Think Outside the Box

Manual masturbation is so cold. I chose a different route today, well, a different route was chosen for me would be more correct.  My husband went away on business for a week, and knowing how hungry I can be for a good fuck he bought me a large teddy bear. This wasn’t any ordinary teddy though. This one sported a built in vibrating dildo. Talk about a new toy!

The first night in my empty bed I tried to get through it alone. No toy. No fingers. Nothing. That lasted until about 10:30, then pulled out Ted Jr. “Hey there Boo Boo.” I snickered to myself.

Adorable as he was, it was the hard pseudo cock I was after. I slipped my white silk teddie over my head.  Ted Jr took position in the center of the bed.  

My hands roamed my body, first grabbing my breasts and running my hands over them. Feeling the weight of them in my palms. Rubbing my nipples with my thumbs. I imagined my husbands mouth suckling them. His hot, wet tongue taking long licks of my nipples and biting at my flesh. I pictured in my mind as he took both breasts into his hands and pushed them together, taking both nipples into his mouth and twirling his tongue around them in a flurry of passion.

One hand stayed with my breasts while the other slid down to my slick pussy.  My juices already dampened my thighs. I pushed my fingers past my tender, aching clit and into the dark channel below. I bit my lips as I began to ride my own hand, nearly forgetting Ted Jr.  I pulled him closer and straddled the vibrator.  The head lined up with my slit, I turned on the vibrations and sank onto the heavenly toy. Faster I rode. My fingers flitted on my clit and pulled my nipples. Only moments passed before I was yelling out my orgasm.

Spent of all energy, I tossed Ted Jr to the side and slipped under the covers. Remaining naked, I pulled Ted to me and snuggled him as I drifted off to a deep, satisfying sleep.

Not thrilled with this piece, the tempo seems off to me, but it is what it is. I couldn’t get the scenario out of my head so I went with it. Head over to Advizor’s site to find all the juicy, hot stories this week and let me know where I can find your words!