“Ah, here she is.” A pleased dark voice welcomed the girl standing in the doorway. “Come in, come in.” His sultry tone beckoned her. Taking pity on the temporarily blinded girl, he directed her. “Three steps in will do. Straight a head.”

On shaky legs, the girl stepped forward. She only heard him speak but could sense others in the room.  She had dressed to his specifications.   No panties, only her stockings and a new bra he had purchased on her behalf. The brazier felt strange; half of her generous breasts peaked out of the fabric. She felt practically nude in the outfit.

“Perfect.” His voice was close. She could smell his aftershave, a musky scent that belonged only to him.  Light touches of a fingertip circled her right nipple. She swallowed hard. “Your tits, my god they are beautiful.” Warm breath replaced the fingertip, and a tongue followed that.  She inhaled sharply, fighting to keep her hands at her sides.

The girl was beautiful. John hadn’t lied when he told me that over lunch. “She’s like a goddess. And when I have her all wet and fuckable, you’ll want to tear me away to get your hands on her.” His boasts were proving true.  I watched him lick at her breasts, his fingers toying with the straps of her stockings, and I wanted to push him away and take a taste for myself.

He moved to her left breast, and I crossed my legs so as to put pressure on my own clit without the others noticing.  She remained still, not moving at all as he plunged his finger into her cunt.

The girl moaned. A soft, pleasureful noise. I let my hand slip into my jacket and felt the hardness of my own breast.  She tossed her head back as he moved his fingers more rapidly, her legs spreading apart to give him better access.  I wanted to lick that clit. I bit my lip and opened my own legs. A hand rested on my knee.

I let the strangers hand slide up my skirt and find my wetness. “Lean back.” His deep voice commanded. I obeyed without hesitation.  His fingers found their own dance on my clit, my fingers working my breasts.  John still played with his toy for us. She was close to breaking.  I was near my end as well.

“When she comes, so will you.” The strangers voice brought me closer to the edge. I opened my eyes to witness the girls legs shaking. I held on as best I could with the strangers talented fingers plunging in and out of me. His mouth now suckling my neck as I watched the scene before us.

Her deep groan of satisfaction washed over us, and I allowed my own climax to unleash. “Look at me.” The stranger demanded. Our eyes locked until every last quiver of orgasm faded away. He smiled gently and removed his fingers from me.  I tried to catch my breath as he licked my juices from his fingers. “Nicely done.”  It was praise. My heart warmed. “Let’s get coffee.” He stood from his chair and offered me his hand. I straightened my clothing and accepted his offering.  

John’s girl stood near the exit. He removed the fabric from her eyes and allowed her to see the fifteen spectators in his livingroom.  

I totally blew the word count this week! Left FFF to the last minute so no time for edits and cuts. Hope you enjoy! What a way to start Friday! See what else is in store for you at Advizor’s.
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