Word Count: 500
Bonus Words: +100 if you’re a good tipper.  I’m an awesome tipper having worked bagging groceries for tips while my husband was in the military- I am aware at how important tips can be. So I gave myself 200 words extra. 
Required Opening: “What took you so long?”
Forbidden Word: Honeymoon
Extra Credit: Set the story in the most recent place where you stayed overnight in a hotel.

“What took you so long?” She was annoyed.
“I had to bring dinner to someone on the way up.  It would have raised suspicion if I hadn’t.” He pushed the dinning cart into the luxurious hotel room.
She stood in the middle of the room in black lace thigh highs and ruby red heels. If only she could click them and be home in her soft, warm bed. “He’ll will be here any minute. Do your thing and take a hike.” She jerked a thumb at the door. “I don’t need anything going wrong tonight.”

She paced the room biting her thumb nail while Kevin, her partner, moved about planting his little cyber devices everywhere. She wasn’t sure how it all worked, but she knew that the more intel they were able to get out of this guy- the faster the sting operation could be over, and she could return to her jeans and t-shirt uniform days.


“OK, done.” He scooted out from under the bed with a flushed face.  “Remember, if stuff starts to go wrong just say ‘no place like home’” He nodded to her feet.

“Funny. Real funny. Just go. He’ll be here any second.” Just as she said the words there was a knock on the door. She glared at Kevin as she reached for the door.  

“Excuse me.” Kevin pushed the cart through the doorway, nearly knocking their target over.  

“I hope you don’t mind, I ordered some goodies for us.” She said in a soft, silky voice.

“No, not at all.” His deep voice approved.  She walked away from him and towards the plate of strawberries Kevin had left on the dresser.  She was sure to sway her hips and take long strides.  “You look lovely.” She felt his firm hands on her hips and looked at him through the mirror.  He placed his lips on her neck.   He ran his fingers over her shoulders, hooking them in her bra strap and sliding them down her arms.

“Don’t you want to snack first?” She smiled at him in the reflection.  He jerked her bra down, exposing her breasts.  He reached under her arms and cupped each breast in his hand.

“Strawberries don’t interest me.” His voice was gruff; she felt his erection through his pants and tried to sidestep him.  She had been working this gentlemen for a few days, knowing he was a high end client to some of the bigger Madam’s in town. She was sure he’d be able to lead her to them.  

“I can order something else if you’d like.” She offered as he turned her around and stared hungrily at her breasts.

“No.” He shook his head and brushed her lips with hers tenderly, then roughly began to pull on her breasts.  “Strip and lie on the bed.” He ordered.   He moved to the bed and began to remove his tie.  “Now.” He raised an eyebrow at her.

She stood in her stockings and bit her lower lip. No John had moved this fast before. She finished removing her bra and slowly rolled her stockings down to her ankles.  She noticed him pull a small handgun out of his pants and place it on the night stand.

“Protection.” He shrugged. She cursed under her breath and kicked off her shoes. Once fully nude, and blushing, she moved to the bed.  He made quick work to pull her hands over her head and secure them to the head board. Before she could stop him he tethered her legs down as well.  He smiled down at her as he began to remove his clothing.

“You know what I have found…”  A gag was thrust into her mouth as she began to speak the words that would bring Kevin crashing into the room, to save her from the ravishing that was about to take place.

“I have found that I prefer my women bound and gagged.” He grinned at his cleverness.  He finished removing his clothing.  Her eyes widened at the size of him.   He climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs. “Now Officer, let us begin our interrogation.” He sneered down at her as he drove into her.

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