The bride stood in the center of the ballroom in a simple white satin dress and her long, honey blonde hair pulled up into a classical bun, exposing her bare neck. Guests lined up along the edges of the dance floor to have the best view.   The groom entered the ballroom holding a hand crafted, silver collar in his hands, hushing the guests with his presence. As graceful as an autumn leaf riding a gentle breeze, she slid to her knees before him.  With words of love, the collar was placed with finality, and the party began.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

I can’t say why the word “Fearless” prompted this scene for me. Maybe it’s because it takes a lot of strength and fearlessness to open yourself up to someone enough to wear their collar.  I’m not sure, but there it is. Glad I found this, and plan to participate from now on.