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SaraEllyn pointed her tongue and gently licked the pussy lips of her Master’s sister.  The low groan she heard from above her reassured her that she was doing her job correctly. Having never eating another woman out before, she was unsure of her skill.  The firm grip in her hair held her face in the woman’s groin, and SaraEllyn wrapped her hands around the woman’s waist, gripping her ass in her hands.

“Oh, god, yes.” Another murmured bit of praise gave SaraEllyn the confidence to nibble softly on her clit, then sucked it into her mouth as she continued to lap at it with the tip of her tongue.  “Oh, fuck.” A louder affirmation this time.

“Make her come. Slide two fingers into her pussy.” Her Master directed from somewhere behind her.  With no delay, she released one butt cheek and positioned her fingers at the entrance of his sisters cunt. Again she sucked at her clit as she thrust her fingers into her hot, wet channel.

Part 6

1. Emily Tilton  2. Raya Ezelle