The clanking bell called the riders to the platform.  Number 304 of the Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric blew its whistle as it pulled into the St. Charles station.  Grinding metal filled the humid air, bringing the trolley to a complete stop.

That’s when I saw her. I watched from my seat as the woman stepped into my car. Her black Sunday hat tilted forward to allow for her thick bun.  Deep ruby lips caught my eye, contrasting her sharp, blue eyes. She handed her ticket to the porter with a slender, gloved hand.  

I shifted in my seat as her silken legs maneuvered through the car toward me.  The seam of her stockings peaked out from her skirt as she moved. I re-positioned my legs again thankful I wore the longer coat.  I glanced up from her legs to find her raised eyebrow aimed at me. I muffled a forced cough and raised my paper to feign reading.  She sat across from me. The flowery scent of her Shalimar perfume danced between us.  I breathed in deeply..  

A gentle nudge on my shin caught my curiosity. I looked down and found her foot sliding up my trouser leg. I peeked over the top of the paper and found her staring out the window.  Her foot slid higher, and  I parted my knees.  Tenderly, she pressed the toe of her foot against my hardness. I groaned, adding another cough to cover myself. She giggled.  I tossed the paper down and looked at her reproachfully.

“When you giggle like that it ruins the moment.” I tried to chastise her, but her laughter reached her eyes. I couldn’t stay irritated with her when she looked in such a state. “How was your mothers?” I asked.

“Dreadful. I want nothing more than to get home, tear off these stockings and wrap my legs around you.” She held her gloved hand over her lips to hide another bout of laughter.

“It’s a good thing I am such an accommodating husband.” I wink at her.

Key Words:  Parting, Station 
Word Limit:  200 
Forbidden Words:   Discreet, Forbidden, Tryst
Extra Credit:  Name the train and the destination-  I named the train and the line so I gave myself an extra 140 words. And here’s the trolley #304 of the Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric 

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