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Inspection Part 4

“Yes.” His voice resounded with pride.  “Her tongue is extremely skilled.”

The sister looked down at SaraEllyn with a soft smile, one a friend might use in greeting with another.  “Open your mouth, SaraEllyn.” The command was not harsh but left no room for disobedience. SaraEllyn would not disobey anyway; he was a loving man, but a strict master.

SaraEllyn opened her mouth and slid her tongue past her bottom lip, as he had taught her.  The sister grinned and parted her legs slightly, maneuvering her body until her clit was so close to SaraEllyn’s face she could smell her arousal.  “My brother has never shared his slave with me before. You must be special. Fuck me until I come, and don’t stop. If you stop before I come all over that pretty face of yours, I will ask my brother to punish you. And my big brother always gives me what I want.”  Before SaraEllyn could respond, or blink, the sister pulled her by her hair into her groin and SaraEllyn’s tongue began to work.

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