Welcome to the letter D- for dominance of course!  I love dominance! I love when I get that look, the one that says he’s in charge and defiance will get me nowhere.  The confidence of a dominant man is more attractive than any six-pack I’ve ever seen.

D is for Dominant

Sandra stared out her office window at the couriers scurrying by on the busy street of the Chicago. Women marched by in their painfully high heels holding portfolio and briefcases, while men in stuffy suits promenaded beside them. Everyone scurrying off to an office, or a meeting, or a presentation, they all had somewhere they needed to be.  Somewhere important.

“Sandra?” A deep voice called to her from her office door. She shook off the cobwebs and turned to find Darian Devin standing before her.  His masculine features could not be ignored, in fact screamed to be noticed. His midnight hair cropped short enough to avoid having to use product to keep it looking neat and still manly, and his stark blue eyes penetrated her senses even from five feet away.  His navy blue button down shirt fit perfectly to his broad shoulders, and what she could only image was his very firm chest.  It was tucked neatly into his black trousers, that were snug around his waist due to the thick black leather belt he wore.  She’d dreamt of that belt almost every night.

“Uh, yeah, I mean yes, uh hi.” She stumbled and wanted to slap herself. Darian was the only executive of the small retail shop that made office rounds once a month.  Being the store manager, she was expected to meet with him and give him all the sales reports.  They could easily be emailed and were in fact on the company servers, but she wasn’t going to argue and lose the opportunity to bask in his manliness every month.

He stepped into her closet-sized office and slid the door closed behind him.  She’d joked often that she was situated in the broom closet, and the sliding door only reinforced her belief. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her desk with curiosity. He’d never shut the door before for their meetings. The room was too small, and became extremely warm when it was closed. Not that being near him didn’t already make her hot.

“I wanted to discuss something- of a personal nature with you.” He stated, resting his fingertips on her desk and peering at her with a serious gaze.  She stared at his lips as he spoke, imagining what it might feel like to have them on her. Not just on her mouth, but her breasts, her thighs, her pussy.  Just the idea of it made her damp with need.

“Uh. Okay.” She realized she’d been chewing on the tip of her pen and dropped it to the desk.

“Ah, hell.” He growled, and she sat straighter in her chair. “No, it’s not you. Well it is you.” He maneuvered around her desk and pulled the blinds closed, taking away the only natural light her office had.  He leaned against her desk, directly beside her. She turned her chair to keep her eyes on him. He was too close, she could smell his aftershave. His leg was touching her knee!  “Stand up.” He directed with a lower tone than was usual for their monthly meeting.

A bit confused, she stood from her desk, pushing the chair back against the wall as she did so.  He eyed her casually, a grin forming on his extremely kissable lips.

“You’re wearing a skirt.” He commented. She swallowed.  He’d mentioned during their last meeting that she always wore slacks. He had said that a skirt would be a nice change of pace- he liked a woman in a skirt.  The memory of his words had struck her when she dressed that morning, and she had reached for the cotton pleated skirt and a soft blue t-shirt. “Why?”

“Uh.” The heat in her cheeks spread up her face and burned to the roots of her hair.

“Are you wearing panties?” His voice dropped to a husky baritone that made her wish she had worn panties, her legs were becoming quite wet from his presence.

“Uhm” She begged her brain to start working properly.   She cast her eyes downward, suddenly embarrassed by her thoughts.

“Look at my eyes. Always look at me when we speak, unless I tell you not to.” His forefinger drew up her chin until she was once again lost in the sea of blue. “If I instruct you to look downgaze, you’ll look at the floor. Not at me, not at anyone else, only the floor. Is that understood?” His question was laced with promises that she didn’t fully understand, but she wanted desperately to find out.

“Uh-”  God, she sounded like a complete imbecile! He gripped her chin with more pressure and slowly reached lower to the hem of her skirt.

“I’ll need your answer, my dear.” He whispered into her ear as he reached under her skirt and slowly moved her hand upward, dragging her hem with him.

“Yes. I understand.” Her voice a harsh breath.

“Good. Now for the panties…ah…” he’d reached her wetness, the sign that everything he was saying and doing was making her extremely hot for him. “No. no panties.”  His breath was hot against her ear and his fingers gently stroked her clit. “spread your legs.” He ordered, and she could think of nothing other than obeying him. “That’s my good girl.” He grinned and moved his fingers from her chin to her breast, toying with her nipple through the cotton shirt. “Good girl.” he whispered again as his finger slid into her folds.

She gasped at the pleasure his fingers were causing.  Her knees threatened to buckle beneath her. He continued to stroke her clit and delve into her entrance. She braced herself by holding onto his shoulders.

“There you go, let it go. Let me give you want you need. I’ll always give you what you need.” He kissed her neck and began to thrust his fingers further into her and with more force. “You may come when you are ready, but only this once.” His palm ground into her clit, and she sucked in her breath as the fingers on her nipple tightened.

The eruption caught her off guard and his mouth captured hers in a kiss as she began to cry out from her orgasm.   Once the spasms subsided and her mind was swirling with satisfaction, he pulled his two fingers from her and held them up to her lips.

No instruction was needed. She opened her mouth, and he inserted them inside, cleaning his fingers with her tongue.  “Such a good girl.” He grinned as he removed his fingers and replaced them with his mouth.

He helped her straighten her clothing, and she felt his erection pressed against her leg. “Would you like me to-” her words were cut off by the shake of his head.

“No, not this time, but it pleases me that you ask.  I think we can forgo the sales meeting today. I have the numbers.” He kissed her again. “There will be no more coming for you today.” He grinned down at her.

“I-” She was stilled by his finger pressing against her lips.

“No more coming at all until I give you permission.  Is that understood, Sandra?” His eyes were firm when he spoke, his lips pressed together as well.

“Yes.” She nodded. The entire afternoon was surreal. Was he really in her office claiming her?

“Good girl.” he took a step away from her. “I’ll let you get back to work. It’s nearly four now, and I have to stop at my office.  I will be back here in exactly one hour to pick you up. We’ll have dinner.”

“Okay. That sounds good.” She tried to smile, to do something other than stand stupefied that everything she wanted was happening.

“Good.  One hour. I expect your work done and you waiting in the front vestibule.  As much as I love the skirt you’re wearing, it won’t do for the restaurant.  I’ll have a dress waiting for you at the registers. Absolutely no panties, and no bra. I want full access to what is mine.”

Mine. He said mine!

“Yes, sir.” she said softly.  He slid the door to her office open. A whoosh of cool air filled the room.

“Ah, a very good girl.” He winked. “One hour, Sandra. Not a second past.” Another slow wink, and he was gone.

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