“Steve! Steve!” A panicked voice called into Steve’s office.  The attorney looked up from the poorly drafted business contract to find Elbert  standing in the doorway.  The twenty three year old intern stood with his back hunched over and his knees tightly pressed together like he was trying not to pee his pants.

“Elbert, what are you doing?” Steve exhaled. Interns in general were obnoxious; Elbert was exceptional in that category.

“I have a problem.” Elbert whispered and stepped into the office, kicking the door closed behind him.

“I’d say. This contract you drafted is full of holes that are a liability to our client.” Steve removed his reading glasses and noticed Elbert hopping from one foot to the next. “Do you need to use the washroom?”
“No. No. Cheryl, you know the new redhead down in the mailroom-we went out for dinner last night. She took me back to her place- it was all going so well. I thought it was a vitamin.”
“Elbert, what the hell are you talking about? I told you before, I don’t give a damn about who you screw-”

“You don’t understand!” Elbert unbuttoned his suit jacket and pulled it back to reveal the issue. “She didn’t give me a vitamin! I’ve never been this hard or HUGE before!” He unceremoniously grabbed himself to expose his engorged manhood.

“How long ago did that begin?” Steve’s sounded bored.

“I don’t know, midnight  maybe.” Elbert rebuttoned his jacket.

“You need to go to the ER.” Steve shook his head. “Take this with you and redraft it. I need it back by three this afternoon.”  Steve left his desk. He shoved the contract into Elberts hands as the young intern to shuffled his way out of the office.

Steve sat back at his desk and let a small smile escape his normally tense expression. He picked up the phone and dialed.

“This is Cheryl.” A cheerful voice answered the line.

“How many did you give him?” He tried to sound firm but knew his amusement showed.

“Two.” A meek voice responded.

“That was naughty.” He tsked into the receiver.  “I told you to give him one. You disobeyed.”

“Should I report for my spanking?” A tease.

“No. I’ll be down shortly.” A promise.  He hung up the phone and allowed  himself  the luxury of a hearty laugh before he headed down to the mailroom.

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