When the dust all settled, nothing remained the same.  Friends once dressed in vest-sweaters and ankle length skirts were cladly dressed.  Strange outfits roamed the desert where I woke.

An old boyfriend walked by me giving me a knowing wink. What did he know? Why was he wearing a carpenters mask over his mouth, and how did his hair get so dirty?  I sat up, awkwardly trying to get my balance. I was seated on a lumpy tarp. It too was covered in dust, and upon further investigation- so was I.

My cotton sun dress had been replaced with a lime-green latex tanktop. My skirt matched, and my sensible white tennis shoes had been exchanged for red boots that laced up to my knee.

“What happened?” I finally called out to my friends. No one answered.  They walked around me as if dazed. The air was thick and held a foul odor I could not place.  “Judy!” I called out to my room-mate as she walked by me. Her hair no longer hung loosely at her shoulders but was spiked upward in a center line down her head.

The tarp moved beneath me, a grumbling moan escaped.  I leapt off and pulled it away.

A large man sat up rubbing his eyes. His hair was not covered in dust, but was the color of golden thread. He was completely clean and he was dressed casually- not like the rest of us..  He stretched his muscular arms over his head in a yawn before settling his azure eyes on me. I swallowed hard from the possessive nature of his stare.

I couldn’t seem to pull my gaze away from him as he stood and positioned himself in front of me. His hand reached out and cupped my cheek, pulling my face up towards his.  Without thought or hesitation, I closed my eyes and allowed him to capture my lips. The warmth of his mouth spread through me to my groin- where his other hand traveled.

“Do you remember last night?” His husky voice asked when he broke off our kiss. I looked at him feeling aroused and confused.

“N-No.” I answered. “What happened? Who are you?” I wanted to look at my friends, assure myself everyone was all right, but I couldn’t tear myself from him.

“Everyone is fine, don’t worry about them.” The silkiness of his tone comforted me.  “No harm will ever come to you- I won’t allow it.”

“Who are you?” I breathed out as his thumb ran along my bottom lip. I wanted him to kiss me again.

“I am your owner.”

Advizor’s Rules and Regs:

Key Phrase – When the fog lifted/settled (choose one)
Word Limit – 204
Forbidden Words – apocalypse, Max, Burning, stench
Bonus Words – Tell us what’s under the tarp
Extra Credit – 50 words extra if you strangest outfit you have ever worn, or wanted to wear during an orgasm