He was to return home from his trip having been gone for an entire month.  The month crawled at the pace of molasses in winter and she yearned for his return. For his touch. For his fiery kiss.

Luck would bring them together sooner than planned.  The trip was to last two months, but he was a master at his job- as well as in his home.  He finished the project much sooner than expected.

“I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon. Flight arrives at two.” He gave her the good news over the telephone, hundreds of miles away.  He could hear the excitement in her voice and it warmed him. She missed him, as he missed her.  

“I’ll pick you up.” She offered, gripping the receiver tightly- wishing it was something else entirely.

“No, no need.  A car is being rented for us.  It will bring me right to the house.  I was thinking…do you still have those black silk panties and bra that we bought in Las Vegas last year?”

“Yes, I’m sure I do.”

“Good. I’ve been thinking about them.  Put them on for me when I get home, yes?”

“Of course!” He laughed over the bubbling voice she possessed when she was excited.

She took great care with preparations for his return.  She showered with the honey soap he loved and rubbed the special lotion he purchased for her into her legs and bottom.  She combed and curled her hair after applying a subtle amount of mascara and lipstick.

She looked at the clock and jumped with anticipation knowing he’d be home any moment.  She ran down to the front hall and took her position.  She knelt with her hands on her knees, her knees spread apart enough that a hand could travel between them, and her head bowed.

The car drove up the drive, her stomach was in knots. It would take a miracle to keep her in her position once that door opened.

A jangling of keys at the door, she bit her lower lip to keep herself from giggling.

The door opened. She forced herself to keep her eyes downcast, it took all the energy she had.  A pleased sigh floated across the hall. She smiled, no longer biting her lip.

“Stand.” His voice took up the entire space, caressing her from head to toe.  She moved to her feet and stood erect, placing her hands behind her back. How she wanted to run to him!  “Such a beauty. Such a good girl!” He dropped his jacket onto a nearby chair and walked towards her.

She remained frozen, her eyes met his. He reached out to her, grabbing her around her neck and pulling her to him. His lips brushed over hers then conquered her with all the power of his ownership.  She melted into him, she gave in to his will. She gave over all of herself to him.

He released her, her lips felt swollen and bruised.  She smiled up at him. He tried to catch his breath.

“Would you like me to help you unpack?” She whispered, her eyes glancing over his before settling back on his mouth.