Key Words:

One More Time
Word Limit:
Forbidden Words:
Professor, Tears, Road
Extra Credit:
Take off your shirt as you write
Bonus Words:
Send someone a picture of you writing

“You’re just going to let him take you? You aren’t going to fight for us?” Sandra stood in the doorway of the cramped dorm room with her hands fisted on her hips. Tearful, dark brown eyes looked back at her.
“I don’t have a choice.” Cassandra fought back a sob.
“You can tell him no. You’re not a little girl anymore, Cass.” Sandra moved to her side.  Her arms wrapped around Cassandra’s thin frame and held her tightly. She took a deep breath. Lilac. She tried to memorize the scent.
Cassandra looked up, sliding her hand around Sandra’s neck, pulling her down to her lips.  Their kiss started softly. Comforting. Sandra moved her hands to rest on Cassandra’s hips, toying with the hem of her shirt. The kiss deepened. More urgent. Erotic tingles danced along their skin as they became entwined with each other.
“Cassandra Blake!” A booming voice halted their moment. Cassandra pulled away from Sandra as though her lips held the very posion that had killed Romeo and Juliet all those years ago.  “Get your bag, now. We are leaving.” 
Sandra turned, facing her adversary, a tall man dressed in an off label knock off suit. She heard the snap of the suitcase. A tense ball of pain pulled at her heart.  Cassandra walked out of the room, gently brushing her hand against Sandra’s as she passed. Their last touch.
Sandra stood in the room catching her breath. A moment later, she burst out of the dormitory.  She found them walking down the dirt path toward the parking lot.
“Hey!” She yelled. Cassandra didn’t look back. Her father did.
Sandra lifted her cotton dress over her head, exposing her beautiful naked body. “Just cuz you can’t have this, doesn’t mean your daughter shouldn’t! I love her!”
Mr. Blake dragged Sandra along the path.  Sandra looked over her shoulder at the sight behind them. A small smile tugged at her lips. She loved her.
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