I can not believe that I failed to put this up here!  Several weeks ago I submitted a guest blog to Kink Academy, and they actually used it on their blog.  So, please go on over to Kink Academy to read it. The post is about hands free Domination. I don’t venture into the world of non-fiction too often, so it was a little scary but I think it turned out well.

If you’ve never been to Kink Academy’s site before get ready to be showered with information in regards to BDSM and kink in general.  The blog is at no charge and has a lot to offer everyone from novice to the extremely experienced.  To view the educational videos there is a subscription fee that ranges from one month, to recurring, to a years tuition. The videos cover a broad range of topics. There are lifestyle videos, technical videos such as flogging- which I hadn’t known there were so many different ways that could be done- and general fun videos. Well worth it, I say.  I’ve been able to see a few of the “professors”  present at events I’ve attended, and their videos are just as enjoyable and educational as the live events.

Ok…so there you have it.. my shameless plug for my post. In a few weeks there will be another for my book that I am releasing soon- a collection of short erotic stories- but more to come on that later.