Saturday Spankings

This is my first week participating in The Saturday Spanking Blog hop, but I hope to be a weekly contributor.  This week’s excerpt is from Hidden Heart, the first book in my Windy City Series.  Jessica has crossed the line one too many times for her boyfriend/Dominant, Royce. 

hidden heart e cover Smashwords

“We will talk after your spanking. Now go to the bedroom, or I’ll have to add more to your punishment.” He would not be moved from his decision; she would need to learn that about him. Once he decided on a punishment, consequences would be paid, and no amount of sugar on top of it talking would change that.

Jessica’s eyes darted to the crop and back again to his eyes. Her thoughts flashed across her expressions.

He continued to glare her down as she made her decision. Her heavy sigh, brimming with resolve, gave him his answer.

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