I have been toying with a few ideas and have finally decided to run with two of them. No better place to start than to let everyone know my plans. 
I love to read. When I like something, I want to share with everyone.  So,if you are an author that would like your book reviewed here are my rules:
1.  Decide if you are going to send the book in e-book or print fashion.  If you are going to send the book in print fashion:
  • Understand that I will keep the book to use later as a prize in a contest or gift out during a speaking event. 
  • Shipping charges to send the book are the responsibility of the author. 
  • To send a print copy please include your name, email, twitter handle, facebook, and any other social media information along with the book and mail to:  
                                                       Measha Stone
                                                       c/o Orzel Publishing
                                                       PO BOX 88331
                                                       Carol Stream, IL 60188
2.  If you are going to be sending an e-book please contact me at measha4769 at gmail.com 
3. Understand that I don’t love everything I read. I may not like your book, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t.  I give completely honest reviews; however, if I truly do NOT like a book, I won’t recommend it. Should this happen, I tend not to publish a review. There have been several books that I’ve read with the intention of putting it up for review and ended up just not mentioning it.  If I find that I can’t review the book in any positive light, I will contact the author.  
4.  Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns before sending your book. My intention is to help other authors out there spread the word about their work.  We all spend a lot of time and energy on our writing, and helping each other get the word out about our work is one part of this writing world that I love. 
Editing Services
I’m not sure how much of college anyone actually misses, but I miss the critique and editing portion the most. During one of the last few classes I took while I was working toward my degree in Creative Writing we had to critique and edit the works of other students.  I loved this part the most- other than the writing of course. I miss it. So, I’ve decided to give it a go, in addition to my own writing.  
I focus mainly on content, although I can pick out grammar errors pretty darn well, too.  I am currently not charging for this service. I want to get a few good edits under my belt before I charge someone for my time. All I ask for in return is a positive testimonial, if you find my work to be worthy. 
If you are interested in taking me up on this offer please contact me.  My expected turn around is as follows:
2 weeks for up to 25,000 words
4 weeks for up to 50,000 words
6 weeks for up to 75,00 words (I can probably get it done in 4 weeks, if I don’t have other projects going on at the same time)
To begin this process, please contact me at measha4769 at gmail.com