The day had been extraordinarily difficult.  Clients wanted more of his time than there were hours in the day and his secretary had called off sick.  Thankfully, Isabel,  his wife knew exactly what to do to ease his stressed body.  He spent the better portion of the afternoon fantasizing about the delicious ways he would torment her when he returned home.

To Aaron’s delight, when the front door of their home swung open in greeting his wife stood before him wearing absolutely nothing. Her long,chestnut hair rested around her shoulders in thick, loose curls.  The deep blue eyes he loved so much peered at him with adventure.  Plump, kissable lips formed in a smile as he entered their home.

The scent of vanilla filled the air. Fall always gave her cravings for scented candles, and he loved the way she decorated the home with them.  Vanilla seemed ironic to him, given their relationship. He the dominating Husband and she the submissive wife. Nights filled with spankings and face fucking left the word vanilla on the outside of their vocabulary.

“Did you have a good day?” She asked him cheerfully as her gentle hands slid up his back and began to pull off his jacket.  He turned to her once his arms were free and pulled her to him.

“You smell delicious.” He breathed in her scent.  “My day was shit. How was yours?” He asked, running his hand over her hair. She looked up at him with a rueful grin. “Isabelle? What did you do?” He chided playfully, resting his hand on her plump backside.  She tossed his coat onto the nearby chair and grabbed his hand.

“Come into the living room.” She winked as she pulled him along. He followed her willingly, knowing that something wonderful was in store. Isabelle had never disappointed him.  “I’d like you to meet my new friends.  Jamie and Stephanie.” Isabelle stopped in the livingroom where two naked women stood by the fire place. The fire roared behind them, giving their supple skin an orange glow.  

He raised an eyebrow to Isabelle and she laughed. “Friends from where?” He asked as he allowed her to shove him into his favorite armchair.  She stood beside him, her hand resting on his arm.

“My yoga class.” She patted him. “Girls.” She gave a curt nod and before he could inquire more about yoga, the two women turned to each other and began gently caressing each other.

He watched as Jamie, the taller of the two, lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the stoned lege of the fireplace. Stephanie, used two of her fingers to trace the nipples of her taller friend, and gracefully placed chaste kisses along her neck and down to her pert breasts.  She licked at the nipples, nipping at them casually.  His dick hardened in his trousers.  

Jamie gave Stephanie a playful pinch to her hip, and Stephanie slid down to her knees much like a silk scarf would float through the air.  She turned her view to Aaron, locking eyes with him as she reached her tongue toward Jamie’s neatly trimmed cunt.  He groaned from the sight.

Isabelle was at his feet instantly, pulling his belt open and finding his hardness. “I called the office. I know how crappy the days are when Susan isn’t in.” She said by way of explanation. She pulled his thick shaft from his pants and wrapped her delicate fingers around him. He groaned again, not turning away from beautiful women standing before him.   “I wanted to give you a relaxing evening.” She panted as she dragged her tongue from his balls to his tip. His grunt invited more. She took him fully into her mouth as his eyes remaining on the girls fucking a few feet from them.

Stephanie and Jamie continued to fondle and lick each other. Fingers forged into cunts, loud groans filled the room.  Aaron laid his hand on Isabella’s head and began to fuck her mouth. The good girl that she was, she remained still and allowed him to use her at his will.  Jamie cried out with her release, followed quickly by Stephanie.  

Aaron stood from the chair, holding Isabelle on his cock as he did so. He motioned for the two ladies to join her.  When all three where kneeling in front of him he pulled isabelle off of him, and pulled her so that she leaned away.  He yelled out as the rageful waves of his orgasm overtook him, he stroked his cock hard, dropping every bit of his come onto his wife’s tits.  She smiled at him as his release rocked him.  

Spent, he sat back in the chair and looked at the three chestnut beauties before him. He grinned at his wife, who made no motion to clean his seed from her chest. “Jamie, Stephanie. My wife needs cleaning.  See to it.”  

Key Phrase:  “Third Wheel“- Title! 
Word Limit369-  How about 819 this week…Hey making up for the past two weeks.
Forbidden WordsLesbian, hooker, prostitute, money, executive
Extra Words:  Explain the hand on his shoulder – 25 extra
Bonus Points:  Sex for one is nice, sex for two is better, but what a threesome or moresome?  Does it get better with more or do you hit diminishing returns?  Tell us in reality or theory.  

I have been away too long!  I meant to take a little time off to work on my current writing project..but I completely neglected my blog!  Unacceptable! Promise not to do it again.  Anyway, here’s my FFF and I hope it’s not too long winded.    Now go over to Advizor- our awesome host- and see the other, more obedient, writers! 

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