This weeks tease is from the second book in my Windy City Series, Secured Heart.  Kendrick finally takes Kelly for her first play session at Gallant Domination, a local BDSM club.  In this scene she’s standing in the middle of a suspension rig with her hands tied over her head, giving Kendrick all the room he needs to get to every delicious inch of her body.


Kendrick stood at her left side and wrapped his arms around her midsection. Using his left leg, he pushed against her pelvis, shoving her bottom further out. She readied herself to feel his fingers on her, in her, and was surprised by the harsh rain of spanks that came instead from his right hand. He held fast to her as he continued the spanking.

She pulled on her restraints to hold herself steady, to take what he was giving her. Pleasure. He was giving her an enjoyment she could not have expressed if he commanded it from her.

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