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His sisters fingers dug into SaraEllyn’s scalp, as her thighs began to tremble.  It was coming, she was coming. SaraEllyn, increased the pressure of her tongue and the force of her fingers and was gifted with the climatic hiss of His sisters orgasm. She held SaraEllyn between her thighs, pushing her pelvis at her until the last convulsion of her pussy walls could be felt.   Once she sighed with relief, His sister pushed SaraEllyn away and took a step back. “Damn, she’s good.” She spoke to her brother went to the couch to grab her robe.

SaraEllyn remained in place, kneeling up with her hands now on her thighs, palms up.  The juices from His sister’s pussy wet her face and she worried that she looked silly, but was more concerned about wiping her face before given permission.

“Stand.” Her Master commanded, and she heard the familiar ping of his belt buckle being undone.

1. Emily Tilton 2. Measha Stone 3. Joelle Casteel
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