I am extremely excited about this month’s challenge of Spanking A-Z. Okay, I’m a day late, but I’m still pretty stoked!   I’d like to promise a short story every day, and I will do my best, but I’m working pretty hard on Alex’s story in  Book Three of my Windy City Series., So, some days there might just be a blurb, flash fiction, or a just a few sentences.  There were some really great entries for the Letter A, and I’ve already set aside some time to read through the Letter B.

Annnnyway…no more prattling along…here is  my Letter B.

B is for Brat Buster

Sunshine warmed the patio above what was comfortable, forcing Julia to retreat to  the shaded portion of the yard.  She hated the free standing hammock beneath the large maple tree, but it was either sweat to death or swing like a monkey.

A loud rumble of laughter dragged her from the saucy romance she had escaped to and plopped her in the middle of a suburban barbecue in the making.  Daniel, her husband of six months, dropped a bag of charcoal next to the grill and jogged over to her corner.

“Hey, babe.” He leaned over to kiss her, but his lips missed the moving target of her mouth as she turned away, and landed on her cheek. “What’s wrong?”  She detected the exasperated twinge to his tone but chose to ignore it.  She’d grown tired of the neighbors and his friends coming over for cook-outs and poker games.  She wanted a quiet afternoon reading. If she had been standing up she would have stomped her foot.

“Why are they here?” She asked looking over at the two guys surrounding the grill, discussing the fine art of charcoal stacking.

“They are here for the game.” He crossed his arms over his chest and glared down at her. As though he had any right to glare at her! It was her afternoon he was ruining. “I told you last night. The guys were coming over for the game and we were going grill some steaks.  Celia and Janet will be by later, they had a baby shower or something.”   Celia and Janet, who cares where the hell they were.  Daniel may have made fast friends with the neighbors after they moved into their new house only five months ago, but Julia had done her best to remain distant.

She missed their friends in the city. She missed the condo overlooking Michigan Avenue, and she missed her job at the law firm.  When Daniel had told her about his job being relocated fifty minutes north of the city, she’d balked at the idea. She had even gone so far as to tell him to get a different job.  He’d been able to convince her that everything would work out fine.  The promotion he’d received more than made up for the salary she’d be leaving behind, and she could be a paralegal in the burbs just as easily as the city.  It had been six months, and she hadn’t even had a nibble at the few resumes she’d thrown out there. If she were going to be honest with herself, she wasn’t exactly trying very hard- but she wasn’t in the mood for self-honesty.

“Why don’t you ever invite Jerad and Samantha over?” She demanded, pushing her Maui Jim sunglasses up to give him a better view of her displeased expression.

“I did.” He shrugged. “Jules, we are just too far out now. C’mon. Put the book away and come mingle. You’ll have fun. Besides they are starting to think you don’t like them.”

“I don’t like them.” She said with more heat than she realized until Jacob and Robert turned from the grill and looked her way.  When her eyes met back with Daniel’s his gaze had turned cold.

“That’s great.” He grumbled. “Get off this hammock and come say hello.” He said in a much firmer tone, one she’d not heard before.

“I don’t want to.” She shrugged, pushed her sunglasses back onto her nose, and reopened her book.

“You are being a brat.” His voice lowered, but there was an undercurrent of force that made her stomach flutter.

“Oh, go away.” She shooed him away with her hand as though he were an errant fly eyeing her potato salad.

“Julia, you have five seconds to get up and behave like an adult, or I’m going to drag you off that hammock and treat you like the brat you are. I have had enough of this attitude. You do nothing but complain and stomp around when you don’t get your way.  Our neighbors are friendly, and if you gave them just five seconds of your time, without your childish attitude, you’d see how much we have in common with them.”

She heard every word he said, but continued to stare at the pages of her book. She hadn’t read a single word.  He was acting extremely Alpha, and she wasn’t’ sure what to do about it.  When the men in her romances acting in a similar way she always became more enamored with the story. She’d cheer on the hero as he took his wild woman to task.  But now? Hearing her husband behave in a similar way, made her concerned.  She should be standing up to him, she should be telling him to go to hell with his dictates. She should do those things, she told herself. She was a modern woman, after all.

“Daniel, shut up.” She slammed her book shut and rolled off the hammock.  “I’m not some little girl that you can tell what to do. I’m your wife. Wife. As in adult woman.” She shook her finger at him, trying to ignore that the two men on the patio were completely enthralled with their conversation.

“That’s it.” His composure completely shifted as he reached out and grabbed a hold of her outreached wrist.  Before she knew what was happening, he was marching her across the lawn toward their house.  She tried to pull away from him, but he only intensified his grip. She was beginning to think she shouldn’t have pushed him so far.    “We’ll be back. Help yourself to the beer in the cooler,” Daniel muttered as he pulled her past Robert and Jacob, who not only didn’t look shocked, but looked on with approval.

Just as the entered the house Janet and Celia stepped into the kitchen, jello mold and potato salad in hand.  They looked at Daniel’s face then to Julia and stepped out of their way. “We’ll be outside with the guys.” Janet chimed and gave Celia a little shove to get going.

“Danny, stop it!” Julia cried out as he pulled her up the stairs to their bedroom. “You are humiliating me. Stop.” She slapped at his hand, and when that didn’t work, she slapped at his back.  The reaction was not what she was going for. He stopped at the top of the stairs and picked her up as though she were nothing but a sack of cotton and tossed her over his shoulder.

Once they were in their room, he put her back on her feet and locked the door. “Now. Listen.” his voice was dangerously low, the twittering in her stomach intensified but she didn’t try to run.  “I’ve had enough of your bratty behavior. Enough.” His eyes were dark, and his jaw set firmly.  “You’ve insulted me. You’ve insulted our friends. And you’ve embarrassed yourself with your bratty behavior.” She swallowed hard but still didn’t move. “You have two choices.” He shook his head and took a deep breath. “You either take your punishment now, or you stay in this room the rest of the night and take it when I get back up here before bed.”

If she hadn’t already dropped her book in the yard, she would have dropped it then. “Punishment?” she asked in a bare whisper.  He’d always threatened to spank her for her attitude, and she’d always assumed he was joking. It was a cute little way to defuse her when she was riled up. He hadn’t even made the joke in months. She never thought he was serious.

“I told you, there would be a day when you pushed too far. I warned you when that happened you’d be bare assed over my knee getting the spanking you deserve.” He didn’t look to her like a man who’d lost his mind, but she was sure that’s what had happened. He wasn’t serious. Was he?

“You were kidding.” She tried desperately to find the woman who’d defied him so openly in the yard only minutes ago, but she’d run away. Coward.  The man standing in front of her didn’t look like he was kidding.  He looked extremely serious.  More serious than she’d ever seen him.

“You always thought that, I’m sure.  I’m not kidding.  You want to act the brat, I’m going to treat you like one.” He yanked the chair from the writing desk and plopped it down between them.  He sat on the chair and pointed at her. “Pull down those shorts, and those panties of yours.”

She stared at him open mouthed for a moment.

“Now, Jules, or I’ll do it for you.”


“Now.” She couldn’t believe it, but she found herself fiddling with the button of her shorts.  Was she really going to do this? She was going to lay over his lap like some naughty girl and have her backside spanked? By her husband!?  “Panties, too.” He directed with a little less heat when she complied.

Once she stepped out of her shorts and panties, he reached out for her and eased her over his lap.  She held onto the legs of the chair, trying to understand what she was doing.  His hand rested on her bare bottom.

“I had hoped we’d never have to come to this, but you’ve shown me that you need this, you need to have your ass spanked like a naughty girl because that’s how you behave.”

“Danny, they’ll hear.” She whispered and pointed to the windows.  The patio was just below the bedroom.

“Too bad. You’re lucky I didn’t spank you right in the yard. You insulted them.” His hand landed on her backside and she bucked up. It stung more than she had anticipated.  “You insulted me.” Another hot swat to her backside.

She bucked up and wiggled as his hand came down harder and sharper all over her bare bottom. He left no spot untouched and was completely ignoring her pleas for mercy.  When she kicked her legs up at him, he responded by wrapping his own over them to keep her still.   His arm tucked her body in closer to his, giving him a better target for his unrelenting hand.

What started out as a sting slowly burned into a blazing flame over her cheeks.  His hand came down on the lower curve of her ass again and again until she was openly sobbing and apologizing. “I’m sorry, Danny! I’m sorry!”

He slowed the pace of the spanks but continued to reign them down. “I won’t have a brat for a wife anymore.  Every Time you pull out that attitude, you can bet your ass you’ll be right back here with me.” He wasn’t yelling, or even ranting at her, he was making a vow to her.

She gulped at the air as he lightened the slaps and began to rub her hot cheeks.  Her body betrayed her by going limp over his lap and accepting the punishment he doled out.  She had acted the brat. A spoiled brat.   It was a moment or two before he realized the spanking had ended, and he was rubbing her back, soothing her.

“It’s okay, shhh…it’s okay, now.” He helped her up and placed her on his lap, holding her to his chest as she began to calm herself. “It’s over.”

“I’m sorry, Danny. I’m so sorry I acted like such a brat.” She sniffled.

“I know you are.” He brushed a lock of hair from her cheek. “It’s over now. But I meant what I said, Jules. No more bratty behavior. I’m not going to be lenient either.  You step out of line, we are right back in here.  You mouth off, you curse me, you disrespect me or our guests, and right back in here we go. I won’t tolerate it anymore.”

She nodded as they stood from the chair together.  He hugged her tightly and kissed her deeply. “Tonight, when they leave. I want you to come up here and get naked. I want you to lay on the  bed, face down and wait for me.” He gave his instructions with such lust, that she smiled at him. She could feel his hardness pressed against her and bit her lower lip.  “I know you’re wet, Jules. I know you want me, I could feel your pussy getting wetter as we went. But there won’t be any coming for you tonight. Naughty wives don’t get orgasms.”

“Okay.” she whispered. The idea of being denied an orgasm while he ravished her body only made her even hotter for him. “I can’t go out there, Danny. They heard. They had to have heard.” she whispered when he handed her her clothing.

He shook his head.  “Don’t worry, Jules. You aren’t the first wife to get a spanking at a barbecue. “I told you, give them a chance. You’ll see we have a lot in common.”

She slid her panties over raw aching bottom and then dragged her jean shorts over those. He didn’t have the slightest remorse over her discomfort, instead he patted her ass as they walked from the room and back to their guests.

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