Juggling her purse and the box full of knick knacks from her work desk, Simone attempted to unlock her front door.  The box slipped from her grasp and spilled all over the front patio.  A framed picture of her dog, Boxer, a coffee mug with a humorous limerick about Mondays, and the small pewter statues of fairies her co-workers had gifted her with over the five years of working for Stanley and Connery all poured across the front steps.

“Well, fuck.” She sighed heavily at the sight.  The lock finally gave way, and she pushed the door open. Boxer, ran to greet her with slobbery kisses and a wagging tail.  She managed to toss her purse on the table and gather her belongs off the stoop.  “Okay, okay, Boxer.” She tried to settle him as she reentered the town home.  Leaving the box by the front door she led him to the kitchen, letting him out into the back yard.

Her cell buzzed in her back pocket, but she ignored it.  Janet was mostly likely calling to console her. Afterall that’s what you do when your friend gets canned. You call and say how sorry you are, and you give a pep talk about who everything happens for a reason and when one door closes another opens. Blah Blah Blah. Samone was in no mood to hear it.

One simple interchange of numbers. A 56 written as a 65 in a phone number. That was her great crime. The infraction that made her lose her job as a paralegal at a law firm in the city.  It wasn’t as if the firm took on big name clients or even dealt with million dollar cases. They chased ambulances and took on hopeless workman’s comp cases.  Judy, her newest boss, however had her sights on partner in the firm.  Having Simone, a veteran nobody, as her assistant wasn’t good enough for her. How she managed to convince Mr. Stanley to fire her over a miswritten phone number was confusing and aggravating.  In the five years she worked for the firm, she’d never been even a breath late to work.

She sank into her kitchen chair and watched Boxer chase the squirrels through the patio door.  She supposed she should start getting her resume together.  She knew she should fire up her computer and get to work on getting back to work.  

She let Boxer in and grabbed a bottle of wine on her way to the couch. No glass would be needed.

The insistence of the buzzer woke Simone from her afternoon nap.  She shoved the blanket from her lap, wiped her eyes, and made her way to the front door.  A tall man stood on her porch, she could make out his hat through the frosted glass of her door.  Boxer, her English Bulldog, sat by the door with a wagging tail waiting to make a new friend.  She stepped in front of him to keep his slobbery kisses from making their way outside as she unchained the door.

A man, taller than herself, stepped back as the door swung open.  She was drawn immediately to his smile.  A deep dimple showed itself on his left cheek, while his muddy green eyes seemed to call to her.

“Can I help you?” She asked when he said nothing.  Noticing directly that his eyes were wandering over her body, she quickly pulled her sweater around her to hide the embarrassing nap-look she was portraying.  She hoped her hair was still in the ponytail and hadn’t managed to escape during her sleep. Either way, she was sure she looked homeless.

“Ah, yes.” A thick English accent. “I am looking for a Miss Simone Carvey.” His black suit looked expensive.  The white limousine parked in front of her house looked even more so.

“Well, you’ve found her.” She tried for a casual smile while worrying about if she had remembered to brush her teeth that morning.  

“I see.” His voice dropped at his apparent disappointment.  “Well, I’ve been instructed to bring you to meet with my employer.” He waved a black leathered hand at the limo behind him. “Perhaps you’d like to, er- freshen up first?” The implication was obvious. She would have taken exception, but she could still smell the coffee she spilled on herself that morning lingering on her sweatshirt.

“First, who is your employer?  Second, where will we be meeting? And lastly, why do I want to meet him or her?”  She put her hands on her hips.

“My employer is Mr. Stephen Shark.  You will be meeting him at his home.  The phone number you gave your employer was his, and he would like to discuss the matter with you.”

She felt the blood empty from her face. “I didn’t give it to Judy on purpose! I transposed two flippin numbers!” She protested.

“I am really not at liberty to discuss the matter. I was told to retrieve you, assure you that no harm is intended, but he will not be denied your presence.  Actually, Mr. Shark is never denied his desires. It’s best you hurry- we are expected within the hour.”  The stiff man looked at his watch.  A glimmering piece of jewelry she had seen in the window’s of Macy’s but never close up.

“Okay. Do you want to wait in the livingroom?” She asked uncomfortably.

“No, that’s all right. I will remain here.”

“Suit yourself.”

Mr. Shark turned out to be the closest thing to a Greek God that Simone could have imagined. His hair held the color of gold with shoots of light blond running through it.  No gel or hairspray, it appeared to stay in place solely on his preference.  He wore a fitted button down shirt that displayed his toned body through the fabric. The casual slacks he wore showed his muscular backside in a subtle but arousing manner.

Simone stood before him in the library, a room the size of the entire first floor of her townhouse, in awe of his beauty.  She thanked the stars that she had been smart enough to take a full shower instead of just washing away the grime on her face before attending the meeting.  He leaned against the front of a large mahogany desk that took center stage in the room.

“Samone.” His voice carried through the room. She looked directly at him. “I’m sure you are confused.”

“To say the least.” She nodded, opting to put her hands in her pockets. Again, thanking the stars to have been smart enough to have worn her work slacks and blouse instead of the jeans and t-shirt she had originally grabbed.  Although she was sure she looked a little run down from her week of lounging on the couch eating ice-cream directly from the carton, she knew she cleaned up well enough to not look completely out of place.

“Would you like to have a seat?” He motioned to the chair in front of him. She nodded and made her way to him. His eyes never wavered from her movements; she warmed beneath his stare. “There. That’s better.” His smile held a mystery, something that looked naughty. A secret he wanted to share but seemed to be biding his time.

“Mr. Shark-”

“Stephen. Please, call me Stephen.” He folded his arms over his chest.

“Okay, Stephen. I’m not sure what this is all about.” She placed her hands palms down on her knees and looked up at him. The position of sitting below someone often made her feel small, insignificant. Especially, when Judy would walk around her giving her directives and chiding her for small errors.  Sitting with Stephen looking down at her, didn’t feel that way. She felt comfortable. At home.  

“Well, you gave my number- by complete mistake, I know- to a Ms. Judy Cadlong.” His eyes turned serious, no pleasantry remained in his tone.  “Ms. Cadlong belongs to a friend of mine. And my friend, well, he was unhappy with the way Ms. Cadlong treated you.”

“Belongs to your friend?” Simone asked as the door behind her opened.  Mr. Stanley, a fifty something year old man dressed similarly to Mr. Shark, walked into the room and stood beside him.

“Hello, Simone.” His smile held the same warmth and affection it always had when they spoke at the office.

“What is going on?” She asked with heightened defense. Her hands gripped the chair arms and she readied herself to flee the room.

“Calm yourself.” Stephen put his hand out to her and motioned to her own hands. She moved them back to her knees, he nodded with a pleased wink. “Let him explain.”

“I’ve been trying to reach you all week, but you haven’t answered your phone.  Judy and I are involved…romantically.” He spoke with the lighthearted air of a lover overjoyed at being able to come clean about his affair. “When I hired her on at the firm, it was with explicit instructions not to cause any trouble. She has a tendency to be a bit caddy when it comes to other women. She had her eye on you- thinking that I held you in some personal esteem that I did not. I never gave her leave to fire you. In fact, I did not hear of your termination until a day or so later- I was away you remember.” He folded his hands in front of him. Simone, nodded, confused.

“She didn’t have authority to fire me?” Seemed to be the only words she could put together.

“No authority, right, or permission.” Stephen added.  “Now this is where the coincidence of you transposing those numbers for my number comes in. You see,  Edward and Judy have the sort of relationship where Edward is able to punish Judy when she misbehaves. Completely consensual and all.”

“Yes, you see I have been friends with Stephan here for a very long time. We can go over all of that over dinner, afterwards.” Edward waved his hand in the air and the door opened again.  Simone turned to see Judy, dressed in a silk robe walk through the room and stand beside Edward. Her head was down.

“Yes. Let’s not keep her waiting.  I know she’s been waiting all week to get this over with.” Stephen motioned pushed off the desk.

“Wait. What do you mean?” Simone asked. “Judy, are you okay?”  She went to the woman and placed a hand on her shoulder. Judy looked up at her, a tear on her cheek.

“I’m fine, Simone.” She nodded. “Sir, please. Does she really need to witness?”

“You’re transgression was to her detriment.” Edward’s tone turned harsh. Judy swallowed.

“Simone, Judy is no longer going to be the attorney you work for. You will be answering to me from now on. This last week will be considered a bonus vacation week, and I will expect to see you back in the office on Monday.” Edward stated taking Judy by the arm.  

Simone watched in silent horror as Judy was walked to the bare wall of the room. Edward pushed a button and two steel rings descended from the ceiling.  She jumped at the light touch of Stephens’ hand on her shoulder.

“Come sit.” he led her to a couch that faced the wall and she sat, dumbfounded beside him.  Judy untied and removed the silk robe, revealing her naked breasts and bare ass.  On her wrists were elegantly thin straps which Edward used to tether her to the rings, dangling above her.  

“What is he doing?” Simone asked with a hoarse voice.

“Her punishment will be ten licks of my whip. A severe punishment for her, but not at all for most. Edward isn’t that experienced with a single tail so he asked if I would help administer the punishment- for her safety. The idea is to punish her, but not harm her.  She disobeyed her Master and for that she must endure her consequences. Edward will first warm her body up so that the whip will be more tolerable.” Stephen rested his hand on her knee. She listened to his words and recognized them from several novels she had read.  

“S&M” She whispered.

“Well, in part. yes.” Stephen looked to her with another approving grin. “You were brought here because she hurt you, so you must be permitted to observe her punishment.:
“And if I don’t want to?” She asked him.

“Then you may leave. I won’t stop you.” He promised. They stared at each other in silence. She turned back to Judy. “Good, girl.” His whisper gave her a thrill.

Edward stood behind the naked and tethered Judy. His hand ran over her voluptuous backside lovingly.  Judy’s shoulders relaxed and Edward struck. His hand pulled back and unleashed onto her. The sound resignated throughout the room. The slaps, the grunts, the yelps of surprise when Edward slowed his pace.

Simone watched the scene before her with a heat building inside of her that was new to her. Her eyes could not leave Judy’s ass that was turning a darker shade of crimson with each new volley of swats from Edward.  Stephen’s hand slid up her thigh, and she instinctively opened her legs.

“Oh, such a good girl,” He whispered in her ear. “I knew it the moment I saw you. I wish you had worn a skirt though. I can’t get to your wetness in these trousers. I won’t have you undress, as I don’t want Judy to believe she’s giving us a show- that would be detrimental to her punishment.” His words stroked the fire in her, leaving her speechless. “From now on, though- you’ll remember this and always wear a skirt.” He placed a chaste kiss to her cheek and stood from the couch. “It would appear the naughty woman is ready for me.” He winked at Simone and headed over to where Judy rested her head against the wall.  She was crying softly.

She was not pleading to be let go, or begging for mercy. Instead, she appeared to be remorseful and accepting of her fate.

“Simone, I do hope you remember this- because this could one day be you if you are as disobedient and naughty as Judy has been with Edward. I am much sterner with my women.” She found herself nodding at his words and watched with awe as he pulled a coiled up whip from his desk and headed over to Judy.

The first stripe of the whip had Simone mesmerized….

A bit long this week, but I hope worth it!

Wicked Wednesday