It seemed to be a simplistic mission. Arrive, gather the necessary DNA material, get back in the shuttle and join the main ship in orbit before being detected.   These humans wouldn’t notice anything, and even if they did they’d be taken as lunatics before anyone would believe them.

The target Kara was given was in his early twenties.  He stood near to six feet tall, had broad shoulders, and his physique was a testament to the amount of time he spent in the gym.  Kara enjoyed watching him at the gym. His muscles would ripple and tense with each thrust of the bar.  His stomach would clench with each sit up. She found it difficult sometimes to not let her mind wander. Inter-species sex was forbidden.  Which only made the idea more alluring.

She never showed herself when she followed him.  His showers were her favorite activity to watch.  Many times at night he would shower after the gym.  His hand would travel to his thick erection and glide up and down slowly at first and then he would pick up speed. He would pump himself, his ab muscles tightening, his thighs clenched, his face would twist into an almost painful expression before he let a loud roar escape his throat while his manhood released it’s own explosion of satisfaction.

She wondered often what it would feel like to have such a feeling.  She had not yet been granted permission by the council to begin fornicating, she wasn’t breeding age.

One afternoon, she decided it was time.  She could collect the DNA sample in several ways.  She chose this particular way for her own benefit.  She wanted to know the sensations, the emotions. To experience the explosion she’d watched so many times over the past weeks.

He was arriving home from the gym.  She took a deep breath and focused her minds energy on the shift.  She felt her form changing from the short, scaley being that she was into a tall, slender, brunette she witnessed on his television.  She jumped into his shower with as much speed as she could muster in her new form for a quick wash to clear way the transformation goo. She searched his home, looking for some article of clothing to put on when she heard his car pull up.  She found only a pair of red heels in his closet.

She stepped out onto his porch in her heels. Her body slick from the shower- she hadn’t bothered with a towel. She took her position, watching him gather his bags from the trunk. She would be patient. It would be worth it.  

Here were the rules and regs:
Word Count: Minimum 200, Maximum 400 I had 432  
Bonus Words: +100 if you can explain why she’s wet… and wearing heels. earned it! 
Required Word: Found
Forbidden Word: Lost
Extra Credit: How many men are in this picture? 4. The guy at the car, the guy next door, the guy sitting on his car, and the guy trimming bushes. 

Hope you enjoyed this week. I didn’t get too sexy. I couldn’t get the idea of this woman being an alien out of my head.  Maybe because of how tall and lean she is? Not sure. Anyway…head over to Tom’s to find all the great work.  And make sure you let them all know if you enjoyed their piece.