Inside Bet is the second book in the Vegas Top Guns Series by Katie Porter.  I met Captain Carlisle in the first book Double Down and found him sexy as a secondary character; reading him as the primary hero only made him hotter.

Jon “Tin Tin” Carlisle is well versed in women. He meets Heather, a junior partner of an accounting firm, at an upscale wine tasting and is immediately drawn to her.  Her tattoo and nipple ring push him further into lustful territory.

Heather has done her best to maintain a professional and respectable lifestyle, pushing her past sins behind her. Meeting Jon threatens to bring back bad behaviors, if she doesn’t shield herself.

What starts out as one night of hot sex turns into weeks.  Both try to hold the other at arms length, but one will push the bounds. Jon wants in, but Heather can’t seem to let go of her old fears.

What I loved: As usual, the sex is hot. There a mixture of all sorts of kink, light bondage, anal sex, and sex in public places.  There is definitely something for everyone with this book.

What I liked:  I like Heather.  She is a strong woman who can hold her own. She uses Jon for the sizzling sex as much as he uses her. (At least at first)  Jon is a great character, too. Filthy rich but not a snob that throws his money all over the place.  And, any man who can lay in the same bed with a woman who’s been vomiting all day is a keeper to me!

What I didn’t care for.  Not much in this category. Katie Porter is an excellent writer.  This could just be a personal preference, but I’m more about action in a story.  If I can skip several paragraphs and miss nothing, I get a little annoyed.  That did happen with this book.  A lot of internal talk about their feelings, a bit redundant at times.

Overall, I loved the book and am really looking forward to reading the next in the series, Hold Em’ 

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