Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +100 if it’s not a bubble boy situation.
Required Word: Together
Forbidden Word: Touch
Extra Credit: Tell us a story of a lover you just couldn’t connect with.

The imagination can play tricks on the strongest of minds.  Sheryl graduated top of her class at Yale. She was headed for a long, successful career in the world of medicine.  A doctor would hold a M.D. over her head, but she would earn two times as much as them in any given year.

She allowed nothing to get in her way when she sought after a goal.  Nothing except him.

She vowed to herself not to look for love. There was no time in her life for something so trivial.

She was in the last stretch of the purchase of her newest target, an orthopedic practice that she would raise profits and sell later to the hospital for a substantial profit.  

He worked there.  He wasn’t an owner, but rather a new physician to the practice. He still cared about the actual health and well being of his patients instead of the reimbursement rates on new digital imaging equipment.

He was strong. His confidence drew her to him.  Late dinners quickly turned into early morning breakfasts.  Weekends of work turned to leisure and romantic getaways together.

He learned of her plans for the practice.  Many employees would be out of a job. The practice would become a conveyor belt of medicine.  They argued. She lost. He left.

She saw him everywhere, even when he wasn’t there.  The evenings were cold and lonely. She sought warmth from her books and ledgers but found none.

The mornings were no longer filled with kisses and smiles. She showered alone, letting the water wash over her untouched body.

The creek of the door drew her attention from her shower.  He stood on the other side of the fogged glass shower door.  

“You can be better.” He said through the door.

“I don’t know how.” She shrugged.

“I’ll teach you.” A look of promise.  “Can you be good?”

“I think so.”

He placed his hands on the door. She did the same, feeling the glass he felt.

“Do you love me?” He searched her face.  

“I didn’t know love was possible until you.” She let the tears fall from her eyes. A first for her.

He leaned into the glass, she did the same. Their lips met the glass at the same time. He threw the door open, pulled her from the shower and claimed her warm lips with his own. She fell into him, into his embrace, his kiss, his love.

Ok, I went a little romantic and mushy on you this week. Head over to Tom’s for some great entries that will be sure to make you sizzle.
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