Forced air blew through the cabin of the 747 heading to Paris. The passengers lounged in first class luxury sipping on a freshly opened bottle of Champagne.  A celebration!  
A doctor aboard the flight had just sold his practice to a large corporation for three times the value. He rounded the cabin refilling glasses with a wide eyed grin and rosie cheeks. He’d consumed half the bottle himself before offering to his fellow riders.
“Why is Roberta sitting there with a glass in her hand?” SaraEllen put her hand on her hip and motioning toward her co-worker with her chin.  Jane stopped preparing the drink cart to peek.  
She let out a snort and went back to her work. “She’s a fine one!”  Jane shut the door of the cart and stood up. “You know she’s fucking Captain Jameson, right?” She shook her head.
“What?” SaraEllen asked, keeping her eyes on Roberta. A younger version of herself with dark red hair pulled into a tight braid, accentuating her high cheekbones and emerald eyes.  SaraEllen tucked a stray hair of her own back into her bun. Her red hair had long ago begun to fade and several silver streaks highlighted her aging features. “Really?” She breathed.
“Yeah. I saw them just before we boarded.  Jameson had locked the crew out of the cockpit.  All we could hear was giggles and slaps- I think she likes it rough.- anyway the door opened, and she trotted out with a shit eating grin on her face.” Jane gave the drink cart a shove to get it moving towards coach. “SaraEllen, you coming?”
“What- yes, sorry” SaraEllen tore her gaze away from the lounging form of Roberta and followed the cart into coach.
As she handed out small packets of pretzels and drinks to the cramped passengers she began to think about the past seven months. She had been new to the crew when Captain Jameson asked her to the bar during an overnight flight.  Captivated by his broad shoulders, strong jawline, and thick head of hair she hadn’t thought to turn him down.
Over several drinks they learned that they had several things in common. Aside from being divorced, they each had two sons.  They seemed to enjoy the same movies and he was a fan of the vampire series she was hooked on.  She found herself easily persuaded to join him in his room.  
His well trained hands knew her body’s needs before she could express them.  It wasn’t long before they were both sweaty and panting on the bed, trying to reclaim their breath. He had pulled her close to him and slept beside her all night.   Things repeated themselves during their next flight and the one following that. For seven months they had been dating on and off the airfield. She found herself falling quickly in love with him, and he had said the same to her.  
Not wanting to go through a hassle with HR, they kept their relationship a secret at work. Though she was fairly certain others new what they were up to.
The idea that Roberta had her hands on him, that he had his hands on her made little sense. He knew she was on this flight with him. He had to know she would find out.  Could he really care so little for her that he would stray from their bed right in front of her?  Did Roberta hold so much charm that he simply couldn’t contain himself?  
“SaraEllen! What are you doing?” Janes voice played in the background. “SaraEllen!”
“Hey, I thought you were working coach this flight.” Roberta’s young, silky voice rang out at SaraEllen’s presence in first class. “SaraEllen! You can’t-” The sharp end of the can opener SaraEllen had been grasping in her fist punctured Roberta’s throat making her unable to speak.  Blood bubbled from the opening and she gasped unsuccessfully for breath. SaraEllen stepped away from her outreached hand. Screams filled the cabin.  The cockpit door swung open.
Two quick strides brought SueEllen to the captain’s chair. Jameson swung around with a surprised stare. “What is going on out there?” His brow relaxed in fearsome relaxation at the sight of blood on her hands and uniform. “SaraEllen. What happened?” he asked in a reasonable tone.  She stared him down. Her chest rose and fell sharply, her eyes wide with fury.
“You fucked her in here.” She looked around the cockpit. “In this shit hole of a pit.” Spit fell from her lips as she continued. “Did she suck your cock?” She pointed to his groin with the can opener.  He instinctively projected himself with his hands.
“What? No.” His eyes darted around the room, looking for an escape.  His co-captain had left him to see to the shrieking in the cabin. “SaraEllen, if you hurt me the whole plane will crash. Innocent people could die.” He spoke calmly. She continued to stare at him.

“You’re right.” She shut the door to the cockpit and put the bolt in place. “When we land.” She promised and leaned against the door, her hands folded over her chest.   
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