Hold ‘Em is by far my favorite of Katie Porter’s book in the Top Gun Vegas Series. At least so far.  It is the third book in the series and involves BDSM (my favorite topic). 

In this book we follow Princess Leah through her journey of finding her one and only.  Michael is not unknown to her when he shows up on base as a new pilot. He’s a previous lover, and not one she really cares to remember.  She’s put in charge of his training and she learns that his call sign Slap Happy has less to do with shits and giggles and more to with actual slapping.  

Michael has changed over the years since they last met. Gone is the gentle kind lover. Now she finds him rough and deliciously dangerous.  Being in control isn’t his thing though. He hands the reigns over to Leah and she takes to her new role as Top nicely.

I have to say that I don’t usually like F/m stories. Mostly because it’s not the dynamic I identify with. However, I found Michael to be extremely sexy in his submissive role.

The sex scenes were extremely passionate and erotic- not unusual for Katie Porter. The BDSM scenes were equally hot. The cane absolutely terrifies me, however after reading how well Michael took the strokes from Leah, I might be persuaded to give it a try. (I said might).

Overall, great story, great sex scenes, and the D/s dynamic was well written and very realistic. The only thing I didn’t care for was one of the sex scenes took place while Leah was completely drunk and Michael was completely sober. Just not my thing, and that could be my own personal experiences coming to mind.

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