Alexia decides to leave her asshole of a boyfriend behind and begin a new life. Luckily for her, she bumps into an old friend who helps put a roof over her head and a paycheck in her pocketbook.  Alexia takes a job as a temp at a glamorous sports agency that is owned by the very dazzling Nathan Fallon.  

She wants no one more than Nathan, but a case of a misread situations puts a barrier between them. A barrier she is determined to overcome and find the happiness she desires with a man she loves.

The main issue I had with this book is the relationship between Nathan and Alexia. I’m all for love at first site, but there just wasn’t enough contact between the two of them to warrant such love on either of their parts.  Other than a few short conversations they don’t seem to be progressing toward anything more than another frustrating situation that Nathan misreads.  It doesn’t help that Alexia can’t seem to say no to a co-worker who continues to build the barrier between Nathan and Alexia. There are a few points in the story where I wished I could reach inside the book and slap some sense into her.  But, I think we’ve all met the heroine that we wanted to bitch slap.

On the good side, the sex scenes (and there are a lot of them!) sizzle.  There are some word choices I wish the author had avoided, but overall they were well written and very erotic. As always, when I read erotica I have my highlighter in hand, so that I can mark passages that I particularly like and would like to learn from for my own writing.  There are a few marked up pages during the sex scenes with this book.  

I’ve seen some really nasty reviews for this book and some extremely positive reviews. I find my own tastes for this book put me in the middle.  I don’t regret reading it, and I suspect most who enjoy hot sex in their erotica wouldn’t either.  If I had to put a star rating I’d give it 3 stars.  

This book releases June 3rd and you can find it on Amazon for pre-order until then.