Daily devotions easily done
words spoken, rituals said
mind wanders over the bed
smelling his scent in my head

Daily devotions easily ignored
words bite and hearts bleed
promises shattered, broken creed
wondering why he did the deed

Daily devotions easily spoken
words hang in stale air
meanings lost, blind stare
did he ever really care

Daily devotions easily forgotten
dried kisses linger on the cheek
lips tendered by love never speak
affairs end after their peak

Daily devotions easily done
hearts soften
misdeeds forgotten
daily devotions easily devoted
The Rules and Regs:
 Word Count:  5 verses of 4 lines each

Required Word:  Devotion
Forbidden Work:  Servant
Extra Credit;  Name her Faith
Bonus Words:  Tell us about the last time you were on your knees.

Poetry is hard for me, and it usually brings me to a dark, sorrowful place.  When I was in school one of my creative writing professors wanted me to go to an open mic night to read a few poems I’d written for class. Of course I chickened out and didn’t go. I’m a writer…naturally I’m an introvert.   

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