” She pointed to the smoking gun on the stove.

“It’s dinner. We’ll order pizza. I knew you couldn’t cook from the first time I came over and found a carton of noodles and spaghetti sauce in your pantry- and little else. It’s not your culinary skills that make me want you.  I appreciate the gesture, baby, but it’s really unnecessary.” He captured her lips in a deep kiss, making her knees shake as always when he took possession of her. “Now. I’m going to rectify my error.  Go on into the bedroom and strip down.  I’d like you to kneel beside the bed with your hands on your knees.”

“Okay.” She whispered hoping for another kiss and being sent off with a slap to her ass instead.

Once she was striped out of her clothing and in position she began to think about what was in store for her.  She’d been spanked during playtime with him before, and had enjoyed the mixture of pleasure and pain immensely. Hell, even the harsh punishment spankings left her wet and needy. She had read about submissives getting spankings for fun, but she thought that was what they were doing when they played.

Jeremy walked into the room with his belt already removed from his trousers.  She hated the belt, and couldn’t see how that could be used during what he was describing.  The belt was rolled up and put on her dresser. He gave her a wink as he pulled the chair out from her vanity and took a seat. “No belt?” she asked with a soft tone.

“No belt.” he assured her with a grin. “Come here.” He crooked a finger. “Crawl for me.” He loved when she crawled to him, and she had learned exactly how to perform the act.  She kept her eyes locked with his as she took each step slowly, making sure her ass wiggled with each movement.  Once she reached him she knelt up for him, placing her hand on his thighs. “That’s a good girl.” He cupped her breasts in his hands and began to massage them, flicking his thumb over her erect nipples. “You love when I play with your tits, don’t you?” He asked with a wink.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now climb up over my lap. Put your hands on the floor and keep your legs spread.”  She moved  into position with practiced precision.  His hand massaged her naked backside and already she felt her body responding to his touch.  With her legs spread, she was sure he would notice, too. She didn’t have long to wait before the first dozen swats landed on her ass. Each firm enough for her to feel, but not harsh enough to make her cry out.  The warm buzz in her skin ignited more heat in her clit than her cheeks.

His hand ran over her skin lightly then made it’s way lower to where her folds had become soaked with her desire for him. “Ahh..there’s my girl.” His fingers toyed with her entrance, circling the rim, but never entering.  Instead he moved even lower to her clit and stroked it softly. She moaned with pleasure at his touch.  “You are going to come for me like this. Over my lap and while I spank you.”  His voice held a silken quality that eased any worry she had about his intentions.

The second set of swats came faster, but with no more heat than the first. He paused between strokes, to massage her flesh before administering the next few swats.  Again, after the set, he began to stroke her clit and let his thumb toy with her opening.  “Please.” She found herself begging and pushing her ass up toward him.

“What would you like?” He asked in a teasing voice.

“Please, inside of me?” She croaked out. She hated having to voice her wants.  Yet another thing he’d been patient with her over.

His thumb thrust into her, and she arched for more. He chuckled and switched the positioning of her hand so that he could insert two fingers. She let out a sigh of relief with the sensations as he began to move his fingers within her, thrusting harder as he began spanking her once more.  She held firm to her position, knowing that with both hands in use, he’d be hard pressed to keep her in place.

His fingers danced over her clit while others thrust within her. The heat in her backside matched the fire in her core.  The pressure wa building, and she wasn’t sure what would explode first, her chest or her orgasm.

“That’s a good girl,” His words drove her closer to her climax. “That’s it, give me your orgasm, Allison. Come for me.” His finger thrust harder, and his slaps became rougher.  She arched her back, taking more of his fingers into her. Feeling like a wanton slut, she began to grind her hips against his leg as he administered his spanking.  “Come for me, Allison. I want to see you come on my lap with your ass red, and my fingers buried deep in you. Come.” The words were the last straw.  The camel was dead, and her orgasm was explosive.  She didn’t care at all about her slutty appearance as she writhed beneath his spanks and rubbed against his leg. She cried out from the intense waves and rode them for as long as they crashed over her.

Spent from the orgasm, she went limp over his lap.  He withdrew his fingers from her and helped her up until she was nestled on his lap. He presented his fingers to her mouth which she dutifully and happily licked clean for him.  “You did good..” He whispered in her ear.  “Let’s get you dressed, and we’ll order pizza.  How’s a movie sound?” she nodded and kissed him before he could move them.  It was a deep, passionate kiss, and he matched her dollar for dollar.

“You are the best.” She murmured when she pulled away from him.  “Don’t you want some relief? “She asked, wiggling against his erection.

“Maybe later, when we go to bed. Right now, this was just for you. A reward for being so good for me.”

She nodded and slid from his lap.  “Are you spending the night then?” She asked with more hope in her voice than she’d attempted.  She didn’t want to be desperate but she hated when he went back to his place.

“Yes. Another thing I wanted to talk with you about.  I’m tired of shuffling between places. I want you in my bed. In my apartment. In my life every single day. I want you to move in with me.”

“Yes!” She smiled and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him again. “Of course!”

“Good.” He laughed.

“Will I get more good girl spankings?” She asked as she went about getting dressed.

“As many as you earn.” He gave her backside a pinch as he headed out of the room. “Take those pants off. Put on your silk night gown.” He ordered as he walked out of the room and went to order dinner.

She pulled open her top drawer, the burning roast long forgotten.

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