Never Say Forever
by Courtney A. Taylor
Release Date: September 13, 2014
Synopsis Meet Serena
Serena derives from a broken family. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother is looking for love in all the wrong places. Her older sister, Cadence was the closest person to her, but she ended up making all the wrong choices in life as well. Pregnant and alone, she ended up taking off without a goodbye, leaving Serena isolated without a shoulder to lean on.
After observing what her mother and sister have gone through, Serena has chosen to concentrate on her school work and swear off guys for now, that is until she meets super hunk, Aiden. Will she be able to stick to her guns and resist him? Will she be reunited with her sister, her best friend, her rock? or will Serena go through the rest of her life wondering what could have been?
Meet Aiden
Aiden lost a part of his world, when his mother passed away the previous year. Unable to cope and living amongst the painful memories in their family home, Aiden and his father relocate to a new town and start over. When he starts classes in a new school and meets the captivating and beautiful, Serena, their worlds collide. They have a connection that can’t be denied, but Serena puts up a defense. Aiden has other plans and tries to win her over.
Will Serena allow her heart to be captured by Aiden?
When tragedy hits, will she raise the walls and close up her heart forever or will Aiden’s love make her strong enough to endure it?
***Due to sexual content and language, this book may not be suitable for kids.***
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Courtney A. Taylor lives right outside Chicago, IL with her small family. She has been inspired to write ever since she was a little girl. She loved reading and anything to do with reading and books. She finally decided to make that dream a reality and write her debut novel, Never say forever. When shes not reading or writing, she likes to spend time with her family, whether its bowling or just watching a movie. She loves to read all types of books.
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