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Inspection Part 3

SaraEllyn willed herself to remain still, to not move from the shock of his announcement.  They had discussed her servicing others for his enjoyment, and she had even been excited by the prospect, but his sister!   She was to meet his family for dinner in one week’s time; that was to be her first meeting with them, and now she would have to do so after having been this woman’s sex toy for an evening. Tears filled her eyes.

“Kneel up.” The command came softly. SaraEllyn gently released her grip on her ass and gracefully pushed herself up until her bottom rested on the heels of her feet. Her hands rested palms down on her thighs, and she kept her tear-filled gaze on the marble flooring.

“Beautiful tits.” His sister said as she rounded the room and came to stand before SaraEllyn. She ran her hands over SaraEllyn’s hair, “Soft hair. I love this color, too.” She remarked, but SarahElynn knew she was speaking to her Master and not to her.  “Her tongue, is it trained well?” She asked as her hand fisted in SaraEllyn’s hair, pulling her head back as well as her gaze.  SaraEllyn could not stop the gasp from escaping her lips. The woman stood before her gloriously nude, wearing only her heels.

Part 4

1. Raya Ezelle 2. Joelle Casteel 3. Emily Tilton