The day he picked her the sun shone brightly in the sky, heating the air and ridding them all of the memory of winter.   A light breeze rustled through the trees and birds flew in the sky looking for their nests.  

A large group gathered in the small park hidden away from the busy city and prying eyes of the outside world.  A pot luck luncheon was served under a large white tent.  Male servants dressed in only black bowties walked from table to table offering to bring beverages and napkins.   Thier erect penises were admired but largely ignored.

The women servants stood with their arms clasped behind their backs, lined up along the tent wall.  They weren’t serving food, and they wore nothing. They were on display for the guests to choose their pick after the luncheon.  Those that were already owned were not on display in the same line, but instead stood behind their owners ready to service their every need.

Siri stood in the middle of the display line. Her stomach twisted in knots as she looked around the tent.  Several men were unbelievably well groomed and attractive, but just as many were not.  She worried over who might pick her.  She did not stand against her will, she sought out this group.  Her previous Master released her from his service when he moved across the country.  She was heart broken and lost.

She took great care that morning to shave herself smooth. She applied coconut oil to her thighs and her buttocks.  Her hair had been curled and tied back with a black ribbon.  She used only the tiniest bit of mascara to bring out the blue in her eyes, her lips were naked- as was the rest of her.

When the meal was over, the women on display were led to a corner of the tent where each woman was placed into their own small cell. The cells were not warded off by barbed wire or steel bars, but mosquito nets. The men and woman in search of their new servant would be able to see and touch their prospects with this arrangement.

Siri knelt in her cell watching the men and woman walk by her. The largest man, who belched several times during his lunch, paused only a moment in front of her before moving on. She couldn’t hide the sigh of relief when he moved away from her.  

Most of the people had begun choosing. No one seemed interested in her. Then a hand. A strong hand reached toward her. She put her face closer to the netting. He smelled good. She chanced a quick glance up and a warmth ran over her body. A comforting warmth.

She closed her eyes as he ran the back of his hand down the length of her nose and around her cheek, cupping her in his hand.

“I couldn’t leave you.” His voice spoke for her ears. “Forgive my stupidity, and be mine again.” His voice was raspy. She looked up at him, eyes full of love and tears.

“I will always be yours, Master.”

Thanks to Tom for posting this and giving me inspiration to put another short up here!
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