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C is for Chastity


Thick, black leather chaffed her inner thighs as Jenna moved throughout her home office. It was becoming unbearable, the chastity device Devon had sentenced her to wear.  Jenna had thought the idea laughable when he’d shown her the belt he’d bought after the first time she’d taken liberties with her orgasms.  It was not so laughable now.

She hadn’t known he was going to be home early, but that shouldn’t have mattered. She wasn’t allowed to touch her girly bits without his permission, and he rarely gave it unless he was present.  He’d been gone three full days on a business trip, and she was feeling needy in a bad way.  He continually kept her on edge during their phone conversations, saying all sorts of naughty things. Promises of spankings. The kind that made a girl soak her panties had kept her up at night ticking away the seconds until he’d be home to make good on his promise.

What she hadn’t counted on was seeing The Secretary on television while she was in bed, waiting for his nightly call.  One more day. That’s all she needed to wait. James Spader wouldn’t allow it. Before she fully thought through her plan, she slid her hand into her white, cotton panties to touch herself. Just a bit, she promised. But the pleasure was too much to deny, and she fondled her clit even more. Gripping it between her fingers and rolling it,  dipping her middle finger into her slick entrance and using her palm to rub her swollen sex.   The movie completely forgotten, she opened her legs wider, throwing the blanket back in her haste. Harder she thrust her finger, and added another.  Her palm slapped against her clit, and she  felt the build up begin to break. She added yet another finger just as her body clenched around her, and her orgasm exploded through her.  She cried out with the intensity of it and slowed the pace of her thrusts, until she slowly slid her fingers from her vagina.  She laid on her pillows catching her breath.

“So. This is how you spend your evenings.” A deep voice broke through the darkness of the room and she shrieked.  “Jenna.” Devon stepped in front of the television, casting a shadow onto the bed.

She yanked the blankets back up to her chin and looked up at him.  He’d seen everything, she was sure of it.  His coat had been removed, and he wasn’t carrying his suitcase. Jenna was sure if she checked by the door she’d find both on the armchair, but she didn’t dare move her attention away from him.

“I-I’m sorry.” She whispered. Shame flooded her. One more day is all she had to wait. Hell, more like one hour! Why hadn’t she changed the channel!?  “I-” her mind blanked. There was no excuse. No reason whatsoever to have broken the rules.  One of the most important rules to him. Her body belonged to him. Her touching it without permission was like stealing, and her giving herself an orgasm, was even more serious.

“Did you enjoy your orgasm?” He asked in a level tone.  She licked her lips and swallowed as he stepped around the bed and reached for the light on her nightstand.  She could smell his aftershave. A musky scent that usually brought her comfort.  “Jenna. I asked you a question.” He reminded her when she remained silent.

Honesty was best, even if it only got her into more trouble. “Yes- but it was an accident!” She sat up in the bed trying to look him in the eye. His dark brown eyes held her gaze momentarily before she looked away. He was disappointed. Her heart sank.

“Please explain to me how you accidentally fucked your pussy- my pussy- with your fingers until you screamed out your orgasm.” His arms were folded over his broad chest.  He must have worked extremely hard to finish his project and get home to her, and when he did- he found her disobeying one of their core rules.

“I didn’t mean to.” she whispered. “I mean, I was just..well…” she sighed. There was no explanation, and even if she could come up with something- it wouldn’t be acceptable to him.

He remained silent as he took the blanket out of her hand and dragged it down the length of their king sized bed, dumping it onto the floor. “Remove your panties.” He instructed as he began to unbuckle his belt.

She swallowed hard and felt the heat creep over her face. He hadn’t given her a whipping with his belt in a long while. It was the implement she hated most, so it was used for punishments only.  She’d been so good, well good enough to only earn a paddling here and there.  She knew better than to keep him waiting and slid the panties down her legs until she was free of them.

“Give them to me.” He reached out for them, and she did so.  His belt was unbuckled but remained in his pant loops as he crumbled up the material. “Tell me why you are being punished.”

“Because I touched myself without permission.” She answered, keeping her eyes focused on his chin. It was the best she could do, the disappointment in his eyes was too much for her to bare.

“Why are you not allowed to do that?” He asked in a softer tone, running his fingertips down her face. The simple gesture settled her stomach.

“Because my body belongs to you, and touching it without your permission is taking something from you.”

“Good girl. So you do know the rule and why you need to obey it.  Did you decide you don’t want your body to belong to me?”  the question tore at her.

She jerked her eyes to his and shook her head. “No. No, that’s not it.” She said loudly. Did he really think that?

“Good.” he smiled down at her. “Then you’ll accept your punishment like a good girl?” he asked.

“Yes.” she nodded. Anything to make him happy with her again and relinquish the guilt.

“Open your mouth,” he directed and shoved her crumbled up panties inside. She hated when he did such things, but knew better than to complain. She could both smell and taste her arousal on the fabric.  Point made.  “Now, lay back flat and open your legs. No, bend your knees and spread them apart, like you’re about to get fucked. But you’re not getting fucked. Not yet, at least. Right now your pussy is being punished.” And before she  could register what he was saying, his belt was torn free from his pants and he had it doubled over in his hand.

His warm hand settled on her belly as he began to whip her pussy with his belt.  It burned more than any ass spanking, and she yelped heartily as he continued to spank her. His hand stilled her, but she reached up and gripped his arm. He didn’t stop her from holding him, but he remained focused in his task. the leather slapped against her inner thighs, the lower region of her cunt, and then back to her clit where it hurt the most.

He said nothing as he continued to spank her and when she tried to clamp her legs closed he merely shoved them open again and gave her two hard strokes of the belt. “keep your legs open, Jenna or it will be worse.” She wasn’t sure what worse was, but she wasn’t prepared to find out.   The heat of a spanking did not compare to the intense fire that was spreading through her thighs and vagina.

“I’m so sorry!” she cried around her panties,  tears falling down her face as rapidly as his belt continue to make contact with her.

“Will you ever touch my pussy again without permission, Jenna?” He demanded as the belt caught her clit once more.

“No!” She cried out, the word muffled.  Two more strikes landed before he tossed the belt to the side.  His hand replaced it quickly, and he gave her ten rapid slaps directly to her clit. She wiggled but did not close her legs.

He stood when he was done and reached over to her, pulling the panties from her mouth. They were wet with both her saliva and her tears.  “Okay, now.” he sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms, cradling her as she continued to cry. “Okay..okay…” he kissed her forehead, then her nose, before capturing her mouth in his. “It’s been too long.” He moaned against her mouth as he quickly dispensed with his pants and climbed on the bed. “Legs open, baby.” He ordered and she laid back waiting for him.

He took her savagely, but she made no complaint.  Each stroke felt wonderful with him inside of her, but his skin rubbing against her swollen clit made the event a mixture of pain and pleasure. No orgasm was given to her and wouldn’t be given to her for two weeks.  Once they had cleaned up, he’d brought out the chastity belt.

“Tomorrow, and for the next two weeks you’ll wear this in the house.” He’d explained. “If you need to use the restroom, you’ll come to me and ask to be unlocked. Understood.”

She’d nodded and accepted the second part of her punishment.  He’d kissed her warmly, and his gaze was once again filled with pride and love. She’d take a chastity belt chaffing her legs while she worked over his being disappointed in her any day of the week.

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